Index of Burials & Memorials at St Mary's Church, Westwood.

Submitted by Helen Hill of Jacksdale, Jan. 2003.

Please note:  The following list is partially incomplete - we are currently undertaking further research and hope to expand on the information provided at a future date. Of the names listed below the majority are actually interred in St Mary's Churchyard, however, some of those listed  though not interred in the churchyard are mentioned 'in memoriam' on relatives graves.

First Name Surname Date Died Aged Spouse See Also Notes
Allan Robert 18-Jan-50 56 Mary Ann     
Allan Mary Ann 18-Mar-76 73 Robert    
Antony Albert Arthur 17-Dec-40 54      
Antony Joseph 21-Dec-27 14      
Antony Robert          
Astbury Lily 16-Nov-37 45   William, Hannah  
Astbury William 20-Sep-26 74 Hannah    
Astbury Hannah 18-Feb-21 67 William    
Atchinson George William 16-Jun-38 10 1/2 years   Sister Joyce Shelia  
Atchinson Joyce Sheila 16-Feb-27 1 1/2 years   Brother George William  
Atchinson Henry 06-Jan-55 54      
Bacon Fredrick 27-Dec-42 65 Eliza Ann    
Bacon Eliza Ann 25-May-53 71 Fredrick    
Bacon Ivy 03-Feb-47 43 Frederick W    
Barker George 26-Mar-46 67 Mary A    
Barker Mary A   87 George    
Barker Thomas 02-Dec-21 67 Emma Daughter Pollie  
Barker Emma 13-May-39 81 Thomas Daughter Pollie  
Barker Pollie 16-Nov-07 18   Thomas ,Emma  
Barnett Henry 11-Oct-37   Louisa    
Barnett Louisa 24-Sep-36   Henry    
Barrington George 25-Mar-60 54      
Barton Richard 28-Nov-16 41     Killed at Silkstone Colliery Pye Hill
Barton Thomas Henry 30-Dec-33 64   Miriam, Janet  
Barton Miriam 16-Jan-28 56 Thomas    
Barton Janet 11-Jun-35 64 2nd Wife of Thomas    
Barton Vincent     Margaret Ann    
Barton Margaret Ann     Vincent    
Barton William 19-Mar-20 80 Mary    
Barton Mary 30-Sep-08 65 William    
Baseley Eliza  19-Apr-23 84      
Baseley John Joseph 13-Oct-01 26      
Baseley Alice 15-Feb-52 79      
Bates Ernest 31-Dec-80     Starling J  
Bates Minnie 13-Apr-82     Starling J  
Beeby Mary 30-Jan-10 66 William    
Beeby William          
Berrisford Albert James 29-Mar-38 69 Emma Dorn Albert son  
Berrisford Emma Dorn 14-Apr-64 92 Albert James Albert son  
Berrisford Albert 10-May-30 34   Albert James, Emma Dorn  
Berrisford John Thomas Oct. 1960 59 Harriet    
Berrisford Harriet Apr. 1962 56 John Thomas    
Binch William   55      
Birch Norman Ronald 27-Mar-57 34      
Birch John 20-Nov-64        
Birkin Roland 03-Jan-44 46      
Bishop Sarah A          
Blackburn Walter 21-Dec-56 50 Mary Ellen    
Blackburn Mary Ellen 24-Dec-59 55 Walter    
Boneham John 05-Jan-35 81 Betsy    
Boneham Betsy 17-Feb-27 69 John    
Boneham William 17-May-45 60 Mabel    
Boneham Mabel 26-May-71 83 William    
Bonsall Alfred 18-Sep-30 64 Mary    
Bonsall Mary 13-Feb-25 58 Alfred    
Bowmer Beatrice 24-Jun-71 73   Daughter Audrey Irene  
Bowmer Audrey Irene 18-May-39 8   Mother Beatrice  
Brassington Joseph 22-Oct-70 70 Mary Alice    
Brassington Mary Alice 19-Apr-58 48 Joseph    
Brogdale Keith 25-Dec-45 1 month      
Brook Deborah 27-Feb-24 79      
Bromley Rose Annie 16-Oct-42 52      
Brown Ann 26-Jan-10 72 James    
Brown Roy 16-Dec-32 2 1/2 years   Son of Leslie and Lydia  
Brown Thomas   61      
Brown W.F.     Annie    
Brown Annie     W.F.    
