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An Indian behind the Glasgow terror plot
Thursday, July 05, 2007 12:12:17 pm

Shot of the man with 90% burns, believed to be Kafeel Ahmed who allegedly drove a flaming jeep into Glasgow Airport
The Indian link to the UK terror plot is getting deeper. In exclusive information available with TIMES NOW in relation to the foiled UK terror plot, UK intelligence sources have confirmed that one of the Glasgow suicide bombers is in fact, an Indian national.

Intelligence sources have revealed that Kafeel Ahmed, previously believed to be Khaleed Ahmed, a Lebanese national, is in fact an Indian and, UK Intelligence sources claim – holds a PhD in Design.

Here is where the link connects to Bangalore once again - Kafeel is alleged to be the brother of another arrested suspect, Sabeel, and related to Haneef Mohammad the Indian doctor who was arrested in Brisbane, Australia.

At the high profile Banashankaree Area in Bangalore, Sabeel's house bears Kafeel's name as well. Sabeel Ahmed is a 26-year-old doctor. He had gone to the UK after completing his medicine to pursue his masters’ degree.

Kafeel Ahmed is a 27-year-old PhD student at Anglia University, who papers on Micro-fluids and Aerodynamic design.

But Sabeel's mother Zakia Ahmed, who had claimed her son's innocence, refuses to confirm that the Kafeel named by intelligence agencies is indeed her second son. Dr Zakia Ahmed was a former professor at Bangalore Medical College. She is highly educated and aware of all the recent developments in the news, and has not given any information about her second son.

But at the mosque where Sabeel and Kafeel would pray the imman has confirmed their link to an orthodox Islamist sect.

“They both used to come here to offer prayers,” says Samiulla, secretary of Tipu Sultan Hajrat Masjid, adding “They belong to the Tableeq-e-Jamaat. They wanted to do namaaz in the orthodox way, we didn’t like it.”

The Indian link deepens

It is this connection that the UK Intelligence is using to link the Indian doctors to the terror plot. The kingpin of this terror plot is a Saudi doctor, Mohammad Asha who had come to the UK on a Jordanian passport.

Dr Asha was in close touch with the Iraqi doctor, Dr Billal Abdullah, a member of a radical Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tharir and the driver of the explosive jeep that rammed into Glasgow Airport.

Dr Ash and Dr Abdullah indoctrinated Kafeel, who then helped Abdullah drive the jeep into the Glasgow airport. Kafeel in turn had introduced Dr Abdullah to his brother Dr Sabeel. The jeep was the parked at the Liverpool residence of Dr Sabeel for some time before the plan was put into action.

Meanwhile Haneef, who is Sabeel's distant cousin, was also in touch with Abdullah and Dr Asha, and a member of an orthodox sect.

The plot to blow up the Glasgow airport was jointly planned by these men now being dubbed the ‘Indian cell of terror’.

Kafeel with his experience of engineering and design, is being labelled the man who designed the car bombs. All the Indian doctors continue to be in detention.

The UK Intelligence has now spread its investigation to India, and Indian Intelligence and the Bangalore police have been sounded out. British intelligence sources say they feel they have their man. However sources close to this family Kafeel's case could just be that of mistaken identity.

The question that begs to be answered now is whether Global Terror has found its foothold in India.

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