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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Posted by Hugh Hewitt  | 6:19 PM

On my radio show moments ago I asked Mark Steyn about the current issue of The Atlantic which does not have one of Steyn's wonderful obituaries.  (A collection of these magnificent send-offs, Passing Parade, is here.)  Mark revealed that he and The Atlantic have parted ways after a disagreement.

So, no need for me to purchase The Atlantic anymore.  Steyn's byline was for me the reason to always buy the magazine, especially when moving about the country through airports.  Other interesting stuff was always there, but the purchase was automatic because Steyn's obit was a must read.  Now he's not going to be in there, and I'm not going to be buying it. 

The byline has become the brand as I have often argued over the past few years.  Editors and publishers who haven't figured this out yet are really living in the past, and The Atlantic has definitely enrolled itself in the club of the clueless in this regard.

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