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Project List by Year - 2003

11 Somerset (eps 1-13)
11 Somerset (1-13) Inc.
Drama, Youth
Suspense-filled youth series with engaging recurring characters. Storylines resound with the fear and trepidations of the supernatural world, and each episode is filmed with intriguing natural locations.
15 Love/15 Partout (eps 1-26)
Galafilm Productions Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Canada's best tennis players come together to live, study, play and learn about the game of life, as much or more than they do about the game of tennis.
Artzone (eps 27-39)
Artzone Productions Ltd.
Magazine, Elementary (9-12)
Artzone entertains and informs about creativity, arts and craft making. This is its third season.
Atomic Betty (eps 1-26)
A Betty Productions Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
Betty is a little girl with a big secret -- she may appear sweet and brainy to those on Earth, but to the gazillion planets in our galaxy, she is Atomic Betty -- Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos!
CG Kids (eps 34-46)
Geokids Productions Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12)
CG Kids takes its young viewers on an adventure to exciting places in Canada where they meet other kids and discover how they live and play. This is its third season.
Broadcaster(s):,, (eps 1-10)
Deaf Planet TV Productions I Inc.
Drama, Elementary (9-12) is a cross-platform television, web and wireless destination to which deaf and hearing alike can journey in an exciting and engaging cultural experience.
Degrassi: The Next Generation (eps 310-322)
Epitome Pictures Inc.
Drama, Youth
A topical & entertaining series that captures the unique world of today's adolescent. In a real world without easy solutions, our characters deal with the big & little challenges of becoming an adult. This is its third season
Edgemont (eps 58-70)
Water Street Pictures Ltd.
Drama, Youth
A tween drama serial that follows the lives, adventures and issues of todays youth. The specifics of the stories are rooted in teen reality; the themes and concerns are universal. This is its fifth season.
Farzzle's World (eps 1-13
Farzzle's World Series I Inc.
Drama, Pre-school (under 5)
Farzzle often finds himself carried along on a rollercoaster ride when everyday objects suddently take on a life of their own and things magical happen. For Farzzle the world is a constant source of amazement, fun and discovery.
Fetes et Traditions (eps 1-13)
Mediatique Inc.
Documentary, Primary (6-9)
Introduces children to the many festivals, celebrations, traditions and communities that make up Canada.
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