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Welcome to RuneScape and welcome to Tip.It - RuneScape Tips. RuneScape is a Massive Multiplayer Online Adventure Game. RuneScape has many features... there are hundreds of monsters to kill, quests to complete, lands to explore and treasure to be found, but the most interesting thing about RuneScape compared to most games is that you are playing alongside and interacting with real people playing RuneScape around the world at the same time as you.

This guide will help you take your first steps in RuneScape -- we will explain how to make your character, how the controls work, how to chat, and so on. But before we do, it's very important that you know how to be safe while playing RuneScape. As we've already explained, you'll be interacting with people from all over the world when you play RuneScape. It's important to remember that, while playing the game is perfectly safe, there will always be a few people that will try to take advantage of you if they can. We recommend that you take a few moments to read through the information in our Security Centre. It will only take a few minutes, and the information and tips provided will help keep you and your computer safe.

So now that you're ready to get started, it's time to create your RuneScape account. Start by clicking the new account button on the RuneScape.com mainpage and signing up. Be sure to choose your name wisely, as this is what people will know you as in-game, and you can't change it. Don't user your real first and last name. Also try to avoid names with too many numbers - you'll regret choosing Luke9184576, trust us.

Once you've signed up, click the play game link and select what detail level you want to use to see the game (depending on your computer and internet connection). To choose a world, you can click on the "Choose the Best World for Me" button, and the RuneScape program will choose the least populated world on a server closest to you. All the worlds look the same, they're just located on different servers. You can also choose the specific world you'd like to play on yourself, if you like. This is especially handy if you're meeting friends on-line and they live in a different part of the world than you. Once your world is chosen, log in with your username and password.


You have the option to turn the title music off. To do this simply click the speaker icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

Once logged in, you will be asked to choose how your character will look, then you'll begin playing by visiting Tutorial Island. This is fairly self explanatory, and will teach you the basics of the game.

Once you've finished Tutorial Island, you'll be 'released' into the big wide world. This is the step at which many people stumble, but you have an added advantage compared to all them - you've already discovered Tip.It!

Tip.It is a RuneScape fan site that's devoted to bringing you the most up to date information and the best guides, tips and maps for RuneScape on the web. Whenever you're stuck on something or want to know anything about RuneScape, be sure to read the Tip.It guides, and most likely you'll find your answer. If not, sign up for the Tip.It Forums and other RuneScape players who use Tip.It will be able to answer your questions. If you'd like more information on how to use our Forums, you can read through our Forum User Guide.

Okay. So you've finished Tutorial Island, and you've been wandering in the woods and checking out the castles for a while... so what should you do next? Read on to find out!

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Control Panel

Fighting Mode
Quests and Statistics
Prayer and Magic
Friends List
Ignore List
Game Options

In the picture below, you can see the control panel of RuneScape. It is very easy to use, but we will explain all the different options and menus anyway. If you want to open a menu, simply click the icon or press it's corresponding Hot Key on your keyboard, and it should appear in the brown area in the middle.

Control Panel

This is the most important part of your control panel. You can access this area by pressing 'Esc' on your keyboard or by clicking on the Backpack icon. Here you will find everything you have in your "Backpack", unless it is armour or a weapon that you're wielding (I'll get to that below). If you want to 'use' an item you have in your backpack, simply left click on it (a white border will appear around the chosen item). Note that the left click option on all items is not necessarily the 'Use' option, such as with food. When you right click an item in your inventory you will have an option called 'Drop'. This option does just what the name says, it drops the item onto the ground. When you drop an item, it won't be visible to other players until it's been on the ground for one minute. There are also many different ways in which you can interact with items, and each one is different. Right clicking on the item will show all the different options. You can also re-arrange your inventory. You do this by left clicking an item and, while holding down the mouse button, drag and drop it to another spot.

