Bond Machine Knitting - Bed Buddy Pattern

Date: Thu, 04 Dec 97 10:22:25 CST
From: "Beverly M Tigrett" (
Subject: [BOND] Bed Buddy

      Thought I would share this with the list as my gift pattern.  I have 
     made up 30 of them for gifts for people I work with. 
     1.  Take a mans white tubesock put about 3-4 cups rice with 1 package 
     of potpourri (the kind that comes in a small envelope) I get it at 
     Wal-Marts for 97 cents in crafts dept.)  Cut off ribbed end of sock 
     and ziz-zag closed.  
     2.  Then for the knitting - I cast on 42 stitches and just did 
     straight knitting for about 75 rows of course this is after I did my 6 
     rows WY.  (you can do stripes, whatever you want for design) 
     3.  Then knit about 10 rows and rib.
     4.  Take off hem and pick up other end and stitch the end and side 
     together.  Basically what you have is a knitted tube sock for a cover.
     I attach a note saying:  "Place in microwave for 3-5 minutes then 
     place on aches, pains, sore muscles.  Or place in bed to warm bed.  Do 
     not get wet or you will have cooked rice."
     These are very easy - quick to make and inexpensive.  Hope these 
     instructions are clear enough if not let me know.
     Bev in Tex

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