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I intend to write this up FAQ style. Keep checking back for updates and whatnot. It'll be a while, though. It's late right now and I'm going to play Counter-Strike: Source for a bit and then head off to go sleep.

So, what's going to fill up this space? A list of pointers for owners of the RAZR series phones regarding modifying their phones to their own liking. SEEM edits, informatino about P2K software and the like. Sure, all these resources are available at Motomodders and Motox, but who wants to do the searching for themselves?

So start asking questions about hacking your RAZR series phone. I'll get back with responses and a properly written guide in good time.

As I only own a Motorola RAZR V3i and I'm new to this whole Motorola hacking thing, bear with me - I'm learning at the same time as you are.

Getting Started

Alright, so you've got a Motorola RAZR phone and don't know what to do with it. Perhaps you've already installed Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) and have explored your phone in the constraints set by that software. Where do you go from there? The next logical step - hacking your Motorola RAZR.

You'll want to have easy access to the tools and software that are required to work with your RAZR series phone. Sign up for an account at for free access to all their downloads.

Getting Connected

Your best bet would be to look at one of these guides:

The Moto Guide -- Razr V3 Edition
This site has all the basics that you need to get started with a RAZR V3 phone. There are some differences between the V3 and the V3i, so it's advisable to follow the connection instructions in the next link if you own a RAZR V3i. The guide is good reading for all Motorola RAZR owners.

[STICKY by MegaJoy]..::|| Getting Started on your V3i ||::.. -
A great beginner's guide to the Motorola RAZR V3i. Do make sure to read through this as it links you to some useful information and is very helpful when working with your Motorola RAZR V3i.

Note: Make sure that your Motorola RAZR is set to Data/Fax Connection under USB Settings. You can find this by going into the Menu, selecting Settings, Connection, USB Settings, and moving the left and right direction keys to select the appropriate connection mode.

I had some trouble when trying to get my Motorola RAZR V3i to connect with my computer. The method as described in [STICKY by MegaJoy]..::|| Getting Started on your V3i ||::.. - did not work for me - no P2K software would detect my V3i. I downloaded Motorola PST and installed that. Using Motorola PST and allowing it to detect my V3i, I was able to proceed on with Microsoft Window's Add New Hardware wizard.

Because Motorola PST is meant only for use in Motorola's Service Centers, it is not available for legal download and I cannot link you directly to it. Google is your best friend.

Useful Software

Motorola iMega Pack
Includes P2K Commander, P2K Manager, Skinner 4 Moto, and XVI32
P2K Drivers v2.9 for Motorola Phones

The Basics

Congratulations - now you've learned how to ensure proper communication between your phone and your computer. The wealth of terminology associated with Motorola phone hacking is sure to overwhelm you if it's your first time trying it out. It's best to get familiar with the terms early on.

[Sticky] Great Flash/Flex Guide...with Simple FAQ
A quick and dirty guide on Flash/Flex/MP/LP, etc.

As explained by The Moto Guide:

The Flex
The flex is the files and branding of the phone. Think of the flex as the Linux kernel, or the Windows version you run. Kind of. The flex is something we don't change as often, as they are updated less often than the flash. Updating the flex deletes any saved information you have, and any settings.

The Flash
The flash is the part we change most often. By now we have several types, but basically, the flash is the firmware of the phone. Think of it as the Linux distro. When you change the flash, it adjusts features, menus, and more. Also, things like the way your phone handles reception or menu speed are handled by flashes. Flashing your phone will not erase any of your media or settings. Then there's the seem.

The Seem
The seem is the individual pieces that make up the operating system on the phone. Every individual feature on your phone (SMS on/off, will the call end when you close the flip, can you access the web from your phone, etc) is all editable by changing a seem. More on that in the seem editing section, but basically seems are what you will change when you want to change one feature at a time.

Some Basic Tricks

Let's Get Started!

Now you have both a working connection between your phone and your computer, and you should have some general knowledge of Motorola terminology. We'll get started with a few simple things first, just to help you get acquainted with your phone.

That Little Thing Called Software

Pretty much all the software that you will need to work with your phone can be found in the Motorola iMega Pack. I would recommend that you download P2K Tools Version 0.8.6 build 406 by Bezol, available for download from P2K Software (Requires Registration).

You can also check MotoX's Modding Software Downloads for pretty much anything you need. You don't even need to register for these downloads

Installing Java Games and Applications

This is actually a much simpler process than one would think. As I own a Motorola RAZR V3i and a V3i only, I will not be able to help those users who cannot get the RAZR V3 application installation to work properly.


How to install Java appl with MIDway 2.8
Basic guide on using MIDway to install Java applications
Uploading games with P2KTools
An alternate method used to upload Java applications


.:: Quick Install Games/Apps V3i ::. RAZR V3i
The one and only guide you'll need when installing Java applications on your V3i. Follow the P2KTools instructions

Both RAZR V3 and V3i

You can try and install Java applications using a program called MotoMidMan. The newest version is compatible with both phones.

Useful Software

Modding Software Downloads
P2K Software (Requires Registration)
Java Games (Requires Registration)

Installing Skins

First off, where to get new skins for your RAZR phone? The sites listed below have a wealth of skins that you can look through. Find one that suits you and download it.
Skins (Requires Registration)
Skins (Requires MotoX Registration)

Follow these guides to get your skins uploaded properly.
Skin Installation Flash Tutorials by Tvrtko
Excellent Flash guides that show you how to upload skins onto your Motorola RAZR

If your skin has a custom cl.gif, startup and shutdown sounds, or startup and shutdown animations, there's a little more that you'll have to do.

Changing cl.gif

The cl.gif file is the image that is displayed on your RAZR's outer LCD display when the phone's flip cover is opened. See mine?