In the equipment menu, which you can access by pressing 'F4' or clicking on the icon of a Man in armour, you can see the armour and weapons your character is currently wielding or wearing. These items will not show up in your inventory. To wield armour or weapons you need to have it in your inventory, and then left click on it - 'wield'. When you want to take it off again, go to your equipment menu, and left click the item -'remove' - and it will re-appear in your inventory.
By clicking on the "Show Equipment Stats" button, this menu can also show your weight carried, your equipment bonuses, and also gives you a better view of what your character looks like with the selected items equipped. Metal armour, weapons, ores and logs tend to weigh a lot, so take that into account when deciding when you should run. For example, when mining, run from the bank to the mine when you are carrying little, but walk back because you have to carry all the ore. If you want to travel a long distance, put all your equipment in the bank and you will be able to run further. (For more info on running, energy and weight, see our Getting Around guide.)
Certain items also have effects that can be operated while being worn. These effects can be operated by right-clicking on a wielded item and clicking 'Operate'. Note that every item that can be held has an 'operate' option, however not all of them have an action related to it. Common examples of items with a working 'operate' option include Rings, Amulets and Bracelets. Also note that effects that activate automatically, such as the Ring of Life, do not require you to 'operate' the item, but instead simply be wearing it when its condition is triggered.

Fighting Mode
Fighting Mode
Fighting mode is where you decide how to fight against enemies. You can be accurate, aggressive, or defensive, and each style will affect how the experience is allocated to your stats. You can change this mode by pressing 'F1' or clicking on the crossed swords icon. Some weapons also have different attack styles. The best one to use depends on what sort of armour your opponent is wearing. Your combat level is shown at the top, and the toggle for "Auto-Retaliate" is shown just below the attack styles. Auto-Retaliate set to "Off" means that you won't automatically attack a monster or a player that attacks you first. If it is set to "On", you will automatically fight back when something attacks you, unless your character is still trying to reach a certain point on the map. (See Your Character for tips on beginning training.)

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Quests and Statistics
In the Quests menu you will see a complete list of the RuneScape quests. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the Blue Star or by pressing 'F3'. When you haven't yet begun a quest, the name will appear in red. When you have started the quest, the name will be yellow, and when you have completed it the name will appear in green. Furthermore, you can click on the quest names to get a short description of what you have done in the quest and what you need to do next. (Detailed information for conquering quests can be found in our Quest Guides.) Your total quest points are shown at the top. Also, by clicking on the green Quest Star icon located within the Quest Log, you can switch to your Achievement Diary list, and clicking it again (when it is now blue) will return you to your Quests menu.
Quest List Stats
In the Statistics menu, accessed by clicking on the red, green and blue Bar Graph or by pressing 'F2', you will find all of your stats/skills. When you hover over the icon of a skill, you will be able to see your current experience, and how much experience you need to get to the next level of the skill. You can click on each skill to bring up a small menu of information about that skill. This is very handy for a quick reference and usually has info about different things you can do at different levels. Detailed information about each skill, what can be done at each level and how much experience can be earned is shown in our Skill Guides.

Prayer and Magic
In the prayer menu you will find a list of different prayers you can use. The Prayer menu is accessed by clicking on the silver Star icon or by pressing 'F5'. Prayer allows you to boost your stats for a short time to give you an added boost when you need it most. You can also activate certain special abilities with certain prayers, such as protection against certain kinds of attacks. (See Your Character for tips on beginning training.)
In the magic menu you will find a list of different magical spells you can cast. The Magic menu is accessed by clicking on the Spell book icon or by pressing 'F6'. Magic is a powerful form of combat that allows you to attack your foes from afar with devastating effects. (See Your Character for tips on beginning training.)

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Friends List
Friends List
Your friends list is your way to keep track of players you want to remember that you have met in Runescape. You can access this menu by clicking on the yellow smiley face icon or by pressing 'F8'. On your friends list you're able to talk privately with your friends. You can do this by clicking on a friend's name, and then entering a message in the chat box under your game screen. This is explained in greater detail in the Chatting section of this guide. You also have two different options: one is to add a friend to your list, and second is to delete a friend from your list. Furthermore, you will be able to see what world your friends are using. If they are on the same world as you, their name will appear in green, while if they are on a different world, their name will be yellow, and if they aren't online, their name will be red. When you're talking privately with a friend, other players cannot see these messages.

Also at the top of your friends list you will find information telling you which world you are currently on.

World Info

Ignore List
Ignore List
Your ignore list is the opposite of your friends list. The ignore feature enables you to ignore messages from other users who you do not wish to receive messages from (such as someone who is harassing you or being offensive). If you add a name to this list, that user will see you as being offline permanently and will not be able to trade with you nor speak to you. Again, you have the options to add or delete users from the list. You can access this list by clicking on the red angry face or by pressing 'F9'.

