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Grey as a Mouse, big as a House

This vast Mûmak is the centrepiece of a force of Haradrim and is worthy of special attention when it comes to painting it. Along with huge areas of skin and hide, there are also lots of details such as the eyes and tusks, as well as the Captain of the monster and the dead Rohirrim on the base. Here's how we approached painting our fighting beast.

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Mumak Skin

Mûmak Skin

To paint the skin, apply a basecoat of an equal mix of Chaos Black, Codex Grey, and Graveyard Earth. Take this mix, add in Kommando Khaki, and highlight the basecoat. Again, take the mix, but add in Fortress Grey to highlight the muscles and creases. Add in Skull White for the final highlight of these areas. Touch up the deepest recesses with watered-down Flesh Wash.


Paint the red cloth with Scab Red and highlight it with Bronzed Flesh. Apply an equal mix of Chaos Black, Shadow Grey, and Liche Purple to the purple cloth. Highlight the cloth with Fortress Grey. Paint the gold areas with Shining Gold and wash them with Brown Ink. Highlight with a mix of Shining Gold and Mithril Silver. Paint the wood areas with Scorched Brown, followed by a highlight of Bestial Brown and then Vermin Brown.



Basecoat with Chaos Black and Scorched Brown. Highlight with Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, and Snakebite Leather. Edge with Bleached Bone and Skull White.


Paint the ropes with a mix of Codex Grey and Graveyard Earth. Highlight with Kommando Khaki. Apply a watered-down mix of Black Ink and Brown Ink to finish.



Basecoat the eyes with a mix of Chaos Black, Codex Grey, Graveyard Earth, and Kommando Khaki. Paint the recesses with Dwarf Flesh. Add Skull White to the original mix to add three layers of successive highlights.



Basecoat with a mix of Scorched Brown and Scab Red. Paint Scab Red over this coat. Finally, highlight with a mix of Scab Red and Bronzed Flesh.

Wrecked Armour


Basecoat the wicker with a mix of Chaos Black, Codex Grey, and Scorched Brown. Add more Codex Grey to this mix and apply it as a highlight. Add Bleached Bone to the mix and highlight again. Keep adding in Bleached Bone for several layers of highlights. Finish with a wash of Brown Ink.


The Base

Basecoat the face of the dead Rohirrim with Dwarf Flesh, followed by a highlight of Dwarf Flesh mixed with a little Bleached Bone. Basecoat the hair with Graveyard Earth and highlight with Bubonic Brown.


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