Bond Machine Knitting - Child's Hooded Sweater Pattern

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:28:24 -0700
From: "Clarisse Gibson"
Subject: [BOND] Child's Hooded Sweater Pattern

Hi All,

Here is how I made the hooded sweaters for my niece and nephew.  I got the original pattern from
the website, downloaded Jim's stitch conversion software and this is what I ended up
with. I highly recommend his software!  What a pleasure it was to use and it worked great! Thanks

Red Heart Soft Yarn Hooded Sweater child size 10-12 on the Bond

  SIZES:  Finished chest:  35".

  MATERIALS: Red Heart Soft (5 oz. skeins): 
  3 skeins,  color of your choice
Keyplate's dot 2 and dot 3.

  GAUGE: 8.5 sts = 2"; 12 rows = 2" in St st with Keyplate dot 3. TO

    BACK: With keyplate dot 2, e-wrap cast on 74 sts. Knit 8 rows. Convert last 4 rows to 1x1
ribbing by reforming the stitches.  Change to keyplate dot 3. Knit 111 rows,  put on 6 rows waste
yarn.  After resting over night piece will measure 18.5 inches, not counting waste yarn rows.

  FRONT: Work same as Back  for 91 rows, COL.  SHOULDER SHAPING:  Bind off center 18 stitches  and
move needles into non working position.  Bring 28 sts on needles from the left edge to forward hold
position, 28 stitches are now in working position on right side of needlebed.  COL.  Decrease 2
stitches on neck edge and knit row, COR.  Knit back across, COL. * Decrease one sti at neck edge on
next row, COR. Knit back across, COL* twice.   Knit remaining 24 sts onto waste yarn.  Repeat for
remaining shoulder but reverse left and right carriage positioning (ie. when says carriage on left
it will be on the right etc.)

Sew front and back together at shoulders.  Bind off 18 center back stitches.

  HOOD: Re-hang 18 center stitches on back, (9 stitches on each side of  0) purl side facing you
and E-wrap cast-on 68 stitches (34 on each side of 0) and hang hem. Knit 66 rows.  Bind off and sew
hood sides to front of sweater leaving 17 center stitches open. Sew center top seam.

FRONT HOOD EDGE FACING:  I ended up doing this by hand, I got to frustrated trying to figure out
how to do it on the bond.  With RS facing and size 8 needles, pick up 87 sts around front edge of
hood. Work in k 1, p 1 rib for 4  rows. Work in St st for 4  rows. Bind off loosely on last row.
Sew rib/roll front at center neck, overlapping center fronts (left over right  for male; right over
left for female).
SLEEVES: With Keyplate dot 2, cast on 34 sts. Knit 8 rows. Convert last 4 rows to 1x1 ribbing by
reforming the stitches.  Change to keyplate dot 3. Work in St st, inc 1 st each edge
  of second RS row, then every 4th row  11  more times - 58 sts. Work even for a total of 84 rows.
Bind  off loosely. After resting overnight, sleeve measures  14" from beg. 

   FINISHING: Mark 8" down from each shoulder seam. Sew sleeves to body between these markers. Sew
side and Sleeve seams. At roll edge of  Sleeves and body, reverse seam  to RS for neater roll.
Weave in ends.

Clarisse >^..^<

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Author : Steph Thornton.
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