Creator: Akira Segami
Publisher: Del Rey
Age Rating: Teen
Genres: Action, Romance
RRP: $10.95
Kagetora v6
Reviewed by Dan Polley

Kagetora, a ninja, is in charge of helping to train the heir of the Toudou martial arts family, Yuki. The trouble is Kagetora seems to be a bit smitten with Yuki, which causes all sorts of complications in their relationship.

In the beginning of the sixth volume of Akira Segami’s “Kagetora,” Kagetora agrees to act as the boyfriend of Aki, Yuki’s best friend, when she visits with some of her cousins the next day. Unfortunately for Kagetora, his pupil, Yuki, overhears the conversation — at least part of it — and is saddened by the fact that she thinks Kagetora is going on a date with her best friend.

This plot is pretty standard, and the reaction that Yuki has to her misconceptions of the conversation add to that fact. However, in the end, everything seems to work out and the pair goes back to their training.

In one of the other stories in the volume, Kagetora accompanies Yuki to her grandmother’s. But the trip doesn’t seem to be working out for either of the two as Yuki feels her grandmother pushes her too hard too often and Kagetora is reminded of the role he serves the family when she dismisses him from watching over Yuki and orders him to guard the home.

But through the story, both Yuki and Kagetora face emotions they didn’t think they would have to face and it seems to make them both stronger for it.

Although the volume is comprised of five stories, the one in which the two visit Yuki’s grandmother is the best. It provides a darker feel and helps in pitting emotions against emotions. Readers looking for a book with a stronger ninja feel will be rewarded with that storyline. However, the rest of the volume, while not bad, doesn’t live up to the grittiness and humanness of the grandmother storyline.

5 July 2007
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4 July 2007
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