1855 Letcher County Births

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Please note that I tried to be as accurate as possible when transcribing these records so they would read as close as possible to the real record. For example if  a name is listed as Wm, then I have it as Wm and not William, I used only abbreviations if the record has them. 

Child name Date Parents
Bentley, Margaret Oct 27 Benjamin Bentley & Elizabeth Baker
Collins, Robert Dec 20 Robert Collins & Anny Banks
Caudill, John Mar 3 Isum Caudill & Elizabeth Back
Caudill, Francis  female June 30 Alfred Caudill & Anny Sturgill
Collins, James M Dec 20 J W Collins & Nancy Mullins
Cornett, Darlea Feb 24 William B Cornett & Polly Amburgy
Calhoon, Nancy Nov 13 Thomas Calhoon & Haner Yearly
Caudill, Henry B May 22 John Caudill & Jane Boggs
Collins, Martha Apr 5 Nathaniel Collins & Nancy Smith
Caudill, Easter unknown James Caudill & Polly
Crager, Rebecca June 1 James Crager & Levina Sexton
Bentley, John L Oct 5 William Bentley & Elizabeth Amburgy
Combs, Edward Mar 25 Russell Combs & Dicy Polly
unnamed male Mar 25 Calvin Collins & Sintha Taylor
Caudill, Dixson Dec 13 Benjamin Caudill & Mary Bowlin
unnamed female Oct 27 Charles Neace & Rachel Mullins
unnamed female Aug 6 A J Neice & Malinda Taylor
unnamed male Aug 6 Jesse Adams & Polly Craft
unnamed male Aug 17 Namon Kiser & Thussia  Sykes
unnamed male Aug 6 Henry Craft & Sary Webb
unnamed male
[There is a Thomas Hammons, with a one day date difference and same parents in this record as well]
Aug 31 Martin Hammons & Elizabeth Craft
unnamed male
[this is in the record twice, other record has Green Sexton]
Oct 7 Isaiah Sexton & Jane Sexton
Crager, Rebecca May 31 James Crager & Vicy Sexton
Sturdevant, Sally 
[this is in the record twice with different dates and the last named spelled Sturdivant]
July 17 Thomas Sturdevant & Sarah Noe
unnamed female July 26 William Sexton & Elender Sexton
Cain, Fanny Cassida Aug 2 blank & Letitia Cain
unnamed female Jan 29 Joseph Fairchiles & Sarah Caudill
unnamed male Feb 9 Eli Collins & Polly Barnett ?
unnamed female Mar 8 blank & Mariah Williams
unnamed female Mar 14 James Morgan & Polly E Polly
unnamed male
[has another entry with unnamed female on Mar 10}
Mar 17 Giedon Taylor & Fanney Phepps
unnamed male Mar 28 Calvin Collins & Cyntha Taylor
Collins, Polly Ann
[this is in the record twice with different dates]
Apr 5 B W Collins & Mary Morgan
[mothers name is Marget on other record]
this entry had Jesse Craft then marked out across the page, there is another entry for Jesse Craft further down the page Apr 14 then marked out  
Green, W B  Ma 20 Dorthala Green
Rieth, Douglas Feb 26 William B Rieth & Eliza Williams
Williams, Nancy Jan 29 William Williams & Polly Polly
unnamed male Mar 15 Samuel Niece & Katy Fraly
Craft, Elizabeth V
[this is in the record twice]
Feb 6 Joseph Craft & Martha Bates
Adams, Lydia
[there is anothe record of Rachel Adams, same parents, same date]
Mar 14 Simpson Adams & Sarah Webb
unnamed male Apr 12 blank & Marilda Madden
Mullins, Elizabeth Aug 15 Smith Mullins & Sarah Craft