Burnett Mary 12-Oct-45 70      
Burton Edgar 29-Jan-40 84 Jane    
Burton Jane 27-Dec-45 86 Edgar    
Burton Charles 27-Mar-21 37   Son of Edgar and Jane Lcpl.
Burton Thomas 03-Sep-16 28     Pte.Killed in France
Butlin Arthur 04-Dec-61 79 Lilian    
Butlin Lilian 27-Nov-55 73 Arthur    
Buxton James 14-Mar-47 86 Sarah    
Buxton Sarah 25-Dec-32 74 James    
Carrington Joseph 26-Dec-54 70 Ruth    
Carrington Ruth 11-Nov-61 77 Joseph    
Cartlidge Samuel 30-Jun-33 49 Ethel    
Cartlidge Ethel 15-Jun-61 77 Samuel    
Castledine Henry 30-Nov-53 80 Alice    
Castledine Alice 03-Oct-55 80 Henry    
Castledine Albert 22-Jan-37 19   Amelia Green  
Castledine George 03-May-25 39      
Caudwell E.N. 07-Aug-55 22      Pte.22950726 7th Sherwood Foresters
Chamberlain Benjamin 10-Feb-45 49      
Cheetham Henry 20-Oct-32 73 Martha    
Cheetham Martha 28-Feb-51 88 Henry    
Clark Charles     Annie    
Clark Annie     Charles    
Clark John Edward 07-Jun-43 74 Elizabeth Clarke S & W  
Clark Elizabeth 06-Jul-29 64 John Edward Clarke S & W  
Clarke Henry          
Clarke George 07-Aug-31 77      
Clarke Sarah 07-Jun-29 73      
Clarke Ruth 30-Jan-47 49 Elias Joan  
Clarke Elias 26-Nov-47 56 Ruth Joan  
Clarke Joan 02-Jun-45 19   Daughter of Ruth and Elias  
Clarke Samuel 18-Oct-19 24   Son of John Edward and Elizabeth Clark  
Clarke William 10-Aug-08 7   Son of John Edward and Elizabeth Clark  
Clarke Samuel 28-Dec-37 63 Mary    
Clarke Mary 10-Nov-56   Samuel   Born 24-Jan 1878
Cleaver W.          
Clift Albert 03-Oct-33 22      
Clift Bob 13-Feb-50 44      
Clift Sarah Jane 03-Feb-54 73      
Coleman Fredrick 06-Aug-37 39      
Collins William Henry 26-Jun-50 81 Martha    
Collins Martha 28-Aug-30 55 William Henry    
Collis Jane October. 1928        
Collis William          
Cope Leslie 16-Nov-57 52 Eva    
Cope Madeline 29-Mar-32 2 1/2 years      
Cope Susan 13-Nov-62 16      
Crampton Alfred Ernest 27-Oct-58 53      
Crawford John Dunn 12-Jan-56 86 Jane    
Crawford Jane 18-Nov-28 59 John Dunn    
Dale Henry 08-Mar-55 69 Emma Annice    
Dale Emma Annice 15-Feb-60 74 Henry    
Dawes Robert Derek 12-Feb-27 5 months      
Denton Margaret 17-Mar-33 56      
Dodd Charles 03-Dec-48 72 Sarah Ann    
Dodd Sarah Ann 17-Feb-56 85 Charles    
Doleman Albert Edward 06-May-41 60 Elizabeth    
Dooley George 26-May-34 56      
Draper Richard 27-Aug-13 68 Sarah Ann    
Draper Sarah Ann 28-Mar-13 70 Richard    
Ealey Frank 13-Jul-33 58 Lucy   Of Langley Mill
Ealey Lucy 04-Oct-40 58 Frank    
Eason Herbert 25-Feb-45 53      
Eley John 02-Sep-18 68      
Eley Agnes 23-Mar-25 72      
Elliott Constance Emily 09-Dec-49 23      
Elliott Freda 30-May-60 31      
Ellis George William 21-Jan-50 69 Mary Ann   Grandchildren Patrica, Norma & Roy
Ellis Mary Ann 30-Jan-50 72 George William   Grandchildren Patrica, Norma & Roy
Farnsworth William S. 01-May-44 44      
Fisher Albert     Emma    
Foster Henry Samuel 06-Mar-46 72 Sarah Emma Jesse Alfred  
