Bond Machine Knitting - Table Runner Pattern

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 08:33:44 -0700
From: Linda Boudreau 
Subject: [BOND] Knitted Table Runner

Here is a generic pattern:-

        You could also do this in knitweaving and have a gorgeous Christmas
and or all occasion theme.  I will try and work it out and knit it up this
week and hopefully post a picture.

        I would first determine the width I would want it.  For instance a
placemat plus 6 inches is great.  Or actually measure the piece that you
want to cover.

        Starting with a pointed edge.  I would use the cast on claw weights
and cast on three stitches, I would increase every other row until I got the
width of the piece that I wanted, then I would continue until I get the
length minus the "V " shape at the beginning, when you are to the desired
length allow for the portion of the "V" that will overhang and decrease
every other row to the original three stitches.

        Large tassels made with yarn and combined with some metallic threads
would be gorgeous.

        Depending on the yarn you use, and the swatch you make you could use
almost any design that you want.  You could also do one in a wool larger
size and felt it down to where you want it and then add some decorative
stitching to the edges.  

        If I had a formal dining room, I would make one in regal red, I
would add gold tassels to the ends and work a herringbone stitch in gold
metallic around the edges in about an inch to give it that true Victorian look.

        If I had a country kitchen, I would make it in intarsia plaid
similar to the gingham checks and end it in deep red, blue or yellow to
co-ordinate with the plaid.  I would prewash, then knit another piece the
same and use this for the lining. The intarsia alone will give you the
little bulk you need, and the back will give you the opportunity to play
with more than one design and make one item work as two.

Linda B
To receive love, first you must give it away - Linda Boudreau

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Author : Steph Thornton.
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