Here is a testimonial from a lampworker who is using the old version of the Regalia (the Integra10) with a Lynx:


Hi Mark & Brian,

The Integra 10 arrived this morning in fine shape. I had it hooked up in record time and put it to work. As you know, I run a Lynx torch and It performed beautifully with the Integra 10. There is nothing I can do using tanked oxygen that I can't do equally well using the Integra.  However, the flame quality with the Integra 10 is actually superior to the flame I get from tanked oxygen. The beads I make are usually quite large and I am a "more power" kind of person so I expect a lot from any oxygen source. The Integra 10 provides me with plenty of oxygen and pressure to run my torch at any level. Thanks for making such a great product and for the awesome customer service. I will be recommending SeQual to all of my glassworking friends.

Thanks again,

Linda Nicholson

P.S. Attached is a bead I made with the Integra 10. It is 2 1/4" X 1 3/16"


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