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Game Options
Game Options
By clicking on the Wrench or pressing 'F10', you can access the Game Options menu. The Game Options menu contains several useful toggles and adjustments that allow you to customize the way you experience the game.

Screen Brightness
Music Volume
Effects Volume
Area Sounds (Ambience) Volume
Mouse Buttons
Chat Effects
Split Private Chat
Accept Aid
Run and Energy
House Options
Game Options

Here's a quick run through of what each one does.

Screen Brightness
Screen Brightness is used to make the screen darker or brighter depending on your personal preference and monitor. Choosing to have the screen too dark can give you headaches while playing, so we recommend you set it to either bright or very-bright on TFT screens, and normal or bright on normal CRT screens. Slide the bar next to the icon left or right to adjust this control.

Music Volume
This volume control sets the sound level for the RuneScape music (or turns it off); this will be explained a bit more in the Music part of this guide. Slide the bar located next to the icon left or right in order to adjust this control.

Effects Volume
The Effects Volume control allows you to change the sound level for the in-game sound effects (doors closing, monsters fighting you, etc.) Slide the bar next to the icon left or right to adjust this control.

Area Sounds (Ambience) Volume
This control allows you to change the volume level of the ambient in-game sounds. This includes terrain sounds, nearby player activities, birds, and weather effects such as wind. Slide the bar next to the icon left or right in order to adjust this control.

Mouse Buttons
Mouse Buttons
The Mouse Buttons control configures RuneScape to work with either a one button or two button mouse. If you choose to have two (default setting), you will have a left click option, and a right click menu. If you choose one button, you will automatically get the menu when clicking.

Chat Effects
Chat Effects
The Chat Effects control determines whether you see in-game chat effects or not (these can get annoying after some time.) For more information about these, see the Chatting section of this guide.

Split Private Chat
Split Private Chat
This control allows you to split private chat! Amazing eh? You can either display private messages in the chat box (if off), or in the lower part of the game window (if on) - this will help you notice private messages when you are in a crowded public area.

Accept Aid
Accept Aid
This toggle allows you to turn off or on the ability for another player to assist you. This option strictly controls whether or not another player can cast healing, curing, or teleporting spells on you. Turn it off to keep from being interrupted during risky situations, however, because some players may try to teleport you. When this happens, a window appears asking for you to confirm the teleport; this window interrupts your actions, which can be fatal in combat.

Run (and Energy)
Run Speed
Run (and Energy) is as simple as it looks. This option selects between walking and running. You need energy to run. The percentage shown on this control tells you how much run energy you have left. When it hits 0%, your character automatically starts walking. (For more info on running, energy and weight, see our Getting Around guide.)

House Options
House Options
The House Options button brings a member to another menu which allows them to change modes in their player-owned house (see the Construction guide). You can turn building mode on or off, expel all of your guests, or leave your house.

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Emotes are a nifty addition to the game. You can make your character perform various actions and poses by simply clicking your desired emote. These emotes are accessed by clicking on the appropriate image in your Emote menu, accessed by clicking on the waving man icon or by pressing 'F11'. The image displayed in each spot is the emote activated when clicking it. You can also hover the mouse over the image for a tooltip to appear displaying the name of the emote. Coloured emotes are ones you have unlocked, while grey emotes are ones you haven't unlocked.

Current Emotes
Start With: Obtained from Quests
(Members Only):
Obtained from Random Events: Other:
Jump for Joy
Blow Kiss
Lost Tribe:
Goblin Bow
Goblin Dance
Glass Box
Climb Rope
Glass Wall

Zombie Walk
Zombie Dance
Stronghold of Security:
Slap Head

Holiday Emotes:
Rabbit Hop

Exclusive (P2P):
Skill Cape


  • The "scared" emote could only be obtained during the 2005 or 2006 Halloween event, and the "rabbit hop" emote during the 2006 or 2007 Easter event. Read all about holiday events in our Holiday & Rare items guide.

  • The "skill cape" emote is reserved for members who have reached level 99 in a skill and are wearing a cape to commemorate it. Learn more in our Achievement Capes Guide.
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The music menu will show you a list of all the different musical pieces in RuneScape. Clicking on the harp icon or pressing 'F12' will open this menu. The different songs are only unlocked if you have been to a certain area in the game. When a song is unlocked it will appear in green. You also have the option to choose between Auto and Manual music selection. If you choose automatic, the music played will be the music that goes with your current location, whereas if you choose manual you will be able to choose to hear any unlocked music yourself. For more information about where you need to go to unlock each piece of music, check out our Music Locations guide.

