You may have been wondering when the other housemates involved in the Seven Deadly Sins Task will be getting their instructions. Wonder no longer...

Liam was called to the Diary Room for Big Brother to reveal the details of his Lust Task. When he uttered the words "oh no", it was clear all was not well.

"That's a neck collar," said BB, as Liam rummaged through the box containing his Lust Outfit.

"Are them hot pants?" Liam asked nervously, as the theme of his outfit became clearer. "They certainly are Liam," replied Big Brother.

"No way," gasped Liam as he lifted his new outfit, "leather waistcoat, wristbands and a string vest."

"So, I've stopped wearing pink and I'm forced to wear this?" said Liam, realising the enormity of his Task. "Well thank, you, very, much, Big Brother."

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"In your own time," said Big Brother, keen for Liam to change into his outfit.

"There was a little bit of speculation as to what me Task might be," said Liam as he resigned himself to his fate. "Some of the ideas floating around were along the lines of being in the Caravan of Love with a beautiful woman, but no - I've got to wear leather hot pants."

Big Brother thought it wise to offer Liam a tip: "Liam, you are advised to wear your boxer shorts underneath the hot pants. Leather can chafe."

Laughter and mumbling could be heard from behind the screen as Liam got dressed up. "Lustful Liam and his leather lingerie," Liam sighed with disbelief. "Where do you get these things?

"Are you looking lustful yet?" asked Big Brother, to which Liam replied "I'm looking pretty damned hot."

"To clarify, Big Brother will reveal all in due course with regard to your Task of Lust." Said Big Brother, before following it up with "knock 'em dead."

"I'll knock 'em dead if they try to pull me bloody dog lead," said Liam as he left the Diary Room to face his public...