The following prizes and awards are announced at AHA Biennial National Conferences:

Allan Martin Award

W K Hancock Prize


Prize Winner: Tony Roberts

Kay Daniels Award

Prize Winner: Trudy Mae Cowley

Magarey Medal for Biography

Highly Commended: Cassi Plate

Prize Winner: Prue Torney-Parlicki

Serle Award

Prize Winner: Jessie Mitchell

Editor's Prize


Winner announced at the ASAL Conference in Adelaide on July 3, 2005.

Isabel Flick and Heather Goodall. Isabel Flick: The Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman. Crows Nest, NSW. Allen & Unwin 2004.

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The following books were also shortlisted:

Margaret Somerville. Wildflowering: The Life and Places of Kathleen McArthur. St Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland Press, 2004.

Anne Whitehead. Bluestocking in Patagonia: Mary Gilmore's Quest for Love and Utopia at the World's End. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin, 2003; London: Profile Books, 2004 paperback.

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Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Bartolo Ziino, University of Melbourne, for being awarded the Serle Award for 2005 for his thesis "A distant grief: Australians, War Graves and the Great War" (University of Melbourne, PhD 2003)

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2005 Commendation

Catherine Mary Gilchrist was commended for her thesis "Male Convict Sexuality in the Penal Colonies of Australia 1820-1850". (Univeristy of Sydney, PhD 2004)


THE EDITOR'S PRIZE - for the best written article in History Australia

In his entry in the Oxford Companion to Australian History Stuart Macintyre bewailed the absence in historical journals of the tryly well-written article - a literary form, as he put it, 'at once more truly concentrated than a monograph and yet more flexible, lighter on its feet and able to range more widely'.

Jill Roe cited Macintyre's elegant description in her address launching the first issue of History Australia, and she donated $100 towards a biennial Editor's Prize for the best written article published in the journal. About a score of historians have since followed her example.Historians committed to good historical writing are urged to support this award with contributions proportionate to their means. Please send a cheque made out to the Australian Historical Association to

Robyn Arrowsmith
AHA Secretariat
Dept of Modern History
Macquarie University

All contributions will be noted in History Australia as evidence of the good taste and fine historical sensibility of their donors.

Congratulations to Winners of AHA Prizes and Award presented at the 12th Biennial National Conference at Newcastle, 5-9 July 2004:

AHA Life Membership Award 2004:
Jill Roe in recognition of her long and outstanding services to the AHA.

AHA Special Award:
The History Unit, Australian Broadcasting Commission, in recognition of its excellent work in promoting knowledge and understanding of history in Australia over a long period.

Inaugural Allan Martin Award 2004:
Maria Nugent, Botany Bay: Where Histories Meet (Allen & Unwin) [citation]

Inaugural Kay Daniels Award 2004:
Lucy Frost and Hamish Maxwell-Stuart (eds), Chain Letters: Narrating Convict
(Melbourne University Press) [citation]

W.K. Hancock Prize 2004: [SHARED PRIZE]
Mary Anne Jebb, Blood, Sweat and Welfare (UWA Press) [citation]
Warwick Anderson, The Cultivation of Whiteness: Science, Health and Racial Destiny in Australia (Melbourne University Press) [citation]

Highly commended entries in the W.K. Hancock Prize 2004:
John Connor, The Australian Frontier Wars: 1788-1838 (University of New South Wales Press)
Brigid Hains, The Ice and the Inland: Mawson, Flynn, and the Myth of the Frontier
(Melbourne University Press).

The Australian Historical Association offers the following prizes and awards:

         Magarey Medal for Biography 2006($10,000 in first year)

Most generously donated by Adjunct Professor Susan Magarey, the Magarey Medal for Biography is a prize of $10,000 in the first year and thereafter indexed to inflation. The Medal is awarded to the female person who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject. The awarding of the prize is administered and judged by a panel established by the Australian Historical Association and the Association for the Study of Australian Literature. Consisting of a cash award and a medal, it is normally presented biennially for a book published in the two years preceding the year of the award. It will, however, be presented in both 2005 and 2006 and once every two years thereafter. This means that the 2006 Medal will be for a book published in the preceding year.

Nominations are now invited for the inaugural Medal, in 2006:

· for a published biography in the form of a book
· on an Australian subject
· published in 2005
· by a female author

Nominations may be made either by the author or, with the nominee's permission, by the book's publishers or by any member of the Australian Historical Association or the Association for theStudy of Australian Literature. Entries must be accompanied by a letter of nomination, giving author's full name and postal address (where applicable, institutional address preferred).

A panel of three judges nominated after consultation between the Association for the Study of Australian Literature and the Australian Historical Association will choose the winner. The Award will be announced at the Australian Historical Association and Association for the Study of Australian Literature conferences in mid-2005. If two winners are chosen, the cash prize will be shared between them.

Nominations should be sent by 28 February 2006, with three copies of the nominated book, to: The Secretariat, Australian Historical Association, Department of Modern History, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, 2109.