Log out
Log Out
Surely you don't need any assistance to do this?!

That completes the control panel, let's move on to some of the other important things in RuneScape.

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Scenery Interaction

Moving around in RuneScape is quite easy. Simply point your mouse at where you want to move your character to, and click your left mouse button. When you click, a little yellow cross will appear, and you will start moving. Your character will automatically walk around tables, trees, fences and other objects if required. As you explore more and learn about the several areas in the huge RuneScape world, there will be different ways to get around the world. Refer to our Getting Around Guide for detailed information.

Scenery interaction
Interacting with objects in RuneScape is easy. All you have to do is point your mouse at the object or NPC (Non Player Character) you wish to interact with and click on it/him/her. While hovering over an object, the default option will be shown in the top-left hand corner of the screen, this action will be performed if you left click. For more options, right click and you will be able to select from a list. The default option is usually the action which is most used, for instance, all items on the ground are left click to pick up, and all doors are left click to open. All objects, items and NPCs may also be examined (in the right click menu.) This is useful for finding out some information about it.
The picture below shows the right click menu of a shopkeeper. The default left click option is to 'talk to' him, but you can also 'trade' with him, 'examine' him or walk over to him.

General Store Shopkeeper options

Sometimes you will need to see your character from a different angle to see what you're doing. To change the camera angle, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Right and left make the camera angle go from side to side, and the up and down keys make the camera go up and down. Sometimes the game automatically moves your camera when you walk near cliffs and mountains.

Mini map
Above your control panel you will find a little map. This shows the area around you. When you are moving somewhere, a little red flag will be placed at your destination. You can also move your character by clicking on the map. It also has a little compass so you know which direction you're going. If you get lost, try looking at the world map. Alternatively, you could buy a Newcomer's map from the general store in Lumbridge for one gp. Whenever you read it, it'll automatically pinpoint your location. Keep in mind that it only covers Varrock, Lumbridge, Draynor Village, Port Sarim, and Falador surface areas and all surface areas between them. If you are outside these areas, your location will not be shown.

Trading with other players is something that makes RuneScape great. You can trade almost every item in the game, except quest items. To trade with other players simply right click on their character, and select trade. The person will get a message on their screen saying "X wishes to trade with you" (Where "X" is your RuneScape name). If the other player accepts your wish, he needs to right click your character and choose trade as well. When both of you have done this, a new window will come up, where you can trade your items. Also, if someone wants to trade with you, you can just click on "X wishes to trade with you" to open the trade window.

The window will have 2 parts. The left side is your own offer. This part will contain the items you are willing to trade to the other person. To add items simply click them in your inventory. You have some more options if you right click the item. As shown below, you can easily offer 1, 5, 10 and all of the item. You can also select to offer "X" which enables you to enter the number on your keyboard, this is useful when making trades with large amounts of items. (Read the bank section below to learn about notes, too.)

Trade options

The right part of the trade screen is what the other person is offering you in exchange for your items. When you have reached a trade that is acceptable to both of you, you will both have to click accept in the middle of the screen. When you have done that, another screen will appear asking you to accept again. Remember to always check this second trade screen! If you do not check this screen, you may be cheated/scammed. Check both your own side, and the other player's side to make sure everything is as it should be. After that, click accept again, and the trade will be executed. If you'd like more information about trade and other scams and how to stay safe while playing, we recommend you pay a visit to our Security Centre.

There are many shops in RuneScape, and they deal with a lot of different items. One of the most important shops is the General store. You can find these all over RuneScape, and they will buy almost any item, and give you money for it. However, specialised shops will buy your items for more, and sell items to you for less, so it's often worth going to them. To open up a shop window you will need to talk with the shop keeper or shop assistant. After a bit of talking, a shop window will appear. You can also right click the shop keeper and choose trade, which will open the shop window instantly without the talking. Left clicking on an item in your inventory will show you how much the shop will pay you for it, and left clicking on an item in the shop will show you how much you must pay the shop for it. To sell an item to the store you will need to right click the item to bring up a menu, and select how many you wish to sell - 1, 5 or 10.
Buying items from shops is very similar. Just right click the item in the shop window and select 'buy.' Shops only accept coins, and you may need to save up a bit before you can buy some of the more expensive things.