Foster Sarah Emma 07-Jul-48 76 Henry Samuel Jesse Alfred  
Foster Jesse Alfred 26-Dec-17 17   Son of Sarah Emma & Henry Samuel  
Fry Grenville 01-Mar-60 27      
Gascoyne Maurice 1883-1963        
Gaulton Martha 05-Apr-38 80      
Gee Annie Sadler 14-Mar-64 76   First Husband George Hardwick  
Gee Edward 21-Nov-68     Hardwick G.and Annie Sadler Gee  
Gent Ernest 28-Oct-58 75      
Gilbert Walter 16-Feb-54 82      
Goodon Andrew Francis 12-Dec-63 7 months   Leighton Arthur  
Grainey Joseph 13-Mar-38 73 Emily    
Grainey Emily 30-Dec-39 73 Joseph    
Grainey Walter          
Grainger William 25-Jul-30 74 Louisa Son Ernest  
Grainger Louisa 15-Apr-35 80 William Son Ernest  
Grainger Ernest 22-Dec-19 39   Son of Louisa and William  
Greaves William 20-Feb-53 78 Julia Ann    
Greaves Julia Ann 21-Mar-50 75 William    
Green Alfred 21-Oct-28 66 Mary J. Daughter Mary  
Green Mary J. 22-Aug-17 54 Alfred Daughter Mary  
Green Mary 03-Dec-39 51   Daughter of Alfred and Mary J  
Green Eric 03-Aug-26 7     Grandson of Alfred and Mary J Son of Alfred and Eva
Green Amelia 24-Oct-47 96   Albert Castledine  
Green Charles 12-Jan-56 85      
Green Martha Emma 17-Dec-49 77      
Green Florence May          
Green George Henry       Edith Cicely Trueman  
Green Annie Mary 12-Mar-67     Edith Cicely Trueman  
Green Henry 06-Jan-51 70      
Green John 06-May-24 71 Amelia Son James Ernest  
Green James Ernest 12-Oct-18 26   Son of John and Amelia Killed in France
Green John 02-Mar-52 74 Sarah Ann Molly Starling  
Green Sarah Ann 09-Jan-61   John Molly Starling  
Green Thomas 01-Oct-59        
Green William          
Green Harriett          
Green William   71      
Green Sarah E.   94      
Green William Thomas     Mary Lizzie    
Green Mary Lizzie 04-Dec-50   William Thomas    
Gregory George 19-Dec-23        
Haddon Herbert Ball          
Hannett Samuel     Mary    
Hannett Mary 22-Nov-44   Samuel    
Hardstaff Sam 03-Nov-37   Elizabeth    
Hardstaff Elizabeth 21-Sep-46   Sam    
Hardwick George 14-Jul-29   Annie Sadler Gee Edward Gee  
Hardy William 03-Oct-18   Harriett    
Hardy Harriett 26-Nov-43   William    
Hanson George Edward 23-Aug-55 63      
Hanson Joseph Thomas     Annie    
Hanson Annie 21-Jan-39   Joseph Thomas    
Hanson Percival 20-May-13 16   Son of Peter and Harriet  
Hanson Stephen 08-Apr-52   Maria    
Hanson Maria 27-Sep-63 77 Stephen    
Harpham Fanny          
Haynes Thomas Frederick 05-Jan-21 61      
Hays Ann 07-Jul-26 74      
Heath Samuel 05-Jun-38        
Heath Agnes 25-Aug-44 72      
Heathcote George          
Heathcote Clara 01-Dec-67 89      
Hewes Levi 06-May-41 55      
Hewes Mary Hannah 11-Oct-72 84      
Hewes Thomas 23-Mar-52        
Hewson Norah June 21-Dec-51        
Hewson Terry John   2 1/2 years   Kathleen  
Hewson Kathleen 18-Dec-51     Terry John  
Hibbitt Albert 27-Oct-58        
Hibbitt Sarah Ann 03-Sep-79        
Hill Joseph 28-Aug-64 72 Myra    
Hill Myra 28-Nov-36   Joseph    
Hill Percy 22-Feb-61 70 Florence G.    
