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June 24, 2007
Brooklyn, N.Y. (McCarren Park)
June 23, 2007
London (Hyde Park)
June 21, 2007
New York (Roseland Ballroom)
June 08, 2007
Morrison, Colo. (Red Rocks)
June 09, 2007
New York (Blender Theatre at Gramercy)
June 10, 2007
Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)
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Carry On
Producer(s): Steve Lillywhite
Genre: ROCK
Label: Suretone/Geffen
The cover art on Cornell's second solo album suggests a folk record from the early '60s (and the title suggests a Kansas cover lurking about somewhere). But the music inside is strictly crunchy, dare-we-say-grungy rock straight out of the '90s Cornell helped shape with Soundgarden. "Ghosts" sports a nostalgically Seattle-ish minor-chord riff and appropriately soaring chorus; "No Such Thing" out-Velvet Revolvers Scott Weiland; and meaty-sounding ballads "Disappearing Act" and "Silence" end the record in unusually strong fashion. Elsewhere, the headline-grabbing cover of "Billie Jean" is well-intentioned but still a little silly, although it boasts a crazy, Eddie Van Halen-sounding solo. The best thing here is "You Know My Name" from last fall's "Casino Royale," but that makes sense: This is some of Cornell's most uncomplicated and accessible music to date. —Jeff Vrabel

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