Banks in RuneScape are simple and easy to use. They can be used to store your items so you don't have to carry them around in your inventory. To access your bank account, you'll need to find a bank (check the world map), and left click on the bank booth to use it. After a little talk with the banker, he will give you access to your bank account. (You can right click and select 'use quickly' to skip the chit-chat.) Note that you can only deposit items that are in your inventory (not those which you are wearing.) Depositing and withdrawing items is similar to using shops and trading, you just click on the item in your inventory to deposit it, and click it in the bank to withdraw it. You also have the deposit/withdraw 1, 5, 10 or X options.
Another feature of banks is bank notes. This allows you to withdraw large amounts of items (more than you can fit in your inventory) so that they can be easily traded. Simply click the 'note' button at the bottom of the bank screen.

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You find this below your game window

Chatting in RuneScape is of course important. You need to communicate with other players to play the game fully. To chat you simply enter your message in the typing box and hit enter. When your message has been sent, it will appear in the chat box, and above your character's head. Normal chat is blue in the chat box.

Private messages
Private messages are, as the name would suggest, private between you and another user. To send these, you will need to have the friend on your friend list (look above for more information), then click his or her name, and type in a message in the chat box. When you're done with the message, just hit enter and your friend should see the message on their screen. Only you and your friend who can see what you type. Private messages are red in the chat box.

Split private chat
In the Game Options part of your control panel you have an option to split your private chat. If you have this set to off, the private messages you receive will appear in your chat box. If you have it on, your private messages will appear as light-blue text above the chat box, in your game window.

Underneath the chat area there are three buttons to control your interactions with other players.

Public chat
The public chat button controls the chat that everyone can see. There are four options; simply click to change between them.

  • On: Chat acts normally, you can see messages from everybody above their heads and in the chat box.
  • Friends: You only see public chat messages from people on your friends list.
  • Off: You see no public chat at all. If you talk, the button automatically changes to hide.
  • Hide: You only see messages above people's heads, not in the chat box.

Private chat
The private chat button toggles how you filter the people who can private message you.

  • On: Everybody can add you to their friends lists, and everybody can talk to you.
  • Friends: Only people on your friends list can private message you, everybody else sees you as being offline.
  • Off: Nobody can send you private messages, you appear as offline to everybody. If you private message someone in this mode, the button automatically changes to friends.

The trade/duel button toggles who you can try to trade you or challenge you to a duel (members).

  • On: You see trade and duel requests from everyone.
  • Friends: You only see trade and duel requests from people on your friends list.
  • Off: You see no trade or duel requests. You may, however, still send requests to other players.

Chat effects
You might have seen someone who is typing with a red-coloured text, or text that's waving. Typing like this is called chat effects, and you can only see them if you have the chat effects part of your settings in your control panel on. Chat effects will only appear over the head of the person using them, not in your chat box - there, the text will look normal.

To use the chat effects, you will need to write the code, and a colon
( : ) right after it with no space, and then your message without a space before the first word. For example, writing red:Hello would make you say "Hello" with a red font, but if you throw in a space and write red: Hello, you would actually say "Red: Hello" in game... Here is a full list of the codes:

Colour codes: Movement codes:
Red: Text is red Wave: Text moves up and down.
Yellow: Text is yellow (default colour) Wave2: Text waves diagonally.
Green: Text is green Shake: Text shakes bizarrely.
Cyan: Text is cyan Slide: Text slides from up to down.
Purple: Text is purple Scroll: Text scrolls from left to right.
White: Text is white -
Flash1: Flashes between red and yellow text -
Flash2: Flashes between cyan and blue -
Flash3: Flashes between light and dark green -
Glow1: Text fades from red, to orange, to yellow,
to green, to cyan
Glow2: Text fades from red, to magenta, to blue,
to dark red, to red
Glow3: Text fades from white, to green, to white, to cyan -

Now, if you want to do something really advanced, you can use one of the colours AND movements at the same time. For this you need to write the colour first, and then scroll/wave. For example you could write something like this red:wave:Hello everyone and you would say "Hello everyone" with a red waving text.

In addition to common internet shorthand (brb, lol, g2g, etc.) RuneScape players have developed a set of slang for RuneScape items, places and terms.

