Soil Carbon Sequestration

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Carbon Sequestration (Soils)
Soils (Carbon Sequestration)

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* -- Refractory Organic Carbon in Boreal Soils

* -- The Battle for Long-Term Storage of Carbon in Soils

* -- Carbon Sequestration in the Soil of a Short-Rotation Poplar Plantation Exposed to Elevated Atmospheric CO2

* -- Prospects for Carbon Sequestration in Chaparral Ecosystems

* -- Effect of Global Warming on Winter Forest-Soil Respiration

* -- Nitrogen Cycling in Mojave Desert Soils

* -- Carbon Sequestration in Soil Supporting Chaparral Vegetation

* -- Rising Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Increase Soil Carbon Contents

* -- Managing Agricultural Fields to Maximize Their Ability to Sequester Carbon in a CO2-Enriched World of the Future

* -- Six Years of Soil Carbon Dynamics in the Duke Forest FACE Study

* -- Carbon Contents of Nordic Forest Soils

* -- Soil Carbon Contents of England and Wales

* -- The Importance of Caveats in Scientific Studies

* -- Woody Plants Invading Grasslands: Effects on Soil Carbon Storage

* -- Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment Effects on Soil Physical Properties in No-Till Agriculture

* -- Elevated CO2 Enhances the Potential for Carbon Storage in the Soils of Periodically-Burned Oak-Palmetto Ecosystems

* -- CO2-Induced Soil Microfauna Changes in a New Zealand Pasture

* -- Soil Carbon Response of Grasslands to Woody Plant Invasions

* -- Earthworm Impacts on Carbon Sequestration in Soils

* -- Soil Erosion: The Land's Carbon Conveyer Belt

* -- Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils: A Comprehensive Review of Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Studies

* -- CO2-Enhanced Carbon Sequestration in Africa and Asia Helps the Rest of the World As Well ... and in More Ways Than One

* -- Global Warming: How It May Impact Soil Carbon Storage by Reducing the Frequency and Severity of Freezing

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Carbon Sequestration in Heather

* -- Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment: Its Impact on the Abundance of Soil Organic Matter

* -- Global Warming: Can It Be Slowed by Worms?

* -- The Proclaimed Demise of Ecosystem Carbon Sequestration When Woody Plants Encroach Upon Grasslands in High-Precipitation Regions Has Little Solid Data to Support It

* -- Pasture Responses to Elevated CO2 in the Swiss Alps

* -- Effects of Atmospheric CO2 and Soil Nitrogen Additions on Organic Carbon Pools of Soil Under Wheat Cultivation

* -- The Highly-Hyped "No Regrets" Aspect of Carbon Sequestration Misses Its Real Significance

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Root Dynamics in Loblolly Pine

* -- The Far-Reaching Effects of Elevated CO2 on a Forest Soil

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 on Beech Wood Decomposition

* -- Effects of Elevated CO2 and O3 on Belowground Carbon Cycling in Aspen and Birch Stands

* -- CO2-Enhanced Carbon Sequestration in the Soil of a Grassland Ecosystem

* -- Increasing CO2 Increases C and N Contents in a Grassland Gley Soil in New Zealand

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Soil Carbon Dynamics in a Tallgrass Prairie

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Senescing Leaves of Deciduous Forest Species

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Leaf Litter Quality and Decomposition in Mediterranean Forest Species

Biospheric Carbon Sequestration Revisited

Impacts of Land-Use Changes on Soil Carbon Sequestration

Soil Carbon Storage

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Plant-Fungal-Soil Relationships in Birch

CO2 Exchange in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems

Fine Root Responses of Aspen to Elevated CO2 and Soil Nitrogen

Soil Carbon Storage Below Woody Vegetation

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Soil Microbiota

Temperature Effects on Carbon Cycling in a Grassland Ecosystem

Plant Growth and Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems: Model Calculations Based on Empirical Observations

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Grass Root Decomposition

Carbon Sequestration by Perennial Ryegrass Exposed to Elevated CO2 and Temperature

CO2 Effects on Decomposition of Soybean and Sorghum Tissues

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Soil Organic Carbon Content in Switzerland

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on Soil Organic Carbon Content in Southwestern United States

Effects of Elevated CO2 on Below-Ground Carbon Allocation in Three Grasses

More CO2 = More Soil Organic Matter = More Crop Production

CO2 Emissions from Soil

Greenhouse Gas Reporting
Greenhouse Gas Reporting
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