"Bull has quickly forged a stellar reputation for sharply original storytelling. "
— Booklist    
"Compelling, absorbing, hard-edged work."
— Kirkus Review, of Will Shetterly's Dogland    
 Emma Bull  Will Shetterly
Emma Bull
writer of fiction, poetry and screenplays, musician, teacher
Bisbee, Arizona
 Will Shetterly
writer of fiction, screenplays, and comics, teacher
Bisbee, Arizona
Emma Bull graduated from Beloit College, then worked as a freelance journalist, editor, and graphic designer in Minneapolis. Film work took her to Los Angeles, and now she and her husband, Will Shetterly, live in a small western mining town near the Arizona-Mexico border. Emma has written novels (including War for Oaks, Bone Dance, Falcon, Finder, and Freedom and Necessity), screenplays, a children's book, and short stories. She and Will are members of the Interstate Writers' Workshop, aka The Scribblies (whose other members have included Steven Brust, Pamela Dean, Kara Dalkey, and Patricia C. Wrede). They're also part of the Sacred Flying House, originators of the Talking Beer (Robert Bly, eat your heart out). Emma and Will have taught writing at various places including Clarion West in Seattle and the Pima Writers Workshop in Tucson, in addition to conducting writing workshops in Los Angeles. Emma also plays guitar and sings. She was a member of Cats Laughing, with Steven Brust and Adam Stemple, and half of the Flash Girls, a goth-folk duo, with the Fabulous Lorraine Garland on fiddle. The Flash Girls have recorded three albums. Their most recent is Play Each Morning Wild Queen.
Will Shetterly got a fondness for doing new things from his parents, whose adventures include running a trading post near Ojibwe lands in northern Ontario and a road-side attraction in Florida (which inspired his novel Dogland). He has been an actor in New York, a small press publisher in Minneapolis, a screenwriter in Los Angeles, and a fiction writer wherever he parks his computer. In 1994, he ran for Governor of Minnesota and finished third in a field of six. He currently lives in southern Arizona with his beloved wife, Emma Bull, and his tolerated cat, Buddha. (They didn't name him. They don't know who Buddha fooled into thinking he was enlightened.) Will writes novels, screenplays, short stories, and comic books. His books include Elsewhere, Nevernever, Chimera, Double Feature, and Dogland. "I'm proudest," he says "of Dogland—your mileage may vary."
For more information on Will and Emma's work, visit their Qwerty Ranch web site and Will's writing journal at "Tap, tap, tap, eh, Mr. Shetterly?".  
 "Interstitial Arts are unorthodox. They're out on the side streets of the mainstream art forms, out in the neighborhoods where the houses are painted purple and red and the front yard fences are made of old iron headboards or bicycle wheels. They're the antithesis of covenants and restrictions, of the gated community.
      "That unorthodoxy sweeps away people's preconceptions about what art is, and who is allowed to make it. Creativity isn't some rare quality reserved for annointed artists; it's what humans do, every day, all the time. Interstitial art slips past the boundaries that we've placed between ourselves and art. It dismantles the rules and assumptions that keep us from seeing our lives as a series of creative acts. By doing so, it opens the possibility that, by making things consciously, lovingly, and with our whole selves, we can change the world."
 — Emma Bull


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