Glossary - Items
Weapons and armour Items
2h - Two-handed sword
Addy - Adamant
Ammy - Amulet
Battle/B-axe - Battleaxe
Blk- Black armour
Chain - Chain mail
D or Drag - Dragon
Full - Full set (i.e. Chest & legs, full helmet, and sometimes shield)
(g) - Gold trimmed
Helm - Helmet
Kite - Kite shield
Large/Lrg - Full helmet
Legs - Leg plate mail
Long - Long sword
Med - Medium helmet
Mith - Mithril
Plate/pl8/chest - Body plate mail
R - Rune
Scimmy - Scimitar
Square/sqr - Square shield
(t) - Trimmed
Airs - Air Runes
Ammy - Amulet
Axe - Hatchet
Bloods - Blood Runes
DOR - Disk of Returning
Earths - Earth Runes
Ess - Rune essence
Fires - Fire Runes
Glory - Amulet of glory
Gp - Gold coins (money)
Law - Law Runes
Lobs/Lobbies - Lobsters
Mask - Monster mask
Minds - Mind Runes
Nats - Nature Runes
Phat - Party hat
Pick - Pick axe
Pot - Potion
ROW - Ring of Wealth
Saph - Sapphire
Santa - Santa hat
Souls - Soul Runes
Swordies - Swordfish
Talis/Tally - Talisman
Unids - Unidentified Herbs
Waters - Water Runes
Wealth - Ring of wealth
Glossary - Generic
1337 - Elite, also "cool"
Ard(y) - Ardougne
Att - Attack level
Barb Village - Barbarian Village
CW - Castle Wars
Def - Defence level
Edge - Edgeville
F2P - Free to Play (Free version of RS)
Fally - Falador
FM - Firemaking
FTW - For the win
G2G - Got to go
GP- Gold pieces (money in game)
Hits/HP - Hit points
K - A thousand of something, usually gp (eg. 2k = 2.000gp), can also mean okay
KBD - King Black Dragon
KQ - Kalphite Queen
Lag - pauses or jumps in play due to slow internet connection speed
Lumby - Lumbridge
Lvl - Level
Mil - A million of something, usually gp
Newb - Player who is new to RuneScape.
NFS - Not for sale
Noob - Experienced player who acts like a newb (derogatory)
NP - No Problem
NTY - No, Thank You
NVM or NM - Nevermind
OMG - Oh my God, or Oh my gosh
Owns - Very good, or best at something
P2P - Pay to Play (Members version of RS)
Pker - Player Killer
RC - Runecrafting
RL - Real life
ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
RS1/RSC - RuneScape 1 (Classic)
RS2/RS - RuneScape (2)
Seers - Seers Village
Str - Strength level
TY - Thank You
WC - Woodcutting
Wildy - Wilderness
Varr/Vrk - Varrock
YW - Your welcome
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Your Character

Changing your looks

You can wear many different clothes, hats, gloves and boots in the game, but there are ways to change even your basic appearance.

  • Skin colour and gender: If you want to change your skin colour or your gender, you will need to visit the Make Over Mage. He is located south-west of Falador. He will charge 3,000 coins to change your appearance.
  • Hair and beard: If you want a new fancy haircut, a nice smooth shave (he can make your beard grow as well!), or a new hair colour, jump by the Hairdresser in his shop in north-west Falador. He will charge 2,000 coins to change your appearance.
  • Clothes: If you want some different clothes, drop by Thessalia in Varrock (her store is in the south-west corner of the market place.) She will charge 500 coins to change your top and another 500 to get your legwear changed. To change your boots visit the Fremennik tailor Yrsa on the west side of Relleka for 500 coins (only members who've completed the Fremennik Trials quest).

Getting started with your skills
Here you will find a few tips on how to start the different skills. If you want more information, click the name of the skill, and you will be transferred to the Tip.It guide about that skill. Also see the Skill Tutors section below to find assistance (and some free starter supplies) right in the game!