Hill Florence G. 13-Jun-46   Percy    
Hill Philip Aaron 28-Aug-15 58   Robinson M.R.  
Hill Elizabeth 06-Oct-33 78      
Hill G.W. 13-Dec-16 29     Sgt Royal Engineers
Hill Robert 03-Jan-34 78      
Hill Catherine 24-Feb-46 87      
Holdsworth Frank          
Horsman John Joseph 23-Apr-32 58 Annie    
Hunt Harold Morley 19-Jul-56 55      
Hunt Doris T. 14-Feb-59        
Hurt Evelyn 18-Aug-50 33      
Hutsby Mary Ann 18-Dec-60 70      
Illsley Henry 02-Nov-45 65   Francis Emily  
Illsley Francis Emily 05-Jul-42 63   Henry  
Jaques Thomas 29-May-50 68      
Kilbourne George 26-Jan-29 47      
Lancaster John Leonard 08-Nov-31 56 Alice    
Lancaster Alice 17-Jan-51 83 John Leonard    
Lane Samuel 12-Jul-60 72 Caroline D.   Daughters Ivy and Enda May
Lane Caroline D. 18-Mar-57 66 Samuel   Daughters Ivy and Enda May
Langridge Percival Herbert 18-Jan-57 73      
Langridge Robert Joseph 07-Dec-42 84 Annie    
Langridge Annie 13-Dec-42 79 Robert Joseph    
Lawmon Arthur Charles 23-Mar-53 75      
Lemon James  08-Jul-29 79 Sarah Ann    
Lemon Sarah Ann 19-Apr-42 87 James     
Lemon Leslie 09-Apr-17 22   Son of James and Sarah Ann Pte. Killed in France
Lemon Charles Alfred 14-Feb-25 47 Mary Matilda    
Lemon Mary Matilda 18-Jan-46   Charles Alfred    
Leighton Arthur 05-Mar-57 81   Grandson Andrew Francis  
Limb Arthur 22-Mar-40 18      
Limb Arthur Lawrence 01-Mar-52 84 Anna    
Limb Anna 02-Sep-41 69 Arthur Lawrence    
Limb Kate 16-Feb-52 56      
Limb William July 31,1894 62 Amelia Margaret Tyler  
Limb Amelia 13-Aug-03 72 William Margaret Tyler  
Lindley Francis 17-Jan-41 73      
Lindley Georgina 04-Mar-46 77      
Love Walter 18-Dec-25 30      
Lowe John 17-Sep-10 64 Ruth    
Lowe Ruth 10-Aug-28 78 John    
Lowe Samuel 31-May-47 58      
Lucas Kenneth          
Lush Samuel 15-Feb-59 81      
Lush Agnes 09-Feb-59 82      
Maltby Arthur 30-Oct-68 68      
Maltby Annie Mary 13-Jan-69 75      
Maltby Frank 27-Jan-34 54 Eliza Ann    
Maltby Eliza Ann 07-Nov-21 44 Frank    
Marriott C. 18-Jan-18       Pte.305891 Notts and Derby Regiment
Marshall Frederick 26-Apr-53 65 Eliza    
Marshall Eliza 19-Apr-66 81 Frederick    
Marshall Joseph 04-Nov-62 82 Lilly    
Marshall Lilly 01-Aug-57 75 Joseph    
Massey Charles 22-Jul-32 65      
Mathews George Henry   79      
McSally James Edward 18-Sep-45 71      
Millar Robert Joseph 01-Mar-06 38 Phoebe    
Mills John Henry 11-Jul-46 68      
Mills Wife of John Henry Dec. 1958 75 John Henry    
Mills Joseph 18-Sep-33 74 Mary Jane William  
Mills Mary Jane 08-Aug-10 49 Joseph William  
Mills William 20-Mar-09 18   Joseph and Mary Jane  
Mills Thomas   47      
Mills Thomas 20-Mar-47 60      
