Bond Machine Knitting - Golf Club Pattern

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 10:22:01 -0800
Subject: [BOND] Revised Golf club pattern

Hi Guys,
Ya know every time I write a pattern I can't help but change it a bit
after I have already posted it....You would think I would learn by now
to either wait to post it or not to fool with it....Anyway here are some
changes to this pattern....I thought they came out too long
before....Sorry for the inconveniece....Gina

Cotton Golf Club Covers

Gauge: 20 st x 28r = 4 inches
Materials: 8 balls of Lane Borgosesia Golfo Cotton-96 ounces per ball
	   1 ball of contrasting color yarn and or contrasting texture- I used
jiffy chunky weight yarn in a  	  	       mohair look( I forget what
itís called)
Keyplate: Dot 2

CO 40 stitches with closed edge cast on......K 30 R........Drop and
latch up every third stitch to form ribbing....I latched up every other
ladder to form an exaggerated rib....... Increase 1 stitch on each end
.......K 1 R slowly.....K 87 more rows........Leave a 2 foot length of
yarn at the end............Thread this length threw the stitches on the
needles before you remove your knitting from the
machine.........Duplicate stitch numbers to the covers in the
contrasting color before you finish the covers.......Gather the needle
stitches and stitch up the side......Make a pompom for the top with both
colors of yarn and attach to the top........You can as an option make a
crochet chain length long enough to attach all the covers to one
another....Or make a cord on the magic cord machine if you have
one........Make enough to cover the golf clubs your golfer requires to
be covered..........


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 22:26:04 -0500
From: "Ann Yotter" 
Subject: Re: [BOND] golf club covers

Hi Susan,
  I haven't made Golf club covers, and I thought I had some but couldn't
find them.  However, I made a bottle cover last year that I thought could
be a good club cover.  It was a rectangle knit 40 sts on KP3 with worsted
yarn done overall 80 rows ( a golf club might get away with only 60 rows)
and seamed up one side.  The end was decreased down evenly so a bottle
would sit flat, but for a golf club, you only need to knit 2 tog across the
row once and then draw it up.  I would also do about 30-40 of the rows in
ribbing to draw it in and put 1 -4 stripes in the ribbing to mark the
different clubs.  Make a crochet chain to join all the tops together and a
pom on the top of each.

Ann in Tenn


Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 10:54:41 -0500
From: "Holly Jones" 
Subject: Re: [BOND] golf club covers pattern

This pattern was on a T.V. program  and in the Bond U-MAKE-It newsletter
ages ago. So I do not think there is a problem in sharing it. 
Golf Club Covers Pattern
Make Four
materials : worst weight yarn, one 8-oz or two 3 1/2 oz skeins : crochet
hook ; pompon maker (optional) 
Note: make each mitt the same but indicate its Iron number by number of

All Mitts: using the closed edge method , CO 32 sts leaving a 2 ft length
of yarn at the cast-on st. K 30 R. Drop and latch up every third st to form

Stripe pattern
Mitt #1 K 14 R(ows)   MC(main color) , K 2R(ows)  CC(contrast color)  K10 R

Mitt #2 K 10 R MC, K 2 R CC, K 2 R MC, K 2R CC, K 10 R MC  
Mitt #3 K8 R MC,*2R CC, 2 R  MC *.  Repeat between *ís two more times , but
end with 8R MC instead of 2.  

Mitt #4 K 6 R MC, *2 R CC, 2R MC* . Repeat between *ís three more times ,
but end with 6R MC instead of 2. 

ALL MITTS: Continuing in MC , dec 1 st each end every other row 5 X: 22 sts
remain. Place every other stitch on adjacent needle and push the empty
needle back to NWP.  K 1 R. Break off yarn , leaving 2 foot length. Weave
this yarn through sts on needle and remove work from machine.

Finishing : sew side seam with yarn at cast-on edge. Draw yarn threaded
through sts tightly.
Optional:  Make four small pompons using both colors of yarn, Finish each
mitt by sewing on a pompon to the tip.    

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Author : Steph Thornton.
Last modified on : 23rd September 1998.