Free Version (F2P) Skills:

combat logo

Combat: (Attack, strength, defence and hits): What can we say...? Just fight low levelled monsters and you will improve your combat skills depending on your fighting mode. Around Lumbridge, fight level 2 and 5 goblins in the forest, or chickens and cows at farms.

ranged logo

Ranged: To begin ranging, you'll need a bow and some arrows. Unfortunately, these can be costly. See the Skill Tutor for free starter equipment, or when you get some money, have a chat with Lowe in the Varrock Ranged store. Start ranging in Lumbridge against goblins or chickens.

prayer logo

Prayer: There's not much to say about this skill, just pick up all the bones you see on the ground, and choose 'bury' when you have them in your inventory. Prayer will help protect you when you're fighting.

magic logo

Magic: To start you will need some runes (see the Skill Tutor or use various spawn points around RuneScape to get some for free.) Once you have the runes to cast a lower level spell, go to the magic part of your control panel and choose the spell you want to cast: then just click on a monster.

crafting logo

Crafting: You can mine clay southwest of Varrock, then wet it with water and use the pottery in the Barbarian Village to the west. You can try leatherworking, too: kill cows for hides in Lumbridge and get them tanned in Al-Kharid. Do the Prince Ali Rescue Quest to save the tollgate fee.

runecrafting logo

Runecrafting: To start this skill you need to complete the Rune Mysteries Quest. After that, mine rune essence and make air runes at the air altar south of Falador.

mining logosmithing logo

Mining / Smithing: You can mine tin and copper in the Lumbridge Swamp East Mine south of the graveyard. When you decide you have enough ores, go to the furnace northeast of Lumbridge castle and smelt them into bars. Then head to Varrock and get metal-bashing!

fishing logocooking logo

Fishing / Cooking: To begin fishing, you'll need a net; then just go to a sea and start clicking. If there's a tree nearby, take your axe and tinderbox to raise your cooking, too. At a chicken farm you can train combat, prayer and cooking at the same time!

firemaking logowoodcutting logo

Firemaking / Woodcutting: To start these skills, simply go to the forest between Lumbridge and Draynor. You can get a beginner's bronze axe and a tinderbox from the Skill Tutor south of Lumbridge furnace. Chop down some trees and choose 'Light log'.

Member Only (P2P) Skills:

An introduction to Member skills, guides, areas, and tips is included in the New Members (P2P) Guide. Member only skills are Agility, Construction, Farming, Fletching, Herblore, Hunter, Slayer, and Thieving.

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Skill Tutors

If you want more information about or help with some of RuneScape's various skills, there are several NPCs called "tutors" to help you get started with your adventuring. Some of them give free training supplies if you have lost yours or run out. Most of the tutors are scattered around Lumbridge, but one can be found at the anvils in Varrock. Tutors are marked on the minimap by a question mark so keep an eye out for them. You can also see their locations by hovering your mouse over the question mark icon on the Newcomer Map.

Tutor Instructions Items Provided Location Map Location
Harlan Melee Training sword and shield* South of the General Store in Lumbridge Combat Tutor Map
Nemarti Ranged Training shortbow and arrows** South of the General Store in Lumbridge Combat Tutor Map
Mikasi Magic 30 Mind and Air runes*** South of the General Store in Lumbridge Combat Tutor Map
Wilfred Woodcutting Bronze axe and Tinderbox South of the furnace in Lumbridge Woodcutting Tutor Map
Yauchomi Prayer None Church east of Lumbridge Castle Prayer Tutor Map
Finlay Fishing Small fishing net On the beach south of the graveyard in Lumbridge Fishing Tutor Map
Monium Mining Bronze pickaxe Southeastern coast of the Lumbridge Swamp Mining Tutor Map
Cordero Cooking None South of Bob's Axes in Lumbridge Cooking Tutor Map
Cadmus Crafting None Upstairs in Lumbridge Castle, south of Duke Horacio Bank Tutor Map
Feoras Smelting None Furnace in Lumbridge, east of the General Store Smelting Tutor Map
Sani Smithing None Anvils south of Varrock's west bank Smithing Tutor Map
Bank Tutor Banking None Top floor of Lumbridge Castle Bank Tutor Map

* Training sword and training shield are equivalent to a bronze longsword and a wooden shield.
** Training shortbow and training arrows are equivalent to a wooden shortbow and bronze arrows. Free arrows can be obtained only if you are out of these arrows and 30 minutes has passed since you last got free arrows (or free runes from Mikasi).
*** Free runes can be obtained only if you are out of these runes and 30 minutes has passed since you last got free runes (or free arrows from Nemarti).

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The Wilderness

About The Wilderness

If you continue to head North in Runescape you will eventually come to a vast, deserted area of land known as 'The Wilderness'. In this area, players can attack each other in hope of killing their opponent and retrieving their loot - making it dangerous to wear your best equipment here.