Moore George 18-Oct-17 53 Sarah Elizabeth John Leslie  
Moore Sarah Elizabeth 03-Jul-49 78 George John Leslie  
Moore John Leslie 28-May-17 24   George and Sarah Elizabeth Killed in action
Morehen Albert Henry 11-Sep-39 57 Sarah    
Morehen Sarah 14-Apr-65 79 Albert Henry    
Murfitt Emma 13-Jun-25 78      
Musson George W. 10-Apr-44 83      
Musson Mary Jane 01-Jan-37 66      
Naylor Maurice 06-Jun-48 76 Matilda Daughter Marion Ivy  
Naylor Matilda 04-Nov-42 76 Maurice Daughter Marion Ivy  
Naylor Marion Ivy 26-Apr-02 45   Maurice and Matilda  
Naylor Thomas 20-Mar-14 71 Susan Son John  
Naylor Susan 18-Jun-23 79 Thomas Son John  
Naylor John 23-Jun-02 27   Son of Thomas and Susan  
Needle Joseph W. 09-May-50 70 Isobel    
Needle Isobel 29-Oct-50 63 Joseph W.    
Newbold Grace Leonora 04-Dec-21 5 yrs 4 mths   Daughter of John and Annie  
Newell William Henry 13-Jul-56 78      
Newell Louisa 08-Feb-71 86      
Noon John Thomas 24-Nov-47       Born May 1, 1872
Noon Elizabeth L. 24-May-42 63      
North Alfred          
North Alice          
North Christopher 16-Mar-38 81 Mary Ann    
North Mary Ann 05-Jun-16 64 Christopher    
North Frank 18-Jan-32 38     Accidently killed
Osborne Charles 16-Jul-53 69      
Osborne Martha 05-Jan-46 60      
Osborne Gladys 16-Dec-14 3      
Osborne Joseph 04-May-57 68 Elizabeth    
Osborne Elizabeth 17-Oct-69 79 Joseph    
Otter William          
Oxley Jack 22-Sep-44 31     Accidently killed at Brittain Colliery
Page Alan   2 days      
Page Ethel Mary 18-Nov-30 39 John Thomas    
Page George S. 05-Mar-35 75      
Page Gladys Minnie 10-Jan-23 25 Samuel    
Page Harry 28-Aug-22 2      
Page Sam 09-Jun-51 66      
Platts James 22-Jan-23 59 Kate    
Platts Kate 07-Nov-18 54 James    
Platts James 20-Sep-17 28     Pte. Killed in action
Porter Ronald 29-Jul-30 43 Gertrude    
Porter Gertrude 14-Jan-40 60 Ronald    
Preston Arthur 26-Nov-16 36      
Preston Elsie 16-Jul-65 81      
Preston George 30-Sep-29 81      
Preston Ann Maria 09-Dec-34 81      
Pritchett John W. 03-Jun-42 26      
Prothero Elizabeth   80      
Pursgrove Leonard          
Pynegar Thomas 25-Jan-43 73 Hannah    
Pynegar Hannah 29-Feb-48 75 Thomas    
Randall Charles 15-Mar-68 86 Leah    
Randall Leah 29-May-51 76 Charles    
Ratkin John 06-Apr-31 63      
Rickers Violet 08-Oct-81 71      
Riley Henry         Henry and Matilda parted 24 Oct 1954 reunited 6 May 1956
Riley Matilda         Henry and Matilda parted 24 Oct 1954 reunited 6 May 1957
Riley Samuel 11-Sep-49 63      
Riley William 22-Feb-58   Amy    
Riley Amy 19-Nov-61   William    
Roberts Sid          
Robinson Mary Jane 28-Jan-37 48      
Robinson M.R.       Hill P.A.  