       The Serle Award 2007 ($2500)

The Australian Historical Association has constituted the Serle Award as a biennial prize to commemorate the contribution to Australian History of Geoffrey Serle (1922-1998).  The Award has been established through the generosity of Mrs Jessie Serle.  It takes the form of a $2500 publishing subsidy for the best postgraduate thesis in Australian History completed and examined during the previous two-year period.

Deadline for entries 28 February 2007


Application form [Download here]

          NEW! The Allan Martin Award ($4000)

The Award commemorates the contribution to Australian History of A.W. Martin (1926-2002), in particular his interest in and encouragement of students and younger colleagues over a lifetime of teaching and research.

 The Award is available biennially for a sum of up to $4000. Academic historians, public historians, and historians working independently are invited to apply. The Award will be administered jointly by The Australian National University and The Australian Historical Association.

The Allan Martin Award is intended to assist early-career historians further their research in Australian History, particularly to achieve publication which will make a significant contribution to the field. All forms of intended publication will be considered, e.g. a monograph, a series of academic articles, an exhibition or a documentary film, or some mix of these.

For full details and application form [SEE HERE]

       The W. K. Hancock Prize 2006 ($2000)

The W.K. Hancock Prize was instituted in 1987 by the Australian Historical Association, to honour the contribution to the study and writing of history in Australia by Sir Keith Hancock.  Since his death in 1988, it has served to commemorate his life and achievements

The W. K. Hancock Prize is intended to give recognition and encouragement to an Australian scholar who has recently published a first book in any field of history.  Consisting of a cash award and a citation, it is awarded biennially for a first book published in the two years preceding the year of the award.

For full details [SEE HERE]

         Kay Daniels Award 2006

 This award was established to honour the life and work of Dr Kay Daniels,
historian and public servant who died in 2001.  This joint award under the auspices
of the Australian Historical Association, the University of Tasmania and the Port
Arthur Historic Site Management Authority will be made for outstanding original
research with a bearing on convict history.  The research may be in any relevant area
and need not be confined to Australian studies.

For further details [SEE HERE]
Further information on the life and work of Kay Daniels on this website [SEE HERE}


NEW PRIZE (*see joint winners below)
         Blackwell AHA Prize for the Best Postgraduate Paper at the Regional Conference 2007

The AHA is pleased to announce the inaugural Blackwell AHA Prize for the
Best Postgraduate Paper at the Regional Conference. This prize is open to
postgraduates who have not submitted their thesis at 28 September 2006. The
prize will be judged on two criteria: 1) oral presentation of the paper 2)
written version of the conference paper. The written version of the
conference paper (not a longer version) is to be submitted at the start of
the conference. The winner of the prize will be announced at the close of
the conference.

This from Blackwells: "Based in Melbourne, Blackwell Publishing Asia publish
print and electronic journals and books. Our holistic approach to knowledge
and our commitment to the scholarly and professional communities sets us
apart from other publishers.

We are proud to support the AHA Conference and to sponsor the Best
Postgraduate Paper prize, with a book prize to the value of $200. The lucky
winner can select from our large range of history resources guaranteed to
suit every historian¹s reading palate. To learn more about our books visit

As delegates attending this year¹s AHA conference, we are also very pleased
to offer postgraduates FREE online access to two of Australia¹s premier
journals, The Australian Journal of Politics and History and the Journal of
Religious History. To register for 60 days of unlimited, online access to
these journals, email your request and contact details to the following
address: free.trial@blackwellpublishingasia.com, setting the subject as ³AHA
free trial.² "

Please note this offer is open to postgraduates only.


The inaugural Blackwell Prize winners for the best AHA postgraduate paper were
announced at the close of the AHA Mildura conference.

The prize was jointly awarded to:

Melissa Bellanta (University of Sydney) - 'Raiders of the Lost Civilisation, Or,
Adventure-Romances of the Australian Desert, 1890-1907'; and Nell Musgrove
(University of Melbourne) - 'Private Homes, Public Scrutiny: Surveillance of 'the family'
in postwar Melbourne'.

Congratulations! And thanks to the judges - Lyndall Ryan, John McQuilton and Penny Russell.

         Ernest Scott History Prize 2006

The Ernest Scott History Prize is awarded annualy by Melbourne University to work based upon original research, which is, in the opinion of the examiners, the most distinguished contribution to the history of Australia or New Zealand or to the history of colonisation published in the calendar year prior to the first day of January of the year in which it is to be awarded.

+ + + + + +
Please direct any enquiries to:
Anne Lewis
Department of History
University of Melbourne
Ph: 03 8344 5961
Fax: 03 8344 7894
Email: (alewis@unimelb.edu.au)

         Ernest Scott History Prize Winners

2004 - Winner Judith Brett for her book Australian Liberals and the
Moral Middle Class
(Cambridge University Press)

2005 - Alan Atkinson for his book The Europeans in Australia. A History, Vol. 2.,
Democracy (Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2004).