Chosen by Carole as the most envious person in the House, Nicky was summoned to the Diary Room to find out what Big Brother had created for her part of the Seven Deadly Sins Task.

For her sins, Nicky had to spend time in a special room, the Nicky Room, plastered with pictures of Nicky, showing footage of Nicky and containing books about Nicky, all set off by a sofa with cushions that spelled N-I-C-K-Y.

Commanded to stay in the room and appreciate herself, Nicky cringed through the ordeal until Big Brother summoned her back to the Diary Room.

"Nicky," Big Brother began. "Has a bit of Nicky time in the Room of Nicky helped you to appreciate Nicky?"

"Yes," was a nervous Nicky's answer.

"Nicky," boomed Big Brother, "you must prove to Big Brother that you have started to appreciate Nicky a bit more. You must list 30 of your good points and you may not leave the Diary Room until you do."

Nicky began reeling off her qualities like a school register, getting to 20 with ease.

As she neared the end of the list, Big Brother offered advice. "Your 30th good point Nicky? Think long and hard about your time in the Room of Nicky..."

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"I'm thinking, dammit!" snapped Nicky.

"Is it patience?" asked Big Brother.

Completing her list of 30 with the admirable qualities "hard working", "respectful of other people's feelings" and "friendly", Nicky had something else to add. "Can I just say thanks for my task, Big Brother. I have got a lot of good points and I need to remember that, dammit."

Don't you just love a happy ending?