Entering The Wilderness

It is not possible to simply stroll into The Wilderness by accident. You will know when you are about to enter the wilderness as a ditch is placed at the boundaries to stop you wandering in. This ditch runs along the entire edge of the wilderness and requires one click to jump over it.

The ditch can be crossed with a simple click

A warning screen will also appear, reminding you of the dangers of the wilderness and giving you a chance to turn back.

The warning screen reminding the dangers of the wilderness

This screen will only appear the first time you enter The Wilderness since you logged on, not every single time you enter.

To find out more about the area of The Wilderness, check out our Wilderness Map.

Dangers of The Wilderness

Upon entering The Wilderness you will be given the option to attack other players. They also have the option to attack you. At the edge of The Wilderness you can only attack players the same level as you. As you head farther North, and deeper into The Wilderness, a small skull icon at the bottom right of the screen will increase allowing you to attack players higher/lower levelled than yourself.

Level of Wilderness

This number corresponds to the level difference in attacking other players. For example, if you are a level 50 character, and are in Level 27 Wilderness then you can attack players from level 23 - 77. The same range of levels can also attack you. It is also worthy to note that you cannot teleport out of The Wilderness after Level 20 Wilderness and the Ring of Life, which can be obtained by completing the Lost Tribe quest or through a combination of crafting and magic, does not work past level 30 Wilderness.

If you die in The Wilderness you will respawn in Lumbridge like normal. If you are unlucky enough to die in The Wilderness, be it to another player or a monster, you will lose all except your three most expensive (shop price) items. Stackable items such as money, runes, and arrows are also lost. If you attack another player before they attack you, a skull will appear over your head, and will remain there for 20 minutes. If you die while this skull is still above your head, you will lose ALL your items. Remember that these rules also apply to every other player, so if you kill someone without a skull they will keep their 3 most expensive items. (Using the level 25 prayer Protect Items as stated in the Prayer Guide will let you keep 1 extra item if you die.)

With that said, enjoy The Wilderness and some of the danger involved with it. A popular activity in Runescape is to go PKing or "Player Killing" which can reap some big rewards if you are lucky and experienced. A good idea would be to explore it with items you do not mind dying with until you get used to the system of attacking and being attacked. Be careful out there!

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RuneScape Rules

Like everything, RuneScape has rules. These are not to make the game harder, or to annoy anyone, they are to protect you. Please, adhere to them at all time - it makes the game better for everyone. The official rules can be viewed here. It's very important that you read them carefully. If you accidentally break one you could be banned from RuneScape.

Reporting abuse
If you see someone breaking one of these rules, you ought to report them to Jagex. If everyone reports abusive players, then the game will be a better place for all. You can report abuse by clicking the button in the lower right hand corner of the chat box. You need to type in the player's name and then select which one of the rules they are breaking. This sends a snapshot of the last 60 seconds of chat and trade activity to Jagex. If the person continues to annoy you, add them to your ignore list rather than responding. Please, only send in an abuse report if the player is genuinely being abusive, not just because they called you a 'noob.'

Don't break the rules unless you want to see this message when logging in

Alternatively, if the type of rule breaking would not be detected by a simple chat and trade log (such as the player is macroing) you will need to use the customer support section on the RuneScape main page to report the player. Please do not send abuse reports to Tip.It. We are NOT part of Jagex Ltd. and cannot deal with abuse reports regarding players on RuneScape.

Player moderators
Player moderators are RuneScape players just like you and me, except Jagex has selected them as being responsible members of the RuneScape community. They are able to temporarily mute players who are being particularly foul-mouthed, and their abuse reports receive additional priority. This does not mean that they can answer all your RuneScape questions or that they always want to buy or sell items. They want to play the game, complete quests and raise their skills just like you do. When a player moderator talks they have a small silver crown next to their name to stand out from other players. You can read more about player moderators in the Frequently Asked Question section on the official RuneScape site.

Player Moderator - Player Moderator

Jagex staff
Jagex staff members have a little Gold crown next to their names when they talk in-game. Follow all their instructions promptly and you will have no cause for worry. If a member of the Jagex staff asks you a question, it would be wise to reply to them. Please note that ignore chat messages will not work on Jagex staff or player mods.

Jagex Staff - Jagex Staff

Well! How's that for an 'introduction' eh? If you've read this far, you've gained the biggest head start in RuneScape that you could ever imagine. So get out there, explore the map, raise your skills and strive for your goals!

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