23 February 1999

No reprise for Pyjama Jump say University Registrar and Rag Chairperson

The report in the 18 February issue of The Star newspaper that Rag Week Pyjama Jump would be returning on March 8 brought an immediate reaction from the University of Sheffield's Registrar and Secretary and from the Chairperson of Rag Committee.

The Registrar and Secretary, Dr David Fletcher, the President of the University of Sheffield Union of Students, Rachel Garnham, and representatives of Sheffield Rag reaffirmed that the University would not countenance the return of Pyjama Jump, following the decision by both universities in Sheffield to bring it to an end in 1997.

"The decision to end Pyjama Jump was taken on the strong advice of the South Yorkshire Police and with the safety of students in mind", said Dr Fletcher.

"The police authorities considered that Pyjama Jump presented a real risk of loss of life and their view was endorsed by the University of Sheffield Rag Committee and by the Vice-Chancellors of both universities", he said.

Speaking on behalf of Sheffield Rag, Sebastian Sussmann said: "We wish to apologise to any local residents who may have been concerned about the press article. We wish to reiterate that Pyjama Jump will never happen again".

The Rag Committee is working with the University's Charities Fund to develop new activities to involve larger numbers of students in a wider range of charitable causes. As part of these activities, Sheffield Rag is organising a Rag Parade on Saturday 6 March, as a family and community event.

The Union's Charities Fund, which involves dozens of student groups, has organised many initiatives during the last eighteen months. These have included a 24-hour musical ­ Bugsy Malone ­ which raised £3,000 for the Children's Hospital and Genesis, a local community arts project; and an 'End of Year Carnival', headed up by the Lightening Seeds, which raised £10,000 to purchase a spinal column surgery kit for the Children's Hospital.


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