Emanuel Kennel
The Kennel and School EMANUEL come per many years leading a significant work in the creation, training, lodging, location of vigilant dogs, importation and sale of younglings of the best ancestries and sale of materials related to the cinofilia. The Kennel and School EMANUEL always look the perfection, being modernized and remaining themselves always well informed. It comes in knowing them through our pages.
Sale of dogs trained with real drug, dogs tactical and national and international dogs of policy for armies, military forces.

   With intention to innovate the Kennel Emanuel now it invests in creation    and adestramento of wild animals



Hotel Emanuel
The Hotel EMANUEL possesss a space contends 50 bay ones with solar individual, project for more 70 bay ones. We offer comfortable and adequate conduction even though to carry its dog to the hotel or a routine visit to the veterinarian. With the professional transport of TAXI DOG.

The level of Brazil, the Kennel Emanuel possesss the only trainer with judicial authorization to train dogs for detention of drugs. Only trainer with maximum degree of training in official test of the State of the Paraná.

Only trainer of the State of the Paraná with maximum degree of
trainer CT3 in official test.
Kennel & School Emanuel
Av. Melvin Jones, 294 - Pq. Industrial II - Maringá-Paraná-Brazil
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