Just a little bit of reading if you're interested in learning a little more about cl.gif
Custom cl.gif

Note: The cl.gif file must have image dimensions 96x80 pixels and cannot be an animated .gif

There are two methods that you can use to change your cl.gif.

Method 1 - Replace the original
As mentioned in the page linked above, you can replace the cl.gif file that already exists in /a/mobile/system/. Use P2KTools or a similar P2K application to navigate to this directory. You may want to back up the original Motorola cl.gif. Simply upload your new cl.gif file into this directory, restart your phone, and look at the outer LCD screen. You did it!

Method 2 - SEEM edit for cl.gif changes anytime, anywhere
The problem with the first method for cl.gif changes is that you must have access to a computer in order to change the cl.gif. What if you want to change cl.gif while you're on a trip? This method allows you to change cl.gif whenever you want.

Quick Change cl.gif on Motorola RAZR V3i!

This should work with the Motorola RAZR V3 as well. If you don't want to do your own SEEM edits, you can always download MotoX's Prehacked 0061 and 0062 SEEMs:

Save to /c/mobile/picture/c.gif
Save to /b/mobile/picture/c.gif

What's the difference between the two sets of hacked SEEMs? Saving to /b/mobile/picture/c.gif is possible only if your RAZR has a MicroSD / TransFlash card slot. Saving to /c/mobile/picture/c.gif will work with all Motorola RAZR phones.

With this method, you can simply rename your desired outer LCD display image to c.gif, restart your phone, and move on! I'm using Method 2 right now.

SEEM Edits

SEEM edits were first mentioned in Method 2 - SEEM edit for cl.gif changes anytime, anywhere. Let's get further into this very important part of Motorola hacking.

The Basics

To get started, read up:
Planet MotoX: Guide to SEEM Editing

Note that you already have all the software that you need to begin SEEM editing if you downloaded the Motorola iMega Pack. If you haven't downloaded any SEEM editing software yet, it may be a good idea to do so now. Head on over to MotoX's Modding Software Downloads and pick up XVI32.

Note: When working with SEEMs, it is always a good idea to keep backups on hand. Make sure to make backups of the stock SEEM before hacking it to bits.

Basic SEEM Editing

Make sure you have downloaded and extracted P2KTools v0.8.6. Besides being a very useful piece of software, P2KTools can also be used for some basic SEEM editing. The best part about P2KTool's SEEM editing? You don't have to do anything except for hit a few checkboxes.
  1. Open up P2KTools with your Motorola RAZR connected to your computer.
  2. Click on the Other Features button on the menu
  3. Press the Get button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Navigate through the tabs (Java, Messages, Multimedia, Office Tools, Alerts, Other, Recent Calls) and check the boxes that you want to activate/deactive
  5. When you're finished, press the Set button at the bottom of the screen
There you go. You just did some SEEM editing. Or rather, you had P2KTools do it for you. Easy, isn't it?

SEEM Edits

SEEM Discovery for Video Camera

Fixing Chinese [?] Language Support in SMS for the V3i

I don't know if this fix will work for SMS difficulties with other language packs, but it worked for my Simplified Chinese problems.

Need a little help here. I'm using my Motorola RAZR V3i with language pack 0015 on it - US English and Simplified Chinese. If I switch to Simplified Chinese as my input mode and send an SMS with Chinese characters in it, the receiving party gets nothing but blank spots where the Chinese characters should be. I tried sending a message from my phone to itself with Chinese - also blank. Then I used my T630 and sent a message in Chinese to my phone. This worked properly.

I can create Chinese SMSes, but they don't send properly. When I create the message, I see all the Chinese characters. Upon sending, I looked at the Outbox and noticed that the messages that I had written were completely blank - no characters.

Know what could be causing this? Would a LP reflash fix things up?

The fix:

Use P2KTools.

Use P2KTools and open the SEEM Editor.
1. Load SEEM 0032.0001 from the phone
2. Click on Offset 3F (the intersection between 030 and 0F)
3. CHECK bit 0, bit 1, bit 2, and bit 4
4. Save to Phone
5. Restart your phone

Ending a Call (Even on Speakerphone) by Closing the Flip

If you Monster Pack Flash your phone using the MP R47A_G_08.D8.67R from MotoX, your phone will hang up calls when the flip is closed - even if you're placing the call through speakerphone. Resolve this by doing the following:

Use P2KTools and open the SEEM Editor.
1. Load SEEM 0032.0001 from the phone
2. Click on Offset 8A (the intersection between 080 and 0A)
3. Bit 2: Speaker Call to End on Flip Close (1 on, 0 off)
4. Save to Phone
5. Restart your phone

The Holy Grail of SEEM Edits

Want to find out what SEEM edit will do what? Look no further.

More Fun


In the /c/mobile/audio folder, there is a file called funlight.pat. This file contains pattern information that directs your RAZR on which lights to turn on, and when. By replacing the original funlight.pat for an edited one, we can make the phone keypad backlight turn on and off when receiving calls, cycle between external lights when charging, etc.

Before we get started, take a look at Calling all funlight.pat Modders!. There are a handful of funlight.pat files available for download. You'll need to register with the MotoX forums in order to download them, though. The first post also has information on editing your own custom funlight.pat.

Enabling Funlights is easy:
1) Connect your RAZR series phone to your computer
2) Open P2KTools and refresh the directory structure
3) Navigate to /c/mobile/audio/ and find funlight.pat
4) Copy this original funlight.pat to a backup folder on your harddrive
5) Find your custom funlight.pat file and upload it to /c/mobile/audio
6) Click on the Other Features menu item and press Get
7) Click on the Multimedia menu item and check

8) Restart your phone
9) Go to Settings >> Ring Styles
10) Choose any style (doesn't matter unless the funlight.pat has been written to use different patterns per style) and enjoy

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