August 2003


Described as 'the most creative musician in Japan' by KMFDM's Raymond 'Pig' Watts, Tokyo's multi-instrumentalist Hoppy Kamiyama has played with many on downtown New York's jazz/rock scene including John Zorn and George Clinton. Along with abstract, ground-breaking, genre-jumping musical styles played out on the Slide Geisha, Noiz Violin, Digital President, Ass Hole Box and Scum Tapes from the Garbage, he produces CDs for several labels as well as his own, God Mountain, and records with bands including The Pugs, Olivia-New-Ton-Jon, Fo-Mo-Flo, Optical-8, The SABOTEN and Daimonji. Recently he also released a solo album Juice & Tremolo of chamber works on French label Sonore. Appearing at Test-Portal 2003, Kamiyama will be performing his unique live improvisational music.











SHARK: When did you start making music?
HOPPY: It was as an elementary school child. But actually it's when I was recombining genes in my mother's womb.

SHARK: Who or what are your influences?
It's bizarre sense and distorted feel and touch. If I cite an example of musicians, they are Mauricio Kagel, Luciano Berio, Iannis Xenakis and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

SHARK: What is your favourite piece of music?
Sergei Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 and the theme music of Ultra Q (a 1960s children's Japanese TV programme)

SHARK: Which musicians have you most enjoyed collaborating with?
I enjoy to collaborate with any musicians any time. I don't have a most enjoyable moment. SHARK: With whom would you like to collaborate? HOPPY: I would like to work with real elephants, whales and any unidentified living creatures in the near future.

SHARK: Name some of the famous artists you have produced?
I've produced a lots of CDs with brilliant musicians on God Mountain including Marc Ribot, Zeena Parkins, Elliot Sharp, eX- Girl and many more.

SHARK: What can the public expect to see you do at Test-Portal 2003?
: It's every artist's idiosyncrasies.

SHARK: Anything else you would like to add?
I'm going to explore some cavern in Amsterdam. And I'm sure I should spread my music world with God Mountain as exact new missionary works.

Amsterdam Docklands, NDSM-werf, Amsterdam-Noord Online:
Date: 14-31 August
Time: 4-11pm (Tue-Thu) 4pm-2am (Fri, Sat); Price: free

Combing the raw with the digital, rough with the disciplined, and classic with the futuristic in 6000m2 of industrial docklands is this exhibition by the crême de la crême of Dutch and international artists, many of whom have their roots in the underground: those who react and confront and are the driving force behind artists' intiatives, squats and broedplekken (breeding places/incubators). The intention of this exhibition ­ featuring everything from film to sound, photography to fashion, performance to video, music and poetry ­ is to highlight their strength and potential whilst making it accessible. Each of the artists are creating their own 'islands' of work within the space whilst simultaneously reacting with each other's work organically, resulting in the exhibition being in continuous motion. Test-Portal 2003 is the initiative of Patricia de Ruijter and Hay Schoolmeesters and other artists and organisations taking part include London's Open Digi Party, Japan's Shu-Lea-Chang, the Netherlands' Nepco (aka Pinky and Lennert), New York's GNN (Guerilla News Network), Sweden's 'Trash-Girl' Hanna Helsten and Ireland's Fiona Wheelan. Note that there will also be a bar serving food and drinks described as 'a bar with a conscious concept for a state of mind'.