July 03, 2007

Explanations Please?

It will (surely) be a little difficult for our conspiracy theorist friends to explain away Saturdays attack on Glasgow airport.

Whilst many were quick to blame MI5/Special Branch/Gordon Brown/CIA/Mossad for driving two bomb laden cars into London the day before, it is a little bit difficult to see how MI5 could find two agents willing to run around Glasgow airport shouting "Allah" and throwing petrol over themselves.

Still, here at 9/11 Cultwatch we are always happy to be proved wrong - if you spot any great explanations for what happened in Glasgow (other than the rather obvious explanation that a small number of religious lunatics wish to kill other people in the name of their theology) please let us have them.

June 30, 2007

You Can't Reason With The Illogical

Reading Hugh Miles excellent book on Al-Jazeera recently, it was interesting to see the comments he received on the 9/11 attacks whilst researching in the Arab world.

"Most people I spoke with told me Mossad and the CIA hijacked the planes in the first place, to give the Bush administration's Likudniks and neoconservatives carte blanche to restructure the Arab world. Jews had been arrested for the attacks in Washington, I was assured, but had been quietly released....... This depressing string of fantasies, coherent in no meaningful way, is a sad indictment of contemporary Arab society. Since there was no logic to these fears, there was no reasoning either."

Hugh Miles, "Al-Jazeera - How Arab TV News Challenged The World" p.352

June 29, 2007

Ed Husain - The Islamist

One book that should be required reading for anyone looking into the issues surrounding Islamic terrorism - especially in the UK - is "The Islamist" by Ed Husain. A former member of Hizb ut -Tahrir, Husain has some interesting words on the issue of the 7/7 bomb attacks, and their apparent organiser Siddique Khan:

"Khan did not see fellow Brits as human brothers and sisters. I too once expressed such sentiments. The 7/7 suicide bombers were symptomatic of a deeper problem: unbridled Islamist ideology gaining a stronger hold in Britain's Muslim communities."

Are such points even considered by the burgeoning 7/7 "Truth" industry?

June 28, 2007

Where Have We Been?

Its been a quiet few weeks for the 9/11 Cultwatch team.

Ignoring those operating behind the scenes, Paul Stott has been away on a visit to the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Larry O'Hara and Heidi Svenson have again been tied up (again), and Agent Q has decided, in typical fashion, to concentrate on more intellectual pursuits - i.e. doing nothing.

Don't be lulled in to a false sense of security though - there is a lot coming up in July and August.

Be seeing you!

May 26, 2007

3000 Up!

This blog recently had its 3000th visit!

In just over six months we have brought you news the "Truth" movement does not want you to know, whilst at the same time serving as a place to debate parapolitics, terrorism and other issues of the day.

Here's to the next 3000!

May 24, 2007

The Curious Assertions Of Eye Spy

Eye Spy is a glossy magazine devoted to espionage, terrorism and counter-terrorism that you can pick up in most big news agents.

Its current issue, number 48, contains some blatant spin about the 7/7 attacks that really shoulld be noted by anyone interested in parapolitics. According to Eye Spy:

"If intelligence is correct in relation to the recent police operation, then the 7/7 gang were far from being the 'isolated individuals' or 'clean skins' described by Britain's major news company based in London."

Lets get one thing clear. The term clean skins did not drop from the moon, nor was it thought up by BBC journalists as a cunning whizz to deceive the public. It was a term given to them by the security services, something that Eye Spy must surely be aware of.

And if Eye Spy is aware of the lineage of the term, why are they seeking to criticise the BBC, rather than MI5?

May 14, 2007

No Truth Movement Prime Minister

At last something sensible from Michael Meacher!

The 9/11 cults hope for Prime Minister has decided to withdraw from the Labour leadership contest. Some more information here.

May 04, 2007

Caption Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Totnesian for this little beauty:

"Remember that little brasserie we used to visit with those American 'attach├ęs', darling?"

A copy of the next Notes From The Borderland will be sent to you free of charge!

May 03, 2007

Nasty Namaste?

