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More human editors needed at Google

Google News - 6 Comments » - Posted on June, 24 at 12:50 pm

Do a search for reel mower in Google. Now tell me how many domains occupying the top positions are owned by the same greedy person?

Is it fair to have one person owning multiple positions in search for the exact same phrase if he has multiple sites?

How does this help the searcher, do they know that all the sites they are visiting are owned by the same person? How do you bargain shop in that?

Is there such a thing as a “doorway domain”? Darn right there is!

How is a doorway domain different than a doorway page?

The above example is where I believe Google is failing, their algorithms DO NOT detect multi-domain ownership and this is why they need more human editors until they can figure out how to detect greed.

It would also be nice if someone took what we point out as webmasters seriously like Vanessa Fox used to.

The Roll of Humans in Google Search - by Matt Cutts

I am not going to even bother to read the New York Times article (linked in Matts post) on this subject because I am sure they do not have a clue, to have a clue it would help if you sell a product and compete in organic search. You want to find out what is wrong or right about search today? Ask a webmaster!

Google is currently getting owned by those who have multiple domains, human intervention might be required in this area but so far I see no traces of it.

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Update: Forced myself to read that New York Times article about human edited search engines and just wanted to note that Google is still the better search engine by far, we just expect more from them. Go Google!