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London Stock Exchange

Updated: October 18, 2006

As part of its strategy to win more trading business and new customers, the London Stock Exchange needed a scalable, reliable, high-performance stock exchange ticker plant to replace its earlier system. Roughly 40 per cent of the Exchange’s revenues are generated by the sale of real-time information about stock prices. Using the Microsoft® .NET Framework in Windows Server® 2003 and the Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 database, the new Infolect® system has been built to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, availability, and business agility. Launched in September 2005, it is maintaining the London Stock Exchange’s world-leading service reliability record while reducing latency by a factor of 15. Its successful implementation, with support from Microsoft and Accenture, shows the London Stock Exchange’s leadership in developing next-generation trading systems.


Customer Profile

The London Stock Exchange was established in 1801. With 440 employees, it is the world’s premier international equity exchange and a leading provider of services that facilitate the trading of shares.

Business Situation

The London Stock Exchange needed a scalable, reliable, high-performance, and agile stock exchange ticker plant to replace an outmoded system. About 40 per cent of its revenue comes from selling real-time market data.


Working with Microsoft and Accenture, the London Stock Exchange replaced its London Market Information Link (LMIL®) system with Infolect®. It used the Microsoft® .NET Framework, the Microsoft Visual C#® .NET development tool, and the Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 database.


Substantially faster for trades than previous system

One hundred per cent reliable on high-volume trading days



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