As the final housemate to embark upon the Seven Deadly Sins Task, Laura was called to the Diary Room to find out what Big Brother had in store for her.

"Laura," said Big Brother, "to pass your task and absolve yourself of your sin, you must stop your slothful way, stop lounging around and get moving."

"I ju... uhh," mumbled Laura, unable to contain her dismay.

"In the box on your lap," continued Big Brother, "there are some running clothes and some slothful slippers. Wearing these clothes, you must run the Big Brother Marathon, a total of five miles."

Immediately, Laura was searching for an excuse. "Did you know I'd hurt my knee? I'll try my best, but I hurt my knee last night. I can't walk but I'll try my best for the group," she said in the spirit of the most pious martyr. "Have I got a time limit?"

"Laura," continued Big Brother, "you have five hours to complete your task - you are allowed to walk. If you feel any pain or discomfort, you must tell Big Brother."

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Laura had one final question for Big Brother. "Can I wear anything under this? 'Cos my boobs are going to be out of it..."

Will Laura stay the distance? Will she be safe from wardrobe malfunction? Will there be a medal at the end of it all?

Check back later to find out...