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Hola Amigos!

So Id like to thank the academy..no no no - not yet anyway. But I would like to thank my fellow cast and crew for showing support regarding my awards and newspaper publications. It really means a lot to me to have people that show interest and care about what I do and how I do it.

I cant tell you how excited I am to be directing Earth Bound. Its so different, unique, and an absolute trip of the best kind! Im really excited to capture the moments especially with the talents of Alexis and the ringleader, Eric! So speaking of filmmaking and talent. I just thought I would give my thoughts on tonights episode of Foxs On the Lot - the show that showcases filmaking and talent - if thats what you want to call it.

Personally, I am happy that people reach for their dreams and actually attain them - I mean you gotta aim high in order to hit your target. But some of these filmmakers just lack the ability to tell a concise story. I am not perfect either so dont get me wrong but when I see seemingly talented minds being profusely ignorant to constructive criticism that just turns me off. Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame is a judge on the show and she is clearly becoming the shows Simon Cowell - and though she is booed by the audience her statements on story and directing are very valid. I mean there was one film tonight that showed nothing but a guy cutting down a tree. The film was called The Orchard and was a horror film except that THERE WASNT ANY HORROR - just a few cutaways with a green overdrive filter on Final Cut Pro!

I understand that any filmmaker has his or her own style, but there is a balance between arrogance and confidence that is clearly defined and it is important in filmmaking to understand this balance. As a filmmaker you have to toot your own horn and it is important that you do at the appropriate times - but humility is key. So for you filmmakers out there if you feel you have what it takes and someone criticizes you be confident but not arrogant.

So has anyone been watching this show? What do people think?

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Hello world,

Miguel here. Just wanted to get this page going and to start things off with a bang Ill begin by giving everyone an idea of my filmmaking style and my philosophies throughout the coming months. I originally started out by pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering - so that should so you how far Ive come. But about a year ago, I discovered my passion of filmmaking and more importantly telling visual stories. You dont have to wait forever to find your passion. For me it just took along time to realize it. I remember being a kid and quoting every movie I saw or even staging out scenes. Also I remember a friend who had a passion as well named Reuben Kleiner who asked me in High School to write screenplays for him and I passed up a great chance. And I only started seeing that I had the ability to influence others through visual communication when I was the University of Delaware and people said I had IT. So what is IT exactly? Well its something - some people have it some people dont but I think what IT is exactly is the opportunity to change a life through a simple image or frame. Some said I had great visualization. And though I know there are the Hollywood greats and legends out there who have every resource - I did not and even still at the University of South Carolina do not. But Ive learned to make things special with what I had - my passion and my at hand resources.

Exile is the prime example of this. As my first short narrative film Exile introduced me to the cinematic world in terms of the work that it takes to make a simple one line story come to life. And obviously it has its cinematic weaknesses in story and dialogue or whatever someone wants to critique about it, but overall it has IT. Exile started out as an idea in my philosophy class about contemporary morals and issues. On the topic of Utilitarianism and the principle of Pleasure and Pain and the simplicity of those two ideals I thought maybe I could make this work for a movie. And so Exile was born. What if a simple jerk of an guy woke up in a place where he was alone and could not experience either? Ideally what would the world be like without simple emotion - emotions that we sometimes take for granted. Bottom Line it would be lonely. However, there is good and bad in everyone naturally. And thats what Exile is about the decisions we take in life that lead us towards fate but also about the things we take for granted. You can watch the full 16 minute film over at Frosty Palm Studios

I have received many comments about the movie since it first came out. And I would hope that I get more feedback on it. Keep in mind that is was my first narrative film ever so forgo the little things and look at the big picture. :) Im curious to hear what people have to say about it.

Well this is Miguel from a little rock called earth reminding you to keep it real and follow your passion!