Namaste magazine is one of those glossy green/New Age magazines cluttering up most of the bigger newsagents.

It first came to our attention due to one of the worst articles yet on 7/7 - a rambling monologue linking the attacks to Freemasonry and numerology that any decent editor would have filed in the bin. (See Vol 9 issue 1 to understand what we are on about)

The current issue, Vol 9 Issue 4 turns to 9/11 with a three page piece by an American, Debbie Lewis.

The motivation behind the article appears to be disgust at the BBC's February 18th "9/11 Conspiracy Files" programme. The article starts badly - it seems with this documentary "The BBC Joins The Ranks of The Untrustworthy United States Media". As if the BBC had never made a mistake in its history, or never been used by non-progressive forces! And there we were thinking the BBC had vetted their staff for generations to keep the 'wrong types' out. Once again we see the 9/11 "truth" activists acting as if history began on 11 September 2001.

As with any 9/11 "thinker" Lewis is keen to push a documentary - 911 In Plane Site. She does give some credence to Senator Bob Graham - interviewed in the BBC programme - but naturally shows no interest whatsoever in his concerns re the Saudi involvement in 9/11. Next up is standard US racism - as evidenced by both Dr Jim Fetzer and Jim Marrs - 'how can these 19 Arabs do this to us, under the control of a man in a cave, when we have so much money and power?'. It is that feeling of incredulity that fuels much of the 9/11 "Truth" movement.

Oh and the need to sell videos to one another - at the end of the article we find out that Debbie Lewis is the wife of William Lewis - who produced 911 In Plane Site. Small world!

May 02, 2007

Exposing the University of East London 'Truth Movement'

One of the few active student "truth" societies has been at the University of East London. After a particularly over the top article by UEL Truth activist Zubair Islam, 9/11 Cultwatch's Paul Stott penned this article to the Student Union magazine Re:Fuel.

I was disappointed but not surprised to read the article by Zubair Islam on the 9/11 and 7/7 "truth" campaigns. Mr Islam is of course free to set up whatever societies he wishes to, but his article fails to cover any of the weaknesses, or indeed the dangers of the movement he is a part of. As an example - to say he has "the support of the families of the deceased" is a big claim that I very much doubt he can back up.

It is easy to mock some of the dafter conspiracy theories that are to be found in his scene - the theory that no planes hit the twin towers at all on 9/11 is actually widely accepted, but Zubair does not mention that. Perhaps the presence of not one but two self declared former MI5 officers at the top table of the UK "Truth" movement explains some of the digs at groups like Respect or Stop The War Coalition - this is old fashioned red-baiting, from people used to working against "reds under the beds". A 9/11 Truth meeting at the 2005 Anarchist Bookfair was typified by a bullying and threatening approach to anyone who dared to criticise those who know the "truth". Given this cult like behaviour, is it any wonder activists from the groups listed above do not rally behind the 9/11 "cause"?

Another issue is racism. I have no problem with criticising the state of Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, or its murderous conduct in Lebanon last year. However ten minutes spent on the discussion forum of the UK 9/11 Truth movement will expose the casual reader to routine anti-semitism, that seeks to
finger "the Jews" and "Zionists" for all manner of crimes. Zubair does not mention that his society is one in which one racial group in our society (at least) would soon feel very uncomfortable.

Finally it is worth considering exactly where the 7/7 "truth" movement is coming from. Such theorists want
us to believe that none of the four July 7 suicide bombers played any role in the mass murder of Londoners that day (even those who made suicide videos of themselves before the attacks!) Instead we are supposed to believe any one of a series of shifting conspiracy theories that usually blame Israel, the UK or American governments - or sometimes a combination of all three.

There are sadly a very small minority of British Muslims who do hold extreme views, and who support terrorist attacks on civilians in the name of religion. 7/7 conspiracy theories make the recognition of this fact harder, and indeed weaken the cause of all those who want to see a progressive, multi-cultural society. That is why they are not just wrong, but dangerous.

If you wish to find out more about the real nature of the 9/11 "Truth" movements, you can visit these




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