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Project List by Year - 2006

45 RPM
45 RPM Productions Inc.
Drama, Youth
A coming of age feature. In the Spring of 1958, two small town teens discover love, loss and rock'n'roll.
Anash and the Legacy of the Sun Rock (eps 1-6)
Sun-Rock Productions 1-6 (AB) Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Inspired by Tlingit oral tradition, this animated/live action series depicts the quest of young Anash and his servant Kole as they attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy to recover all the missing parts of the Sun Rock to bring peace to their land.
Atomic Betty (eps 53-78)
Breakthrough Films & Television Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Betty is a little girl with a big secret -- she may appear sweet and brainy to those on Earth, but to the gazillion planets in our galaxy, she is Atomic Betty -- Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos! This is its third season.
Beyond Words (eps 79-91)
Wone Woman Works Productions Ltd.
Variety, Family
Takes viewers on stage and behind the scenes to illustrate the history of Aboriginal singers, artists, poets, dancers, comedians and musicians. This is its seventh season.
Big Comfy Couch (eps 79-100)
Big Comfy Corp.
Drama, Pre-school (under 5)
Loonette the clown and her doll Molly live on the Big Comfy Couch With the help of an odd assortment of clown friends, Loonette and Molly discover the world around them. This is its seventh season.
Captain Flamingo (eps 27-39)
Breakthrough Films & Television Inc.
Drama, Primary (6-9)
In a world where bigs kids rule and little kids' problems often go ignored, how is there to look out for the little guy? Milo Howel, aka Captain Flamingo, that's who! This is its second season.
Carl Squared (eps 27-39)
Portfolio Entertainment Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Being a teenager is tough; try being two! That's the dilemma facing Carl, a slacker teen who accidentally generates his own clone after venting about his life in his online journal. This is its second season.
CG Kids (eps 601-613)
Geokids Productions Inc.
Documentary, Elementary (9-12)
CG Kids takes its young viewers on an adventure to exciting places in Canada where they meet other kids and discover how they live and play. This is its sixth season.
Class of the Titans (eps 27-52)
Studio B (Titans II) Productions Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Set in a contemporary world but an imaginary time and place rife with gods, magic and monsters. It combines events and characters of Greek mythology with modern adventures of the teenage descendents of these ancient heroes. This is its second season.
Degrassi: The Next Generation (eps 601-613)
Epitome Pictures Inc.
Drama, Youth
A topical & entertaining series that captures the unique world of today's adolescent. In a real world without easy solutions, our characters deal with the big & little challenges of becoming an adult. This is its sixth season.
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