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Readers' Choice: Top Ten Video Game Villains

Villain: Akuma
Game: Street Fighter series
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Systems: Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn, GB, SNES, Genesis, PC Engine, PlayStation 2
Released: 1991

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We said M. Bison, but you cried Akuma! OK then. Have it your way. Here's what you said:

"Akuma, the main villain in the Street Fighter series (M.Bison is too weak to be the main villain!). He brings terror as the Mech Akuma or Shin Akuma!"
- henry99

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"This guy basically kicks Bison's butt from the start and is actually the arch nemesis of Ken and Ryu, and all by killing their dojo master."
- Chris Pioli

"This guy was way more evil than M. Bison in my opinion, I mean, he'd come out sometimes, beat M. Bison up, and then beat you up, and he was the first person in a Street Fighter game with an air fireball. How much more evil can you get?"
-Gino Elias

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"The dark Ryu/Ken who is just so much more powerful than any other character. He's is pure evil and his raging demon is probably the move that everyone dreads. The air fireball is probably his best move. The first time I saw it I was like, 'Whoa! How did he do that?' "
- JGonspy

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"Akuma is fast, powerful, and the coolest thing is that you never really know his intentions."
-Tori Standaert

"Come on! How could you possibly leave him off!? He's even more of a badass than M. Bison ever was! He is the best SF character ever, and his Instant Hell Murder is so cool, and has that nasty, evil quality to it!"

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