Robinson W.A. 10-May-22 46 Sarah    
Robinson Sarah 27-Sep-47 63 W.A.    
Rodgers James 09-Sep-32 75 Elizabeth    
Rodgers Elizabeth 18-Apr-54 78 James    
Rowe Florence 16-Apr-35 30 Arthur    
Savidge Mary Ann 16-Dec-23 46 William    
Searson Constance Mary Bemrose 13-Oct-34 14      
Searson Samuel 09-Jan-11 74      
Searson Hannah 03-Jan-19 77      
Sewell Ernest William 10-Jun-60 76      
Sewell Lillian 24-Mar-80 93      
Sewell Percy Benjamin 12-Jun-56 68      
Shalklock Harold 02-Aug-61 47      
Shooter Isaiah 27-Apr-32 42      
Shooter Joseph Francis 12-Jan-63 70 Elsie    
Shooter Elsie 12-Feb-51 54 Joseph Francis    
Simmonds Henry 07-Mar-24 73 Mary    
Simmonds Mary 16-Mar-20 69 Henry    
Simms John Thomas 09-Jul-22 36      
Skinner Henry 05-Oct-30 62 Lucy    
Skinner Lucy 04-Jan-46 81 Henry    
Skinner James W.H. 08-Oct-18 24   Son  of Henry and Lucy Killed in France
Slack Thomas 30-Sep-35   Sarah    
Slack Sarah 25-Jan-44 70 Thomas    
Smedley George 08-Jun-30   Kate    
Smedley Kate 24-Oct-42 62 George    
Smith Henry 12-Sep-32 65 Mary Ann    
Smith Mary Ann   61 Henry    
Smith John Henry   2     Son of J and E Smith
Smith Thomas 05-Mar-28 80 Sarah    
Smith Sarah   64 Thomas    
Southwood Thomas Cooper 27-Dec-41 77 Fanny    
Southwood Fanny 06-Feb-52   Thomas Cooper    
Starling James 1851-1934   Harriett Bates E & M  
Starling Harriett 1857-1932   James    
Starling Joseph 04-Apr-50 75 Martha    
Starling Martha 29-Apr-25   Joseph    
Starling Ellen 28-Jul-70        
Starling Molly       John and Sarah Ann Green  
Stevens Thomas 23-Jan-47   Maria    
Stevens Maria 06-Apr-60 70 Thomas    
Stimpson Arthur 29-Nov-55   Florence    
Stimpson Florence 21-Jul-46   Arthur    
Stimpson Celia A. 27-May-40        
Storer John 28-Feb-58   Mary Elizabeth    
Storer Mary Elizabeth 02-Dec-39 67 John    
Storer John William 17-Feb-25 25   Son of J and M E  
Sumner Norma Irene   2 weeks      
Swain John 27-Sep-51 60 Lucy Ester    
Swain Lucy Ester 27-Mar-69 73 John    
Tabberer Arthur 06-Dec-62   Annie    
Tabberer Annie 17-Oct-52   Arthur    
Tansey Charles Edwin   65      
Tansey Sarah Ann 1885-1979        
Taylor Arthur George 21-Dec-25 26      
Tinsley Joseph 18-Sep-67   Sarah    
Tinsley Sarah 20-Mar-52   Joseph    
Towell William 09-Jan-33   Ann    
Towell Ann 26-Jul-38 70 William    
Toyne George 25-Jun-17   Emma    
Toyne Emma 20-Dec-01 45 George    
Toyne Thomas       Son of Emma and George  
Toyne Samuel 14-Nov-67        
Toyne William Andrew 20-Feb-74 75 Zilla    
Toyne Zilla 14-Aug-59 64 William Andrew    
Truman Edith Cicely 25-Feb-46 34   Green G H And infant
Truman Margaret 19-Apr-46        
Turner Dorothy 18-Apr-52        
Tyler Alphaeus 04-Dec-57   Ethel    
Tyler Ethel 01-Sep-68 85 Alphaeus    
Tyler Margaret 22-Jun-03 33 William Daughter of William and Amelia Limb  
Wagstaff Mary Jane 20-Jan-31 67 John    
Wain Samuel 08-Jul-50 87 Harriett    
Wain Harriett 25-Dec-50 84 Samuel    
Walters James 10-Jun-41 75 Mary Ann    
Walters Mary Ann 25-Sep-53 87 James    
Waplington Arthur 24-Nov-45 50      
Ward Denis W.          
