Bond Machine Knitting - Sweater Coat Pattern

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 15:54:28 -0000
From: "Scott J Caskey"
Subject: [BOND] Sweater Coat

ok here is my pattern for the weater coat- in 3 lengths and 4 sizes- (I have
made the sm., and the med., but not the larger sizes)
36" length, 42" length, or 50" length

sizes small= 40" finished chest-19" sleeve  w/4" cuff
size Med/Large=48" finished chest -19" sleeve w/4" cuff
size large/Xlarge=56" finished chest- 19 " sleeve w/4" cuff
size Xlarge/XXL= 64" finished chest - 19" sleeve w/4" cuff

I used LionBrand Homespun- gauge= ( using 2 needles WP 1 needle NWPand Key
Plate #3) 12 x 20= 4"

for 36" length coat you would need to knit 120 rows then mark for arms-
about 7 skeins,( 7sk., 8 sk. 8 sk.)
for 42" length coat you would need to knit 150 rows then mark for arms -
about 9 skeins, ( 9 sk., 10 sk., 10 sk.)
for 50" length coat you would need to knit 190 rows then mark for arms -
about 11 skeins ( 11 sk., 12 sk., 12 sk.)

I made have estimated high for some but better safe than sorry-just save the
receipt- I know it takes
(my gauge was measured after washing , rinsing w/ Downy fabric softener and
drying in a dryer- I am telling you this because it does loosen a little in
the wash-and softens to perfection)
Please if I confuse you in the directions just e-mail me with any
questions-I am not the best w/ directions-Lorie.

 pull out 89 ( 107, 125, 143) needles- using cast on method of choice-i now
use the cochet cast on(Thanks to Ann's explanation)-cast on using 2 needles
in working position- 1 needle in NWP-
you should have 60 st.,(72 st., 84 st., 96 st.,) in working position-hang
 I would recommend that you hand manipulate the first row across bcause of
the thickness of yarn
( if using WY knit 3 rows and then transfer every 3rd stitch to 2nd needle
to give you the 2 on 1 off, then knit 5 more rows before switching to main
 knit straight 120 rows(or your desired length) mark for arms on both sides-
knit another 46 (50, 54, 58,) rows- bind off center 18,(22, 28,34)
stitches-I used the back stitch, but any method would work
put outer 21,(25, 28, 31) on WY for shoulders-
on RHS of work only, leave a tail of yarn 6x's width of stitches for joining

pull  47, ( 57, 65, 73,) needles forward- same as back cast on using 2 on 1
should have 32, ( 38, 44, 50) needles in use
knit straight 120 rows (or your desired length ) mark for arms on left side
on RHS decrease  1 stitch every 4 rws.( 4 rws. , 3 rws., 3 rws.)
11x's,(13x's., 17x's., 19x's.)
(always transfer 3 stitches- keeping the pattern of 2 on 1 off-or 1 on 1 off
2 on 1 off)
knit 2rws. straight 48 total from arm mark,( 0 total 52 rws,/ 6 rws. total
56 rws./ 3 rws. total 60 rws.)
this should leave you w/ 21 st.,( 25 st., 28 st., 31 st.) for shoulders
put onto WY leaving a tail 6x's width of stitches for joining later.

same as LHS but reversed shaping

I hang the piece w/out the tail in back- right side facing me- push behind
little clasps-then put piece w/tail in front- careful not to go past little
clasps- wrong side facing me-putting tail on right side-I am right handed-if
left handed put tail peice in back-tail on left-
now pull live stitch of front peice through live stitch in back all the way
now take the tail ( still on left) hand manipulate knitting left to right-
bind off using back stitch- I weave across top to right side and snip extra
length off
Do the same for both shoulders

(this is the tricky part- not hard )
pick up77, ( 86, 94, 104) stitches across arm width- you will have to pull
material taunt- and try to pick up as many as you can-should get 52, ( 58,
64, 70)- don't worry if tight  hang hem and hand manipulate across
 now transfer every 3rd needle to 2nd needle to get the 2 on 1 off pattern,
then hand manipulate first row across-
( you can now use the carriage) knit 8 rows straight
using full fashion decrease- all ways transferring 3 stitches- keeping
pattern going- 1 on 1 off, 2on 1off,etc.
decrease 1 stitch each side every 8 rws. 5x's. (5x's., 5x's., 6x's.)
row count now 50, ( 50, 50, 58)
decrease 1 stitch each side every 6rws.,( 5 rws., 4 rws., 3 rws.) 7x's.
 9x's., 10x's., 12x's.)
knit 3 rws. ( 0 rws., 1 rw., 1 rw.) straight
this should leave you with COL- 28 st.,( 30 st., 34 st., 36.)and 95 rows.
you should have 1 st. on 1 off 2 on, at each edge- weave a length of WY
through this row to mark for cuff
knit 20 rows straight-  latch up in space left from NW needle, bind off
using backstitch-

seam sides and sleeves together your preferred method.

single crochet 3 x's around body of coat- use a size E or F for a tight

 attach purchased frog closure's if desired or make them from yarn used-

 Don't worry if it seams to be tight and not quite right- when you wash ,
rinse w/ fabric softener and throw in the dryer- It eases and softens up
beautifully!! you may have to steam the bottom edge a little if it still
wants to curl -but that's it-

please let me know if you like it- it really is easy to do- and works up
very quickly after you figure out what I am trying to say-
Again I hope you like it please don't hesitate to ask me if I didn't
explain it well.



Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 19:07:48 -0000
From: "Scott J Caskey" 
Subject: [BOND] sweater coat

I would like to add that this coat was designed to be a little large to be
warn over clothes- also I have made it in Lion Brand Homespun-in Rocco3,
Shaker-3, Colonial-2,and Country-4, they all have turned out very close to
the gauge-I don't know about the others- but mine has grown SLIGHTLY- in the
last 6months to a year-I think I made the original around christmas for
myself- The guage of that is still pretty close to the one I finished this
afternoon- ok that said-I'll retreat- any feed back on pattern would be
greatly appreciated-TIA-Lorie.

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Author : Steph Thornton.
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