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ILWIS 3.4 Open
Last maintenance date ( Wednesday, 27 June 2007 )
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ILWIS 3.4 Open integrates image, vector and thematic data in one unique and powerful desktop package. It delivers a wide range of feautures including import/export, digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data, as well as production of quality maps.

Key features:

  • Integrated raster and vector design
  • Import and export of widely used data formats
  • On-screen and tablet digitizing
  • Comprehensive set of image processing tools
  • Orthophoto, image georeferencing, transformation and mosaicing
  • Advanced modeling and spatial data analysis
  • 3D visualization with interactive editing for optimal view findings
  • Rich projection and coordinate system library
  • Geo-statisitical analyses, with Kriging for improved interpolation
  • Production and visualization of stereo image pairs
  • Spatial Multiple Criteria Evaluation



ILWIS is available in various forms. The stand alone compiled application can be found under "download stable version". 

The sources of ILWIS can be compiled following the build instructions .

Developers can download the source code from the "source control access" below.

Installation instructions

The ILWIS binaries are very simple to install. Copy the folder in the downloaded zip file. In this folder there is an ILWIS30.EXE which is the main executable for ILWIS. Double click this file to start ILWIS.

IFand ONLY IF the user wants to use the command line COM functionality of IWLIS (make the ILWIS command line available through the Windows COM functionality), the following steps must be taken. The COM registration needs two steps (assume the current directory is the directory with ILWIS30.EXE). These are started from the windows command line (via “Start|Run”, or from a “Command Prompt” window). 

  • regsvr32.exe /s IlwisComProxy.dll
  •  ilwis30.exe -RegServer
The option -RegServer needs to be typed exactly as written here. The order in which the commands are executed is not important. 

User documentation

ILWIS has extensive user documentation and help files.


OS Miscellaneous



Source control access

CVS: http://core-52n.cvs.sourceforge.net/core-52n/ILWIS3/


3.4 Open

Project Status

Stable Version


ILWIS building currently relies on the Microsoft Visual 6 compile environment. Our next step is to switch to the GCC compiler. After successful completion of the migration to GCC, we plan to  break down ILWIS Open into individual components.


ITC programmers.

Martin L. Schouwenburg (ITC) is responsible for the migration to open source software.


Martin L. Schouwenburg (schouwenburg@52north.org) for access (write) to SourceForge and ILWIS mailing list moderation.

Responsible party

Martin L. Schouwenburg (schouwenburg@52north.org) moderates the ILWIS community