July 6, 2007                                           ON NOW:WHEN DISASTER STRIKES    NEXT:Turning Points of History   

Lacandón Maya
Tuesday, July 31 at 9 pm ET/PT

This program tells the story of an isolated community catapulted into civilization within the space of one generation.
Disasters of the Century
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri at 11pm ET/PT

Disasters of the Century, a documentary series looks at the devastating toll of natural and man-made disasters.
July's Movies

Enjoy your summer with great films airing in July.
Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT

Dogfights recreates famous battles using state of the art computer graphics, and features first-hand accounts from soldiers and rare archival footage of the battles they fought in.
The Re-Inventors
Saturdays at 6pm ET/PT

Explore the world of wacky inventions and the people who thought them up.

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