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CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code Software

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Ranked as the World's #1 Bible Code Software in independent reviews

Introducing the CodeFinder 'Millennium Edition' Bible Code Software

CodeFinder Millennium Edition is simply the world's fastest and most powerful Bible Code Software. It is the Bible Code Software of choice for many newcomers and experts alike and is the subject of many presentations in TV documentaries and books about the Bible Code.

Bible Code Searches with CodeFinder

There is no easier way to search for Bible Codes than with the CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code software. Take a moment to look at our Simple English Search Example to see just how it's done.

CodeFinder Millennium Edition on TV

See CodeFinder in action in the History Channel TV documentaries "The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon" and "Bible Code II: Apocalypse and Beyond". (Last Shown: Saturday 20th January and Wednesday 24th January).

Free Upgrades to the Latest Software

All CodeFinder customers are entitled to freely download the very latest development version of CodeFinder Millennium Edition. This means that your software never gets outdated and that you always have access to the latest in Bible Code Technology. CodeFinder Millennium Edition keeps you at the leading edge of Bible Code Research whilst never having to worry about paying for an upgrade.

More about the Bible Codes

Yitzhak Rabin crossed by "assassin will assassinate" starting in Deuteronomy 2 v. 33

On 1st September 1994 Michael Drosnin passed a letter to a close friend of the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  It stated that the name Yitzhak Rabin was crossed by the term "assassin that will assassinate" in the Hebrew Torah.  On the 4th November 1995 Yitzhak Rabin was indeed assassinated and the phenomenon of the "The Bible Code" came to light in a tragic, but incontrovertible, manner.

The CodeFinder Millennium Edition Bible Code Software now has far more features than that used by Drosnin, along with speed and power unlikely to ever be matched by any other product.   With CodeFinder Millennium Edition you can take over from where Drosnin left off, discovering new hidden codes, in a variety of Hebrew, Greek or English Scriptures, faster and easier than ever before.  A Comprehensive Tutorial takes you step by step through using the software and our Responsive On-line Support is always available.

cfme-front-for-web.jpg (18544 bytes)With results shown many times on TV, CodeFinder Millennium Edition leads the field in Bible Code research. Independently rated as the World's #1 Bible Code Software, CodeFinder combines ease of use for beginners with sufficient features to satisfy even the most advanced researcher.

Purchase CodeFinder Millennium Edition today and begin your own exploration into the extraordinary phenomenon of the Bible Codes.  Finally answer the question: "Is my name in the Bible Codes?".

The CodeFinder Millennium Edition artwork, to the right, shows part of the  JFK 'Execution' matrix along with a representation of the "Triangle Number" phenomenon of Genesis 1:1.  Click here for a full size copy of this artwork.

Buy Now on CD  US$67.95+$4.00 p&h. Download Now  US$47.95 Save $24 over the CD

Some of the Bible Codes discovered with CodeFinder

Post-processed examples from CodeFinder Millennium Edition
Click on any image to view a larger picture in a new window.

CodeFinder Special Projects

CodeFinder's unique features make it ideal for various, ground breaking, 'special projects'.  Examples of these are the look at "Computers in Genesis" and the related "Data Integrity Patterns of the Torah". 

CodeFinder Millennium Edition Key Features

  • FREE UPGRADES!  All customers can upgrade to the latest version by free download.
  • Online help always available.  Dedicated software support discussion board for all CodeFinder customers.
  • Comprehensive Tutorial. Step by Step Instructions for using the CodeFinder Bible Code software.
  • Generates Detailed Reports of your findings.
  • Automatic determination of the best matrix, saving many hours over manual searching.
  • Dual Language Operation. Never again need Hebrew or Greek be a problem
  • Built in Hebrew Date and Number Conversion Utilities.
  • High Speed, 'Optimal Search Sequence' Algorithm, with full result caching.
  • Search in Hebrew, Greek and English Scriptures.
  • Scripture display with English Translation.
  • Look for up to 500 terms per search.
  • On Screen Virtual Keyboard for ease of Greek and Hebrew character input.
  • User Maintainable Dictionaries for Greek and Hebrew.
  • Export and Import of Search Results.  Carry on where you left off on the last search.
  • Multiple Matrix Determination Methods.
  • Matrix Printout and Save to File capabilities.
  • Comprehensive On-Line and Context Sensitive Help.
  • Many configurable parameters for the advanced user.

CodeFinder Millennium Edition Incorporates

  • The CodeFinder Millennium Bible Code Software program itself.
  • The CodeFinder Dictionary Manager.
  • The Koren versions of Genesis, the Torah and the Tanach with English translation.
  • The Greek Textus Receptus with English translation.
  • The King James Authorised Version of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Both English and Hebrew Control Texts.
  • Full featured trial version of our unique "Music from the Torah" software (CD Version Only).

System Requirements

  • PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or NT.
  • Runs on the Apple Macintosh under Virtual PC or Boot Camp.
  • Minimum 20 Megabytes of Hard Disk space for installation.
  • Minimum 16 Megabytes of RAM.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 800*600.

CodeFinder by Instant Download.

Take advantage of our special price and Download CodeFinder Millennium Edition directly from our secure server for a saving of $24.00 over the cost of the CD-ROM.
Download information is provided directly on completion of payment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CodeFinder Ordering Information

Here you can use our express ordering service.  To ensure the security and privacy of your personal information we use a secure transaction for the order submission. However, if you would like to place your order from a secure page then please click here to go to the secure web-page.

Please follow these three steps to place your order.

  1. Click the button in the Select Column next to the product that you wish to purchase.

  2. Enter your details in the form at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the 'Submit Order' button to securely submit your order for processing.

Product Description Price (US$) Select

CodeFinder Millennium Edition on CD-ROM combines ease of use with unmatched power and speed.  Within minutes of installation you can be finding any of a myriad of hidden codes, whether in English, Hebrew or Greek. Just select your search text, enter your terms, hit the search button and await your results.
CodeFinder's time saving features deliver your results most significant first and can automatically produce a detailed report and presentation graphic of your findings.
Discover for yourself the truth about amazing matrices displaying incredible detail about past events.  The JFK Assassination, World Trade Center disaster, the death of Princess Diana and the Sinking of the Titanic to name just a few. 

$67.95 + $4.00 p&h

CodeFinder Millennium Edition is also now available for download and installation directly from the Internet.
Save $14.00 with this mode of delivery as compared to the cost of the CD-ROM.

Note: Once your credit card has been manually processed you will receive an e-mail giving the download and installation procedure. If, however, you would prefer an immediate download then please click here for an automated system that issues download instructions immediately by return e-mail.


Music from the Torah: This unique program is an offshoot from mainstream Bible Code Research. By feeding the Hebrew text of the Bible through a user configurable music sequencer some very interesting and melodic results can be obtained. The software has many useful options that assist you in preparing the best music and it is capable of producing some amazing results.
This special version of the program comes complete with, three full CD quality, sample audio tracks.

$29.95 + $4.00 p&h

CodeFinder/Music Offer:

Purchase both CodeFinder Millennium Edition and Music from the Torah at the same time and save $24.95 off of the normal price.  After CodeFinder this is our most popular package.

$82.95 + $8.00 p&h


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