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Waterfall Quest

This quest guide was written by thehellkeeper and zone_ant. Thanks to Fireball0236, Thunderdog, External, x-john-x, AvnBrenden, Hampster_Hat, Aakanaar, greywolf, DRAVAN, andro_girl, gondomwinges, Koppen, silly_me3, and Shez344 for corrections.
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Description: Investigate the death of elven leaders of old. Search for the elf King Baxtorian's tomb and discover the mysterious hidden treasure of the waterfall.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Length: Long

Requirements: Fight Level 86 Fire giants.

Items Needed: Some rope (one if you do it right, but buy a few from Ned, in Draynor Village just in case, 15 coins each), 6 air runes, 6 water runes, and 6 earth runes, a good weapon, some good armor, a stat restore potion, lots of food.

Quest Points Reward: 1

Reward: 40 mithril seeds (allows you to grow flowers), 2 cut diamonds, 2 gold bars, 13750 experience to attack and 13750 experience to strength.

Start Point: House near Baxtorian falls.

To Start: Speak to Almera


Almera's house is on top.
Hadley's house is in the bottom left corner.
The grave is the grey circle place with a walk way to the circle.

Baxtorian Falls Map

  1. Talk to Almera in her house and she will tell you her son is looking for treasure at the waterfall. There is a raft behind the house. Get on it and it will take you down stream and the raft will crash and break in half, and you will see the boy. Talk to him. Once you are done talking to him, look down the way to the waterfall (south Bottom View) and you will see a rock, now you right click on it and it will say "Swim to", use the rope with this rock and you will go across. Now use the rope on the dead tree and you will appear by a doorway, get in the barrel and you will end up by a fence, follow it up to a house, Climbing on the dead tree at the top of the waterfall gives 8 damage and opening the door on the ledge without a Glarial's amulet gives 5 damage.

  2. Inside the house talk to Hadley, then go north and talk to Almera and then go back to Hadley's house. Go upstairs, get the book called "The book of baxster" and read it. Go back downstairs and speak to Hadley again. If you want you can go by the grave east of Hadley's house.

  3. Go to Gnome Village, not Gnome Stronghold. Go through the maze and get to the cave. (Use the maze map below.) Once you get to the cave, go down. There are two ways to go, left or right. Go to the right. Search the crates and boxes and find the key, then go to the other side and use the key with the jail door. Go inside the jail and talk to the gnome, get the pebble, then climb up the ladder and get out the same way you came in.

    Gnome Maze map

  4. Put all of your armour, weapons, and your other stuff in the bank, just bring food and the pebble. Now go to the grave east of Hadley's house. (It won't let you in with armour or weapons.) Use the pebble with the grave. You appear in a cave. Go straight and open the chest and you get an amulet. Then go the other way, open the coffin and it gives you an urn. Now climb the ladder and get out.

  5. Keep the urn and amulet on you and go get your armour and weapon, food, rope, stat restore potion, and the 18 runes (6 water, 6 air, 6 earth) that were mentioned earlier out of the bank. Go back to Almera's house and put on the amulet you got from the grave.

  6. Go get on the raft and you will appear on the island again, go to the end of the island, use the rope with the rock again and go across. use the rope with the dead tree thats on the edge of the waterfall and this time you will appear on the waterfall in front of a door (got to have the amulet from the grave to get in), open the door. Note: You can open the waterfall doors with the ammy but it does not have to be on, only in your inventory also if you open and you dont have the ammy you will take about 8 dmg and fall to the bottom

  7. When you enter the waterfall there will be shadow spiders, fire giants, and mage skeletons. There are three ways to go (left, straight, or right), you want to go to the right. Search the boxes and crates, one of them will have a key. Exit the right side and go to the left side. There are fire giants in this room but you can run through them to a door in the right corner of the room. Use the key on the door to go through. There will be another door that you have to use the key with, then you should be in the room.

  8. This is where you use your runes. There are 6 pillars: Put 1 water on each pillar, then 1 air on each pillar, then 1 earth on each pillar and then use Glarials Amulet with her statue so the floor will rise. Go up to the trophy, use the urn with the trophy and you have completed the quest! If you are unsuccessful you must put your armour and weapon back in the bank and go back to the grave and get the amulet again.

    Quest Completed!

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