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Glasgow suspects left suicide note

TWO suspected al-Qa'ida terrorists who crashed a Jeep into Glasgow airport wrote a suicide note explaining their motives for the attack.

Police did not say where the apparent suicide note was found but the language in it indicated that the men intended to blow up the vehicle while they were inside.

Both of the men survived the attack although Khalid Ahmed, the driver, suffered 90 per cent burns and is in a critical condition.

The passenger, Bilal Abdulla, was not badly injured and investigations are now focused on the Iraqi doctor and the possibility that he was recruited by al-Qa'ida before he left Baghdad.

Police sources also said last night that the current wave of arrests was over as the Government lowered its threat level from "critical", its highest level, to "severe".

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said there was no intelligence to suggest another terrorist attack was imminent but urged the public to remain vigilant. The decision to lower the threat level was made by the Joint Terrorism and Analysis Centre, according to Ms Smith's statement.

All of the eight people arrested in connection with the failed attacks in London and Glasgow, including one in Australia, are doctors or have medical links.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown yesterday ordered a review of recruitment to Britain's state-run health service and announced an expansion of checks on skilled migrant workers seeking to enter the country. Mr Brown also said Britain would widen a worldwide "watch list" of potential terrorists to help warn other countries.

Six terror suspects are still being held at Paddington Green police station in West London.

It was unclear yesterday if Mohamed Haneef, the doctor held in Brisbane, would be interviewed by a Scotland Yard detective who flew to Australia.

As police investigated the possibility that Dr Abdulla masterminded the British terrorist cell, further details emerged about his background.

The 27-year-old was studying in Baghdad when the Iraq war broke out. A former tutor last night claimed he had become radicalised and was heavily influenced by the death of friends in the "resistance to the occupation". Professor Ahmed Ali said Dr Abdulla prayed at a mosque with links to the insurgency and was given good qualifications only "to get him out of the university".

In Britain, Dr Abdulla was believed to have associated with a group of hardline Muslims in 2004. He holds a British passport issued by the British embassy in Jordan and was born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

He moved to Iraq with his parents as a child.

For the past three months he has lived in a rented house a few miles from Glasgow airport. There were reports last night that police had discovered a bomb factory in the garage.

The two Mercedes used as car bombs in the West End of London are believed to have been driven to the capital by the men who carried out the Glasgow attack. Scotland Yard has refused to comment on reports that a syringe was part of the fuse mechanism that failed to detonate.

Dr Abdulla is thought to have met another of those under arrest, Mohammed Asha, a Jordanian doctor, when he was studying at Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge. After completing his medical studies in Baghdad, Dr Abdulla moved to Paisley, while Dr Asha moved first to Shrewsbury - where he and his wife, Dana, worked in a local hospital - then to Staffordshire.

At Paisley, Dr Abdulla worked with two other young doctors, thought to be Saudis, who were arrested on Sunday night and whose names have yet to emerge.

He also worked with Khalid Ahmed, who is thought to be a friend or relation of Sabeel Ahmed, 26, a young Indian doctor working at Halton General Hospital in Runcorn, Cheshire.

The Times, agencies

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