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Ovid's CGI Course

I couldn't find a good course on the Web, so I wrote one
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Ovid's CGI Course
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Do you want to learn Web programming quickly? Do you know a little Perl and a little HTML? Then this course is for you. Learn how to do Web programming securely and avoid many of the common pitfalls that other courses offer.

The Course

  • Introduction

    Why another online Web programming course?

  • Lesson one

    A (mostly) painless demonstration of a simple Web program, complete with exercises at the end.

  • Lesson two

    A closer look at the CGI.pm module and why you shouldn't "roll your own".

  • Lesson three

    A brief overview of CGI and Web security. Includes code examples and many links.

  • Lesson four

    Creating an HTML form and converting it to Perl code.

  • Lesson five

    A simple demonstration of capturing data from the form we created in lesson four.

  • Lesson six

    In this lesson, we walk you through the creation of two short, but complete, CGI programs.

  • Lesson seven

    This lesson focuses on cookies and basic cookie management. It's easy to get this wrong.


  • Appendix 1

    Getting your CGI scripts working.

  • Appendix 2

    Table of HTML and CGI/URL character codes (and an interesting surprise at the bottom of the page).

  • Appendix 3

    CGI.pm documentation.

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