TNA News And Notes From The PPV And TV Tapings Outside The Ring
October 26th, 2006 12:25
By Ross Forman

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The notebook was full after six days on the road in Detroit and Orlando ...

Eric Young was thrilled with his recent $600 purchase of an XBox 360 and claims he's "pretty good" at Call of Duty II, Madden '07 and NHL '07.

"I just play for fun," he said.

But how would you do, Eric, against a 10-year-old video whiz?

"I'd probably get killed," Young said.

Young recently saw The Departed, a Martin Scorsese-directed movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg, among others.

"The movie changed my life; it was awesome," Young said. "It probably was the best movie I've seen in five years."

- Young, in 1993, appeared in Nintendo Power Magazine for recording the fastest time on Super Mario Kart.

Brother Runt is fearless in the ring, but don't mention motorcycles or roller-coasters to him.

"I'm very safe outside of the ring, believe it or not," Runt said. "My hobbies actually are paper-back books and crossword puzzles."

Runt first wrestled Abyss about 10 years ago on the indy circuit.

Runt and Jerry Lynn have remained "close friends" since their days in ECW.

According to BG James, "camouflage is the new black and fashion equals comfort, at least to this fat-bellied, buggy-arm-whipped redneck."

James said his dad, Bullet Bob Armstrong, "is doing really well and literally chomping at the bits to get back on TNA TV."

Jerry Lynn and his wife had their second daughter on August 28.

Lynn's first daughter is now 12, but don't think she's ever going to date a pro wrestler, dad said.

And, Lynn added with a smile, "if any of their dates try to get cute, my daughters will know how to break bones."

Lynn, still active every weekend on the independent scene, said he definitely is interested in one more wrestling run on TV. "I'd like a third run," as X-Division Champion. "It'd be nice to get that title again."

So how long will you continue to wrestle?

"Until my body says I can't," Lynn said.

- Quoting Jerry Lynn: "I see a lot of potential in Petey Williams. He really has come a long way since he came to TNA."

Lance Hoyt said he is planning to get a tattoo over his entire back, which he is planning to draw himself. He now has five tattoos.

What's the deal with referee Mark "Slick" Johnson?

During Bound For Glory opening match, Johnson toyed with the midget, then actually eliminated Elix Skipper and Norman Smiley from the Kevin Nash Open Invitational X-Division Gauntlet For Bound For Glory match.

"When I realized I was in the middle of the ring, I realized I was in the middle of the action - and that I could win it," Johnson said. "Petey (Williams) had to get me from behind to eliminate me."

Johnson said his wrestling career is, likely, over. However, he wouldn't oppose a handicap match against Christy Hemme and Ms. Brooks, or a singles match against Jeff Jarrett, believe it or not.

Flying from Detroit to Orlando on Monday, several members of the TNA Wrestling rosters were on a flight that made an emergency landing in Atlanta after a female passenger went into labor.

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