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`Police raid found Ferrari documents at McLaren designer`s home`

Wednesday 4th July 2007

Incriminating evidence discovered during a police raid on the Surrey home of Mike Coughlan is reported to have resulted in the McLaren designer's suspension and sparked the most sensational case of F1 espionage in recent memory.

Having already launched legal proceedings against Nigel Stepney, the team's British-born mechanic, after accusing him of sabotaging their own cars, Ferrari applied for a search warrant through the British courts, claiming that 'a large amount of technical information' had been stolen from their Maranello factory.

The raid on Coughlan's home, near to McLaren's Woking base, is reported by The Times to have uncovered 'documents belonging to Ferrari'.

"We have proof that Stepney had been supplying technical information to a McLaren employee and we found evidence of that fact in his [the employee's] home," a Ferrari spokesman declared. "This is a very serious situation. We are talking about a lot of information being given to a prominent McLaren engineer. We are not talking here about rumours or speculation."

In a separate statement, McLaren confirmed that they had suspended 'a senior member of its technical organisation' after learning 'that this individual had personally received a package of technical information from a Ferrari employee at the end of April'.

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