Ward Harry Colin 07-May-50 46      
Ward Mary 09-Sep-29       6-Nov-27
Wardle George 17-Jun-54 79 Sarah Ann    
Wardle Sarah Ann 04-Apr-37 61 George    
Wardle Ted     Lucy    
Wardle Lucy     Ted    
Watchorn Jessie 08-Oct-33 46      
Watchorn John 03-Aug-26 71 Fanny    
Watchorn Fanny 06-Feb-36 83 John    
Watson Laura         From friends at Hollyhurst Terrace
Watts Ellen 24-Jun-65 87     Sons Tom, Archie and Alan
Watts George Henry 17-Jul-19 42     Killed at Silkstone Colliery
Webb Albert 31-Mar-50 77 Eliza E.    
Webb Eliza E. 02-Jan-45 72 Albert    
Webb Charles 02-Nov-42 60 Sarah Ann    
Webb Sarah Ann 28-Apr-45 56 Charles    
Webb Percival 28-Feb-49 64 Rose    
Webb Rose 27-Sep-65 82 Percival    
Westmoreland Florence Emma 16-Jun-37 57 Ernest   1st wife of Ernest
Westmoreland Florence 11-Jan-57 58 Ernest   2nd wife of Ernest
White John William 24-Jan-33 75 Mary Ann    
White Mary Ann 17-Jan-62 96 John William    
Whitworth Henry 15-Jul-51 80 Martha Ann    
Whitworth Martha Ann 06-Feb-37 61 Henry    
Wigley Betty Rose 30-Dec-51 16      
Wigley H.          
Wilbraham Ester 28-Sep-53 51      
Wilbraham Mathew Henry   59 Sarah Ann Ester  
Wilbraham Sarah Ann     Mathew Henry Ester  
Wilbraham Ester       Sarah Ann and Matthew Henry  
Wild George     Emma Mary  
Wild Emma     George Mary  
Wild Mary       Daughter of George and Emma  
Williams James Pythagoras 25-Dec-57 66   Philip Hiram  
Williams Philip Hiram       James Pythagoras  
Williams William     Thurza Son Frederick  
Williams Thurza     William Son Frederick  
Williams Frederick       Son of William and Thurza  
Williamson John Henry   79 Margaret    
Williamson Margaret     John Henry    
Willmott W.         Gunner 285345 Royal Field Artillery
Wilson Mary Jane 19-Feb-58 82      
Wilson Husband of Mary Jane 08-Nov-59        
Wood Ena   28      
Worthington David   66      
Worthington Jane          
Worthington John     Elizabeth    
Worthington Elizabeth     John    
Worthington John David   81 Martha Ann    
Worthington Martha Ann     John David    
Wright Graham          
Wright Joseph     Mary Ann    
Wright Mary Ann     Joseph    
Wright Yvonne Marion 28-Jun-59 16      
Wright Betsy          
Wright Betty Rose          
Wright Kenneth          
Wright Michael   9 months      

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