Mullins, Mary Jane Oct 2 William Mullins & Sarah ann Bates
Adams, Sarah Nov 15 blank & Sarah Adams
Adams, Miles M
[this is in the record twice with different dates]
July 18 William Adams & Mary Webb
unnamed female Feb 19 Allen Hall & Hanner Yonts
Anderson, Elijah Willis May 23 Solomon Yonts & Lydia Anderson
Hall, Solomon June 11 Ruben Hall & Nancy Hall
Wright, Jamima June 28 Andrew Wright & Harriet Adams
unnamed female June 29 William Quillen & 
Banks, Nancy  Nov 21 Bailey Banks & Susanah Hall
Quilling, Jane July 28 Richard Quilling & Catharine Yonts
Wright, Joel Sept 24 John Wright & Anny Bentley
Hall, Sevilen  female Sept 2 Ruben Hall & Mahala Bentley
Hall, Jonathon Dec 22 John Hall & Renon Poppovich Yonts
unnamed female Dec 31 George Wright & Polly Potter
Caudill, James July 7 James Caudill & Elizabeth Mullins
unnamed female Dec 24 Watson Caudill & Elizabeth B Smith
Bates, Martha Jan 19 James Bates & Elizabeth Adams
Day, Sarah July 29 David Day & Rebecca Back
Eldridge, Nancy Dec 4 Wm Eldridge & Sarah Whitaker
Eldridge, Elizabeth June 3 Thomas Eldridge & Rachel Johnson
Flemmings, William Sept 9 Fredrick Flemmings & Anney Wright
Fairchilds, Robert Jan 29 J S Fairchilds & Sarah Caudill
Frankling, David Dec 25 James Frankling & Eliza Cornett
Gilley, Mary M Jan 28 blank & Jane Gilley
Hampton, Loucinda Sept 30 Estep Collins & Elizabeth Maggard
unnamed female Oct 18 Hiram Hall & Laely D????
Hampton, Wilborn Sept 9 Wilborn Hampton & Heby?  Caudill
Hampton, Rachel June 1 Sylvester Hampton & Elizabeth Caudill
Hammons, Nelson Jan 6 Elphraim Hammons & Drucilla Craft
Hall, Sirvelin   male Sept 9 Reubin Hall & Mahala Bentley
Hale, Martha Dec 10 A D Hale & Louisa Young
Hall, Floyd County Apr 30 Alexander Hall & Clerinda Martin
Hall, Solomon June 11 Rubin Hall & Nancy Hall
Hall, Ephraim Oct 28 John Hall & Margaret Kein
Hicks, Hiram July 6 Charles Hicks & Polly Slone
Craft, Benjamin May 9 Nehemiah Craft & Arty  Thornsberry
Adams, Miles M
[this is in the record twice with different dates]
July 19 William Adams & Mary Webb
Craft, David Aug 5 Henry Craft & Elizabeth Williams
Hammons, Thomas C 
[there is an unnamed male with same parents and one day date difference in this record as well]
Aug 30 Martin Hammons & Elizabeth Craft
Adams, Allen Oct 20 Allen Adams & Sintha Thornsberry
Collins, Polly Ann
[this is in the record twice with different dates]
Apr 30 B W Collins & Marget Morgan
[mothers name is Mary on other record]
Craft, Elizabeth V
[this is in the record twice]
Feb 6 Joseph Craft & Martha Bates
Honeycutt, Williem Dec 20 Alfred Honeycutt & Elizabeth Amburgy
Lewis, Francis   female Nov 12 Watson Lewis & Cateann Collier
Mullins, Aggy Apr 23 Elijah Mullins & Sallie Elsie
Maden, Emery Jan 31 William Maden & E B Smith
Maggard, Elihue Aug 22 James Maggard & Abigail Boggs
unnamed dead male Feb 9 Henry Maggard & Mima Sturgill
Sturgill, Nancy  Dec 3 Henry Maggard & Mima Sturgill
unnamed male Dec 9 James Maggard & Elizabeth Sturgill
unnamed male Apr 2 Roads Mead & Catharine Julia
Maggard, Winey Apr 11 Samuel Maggard & Rachel Sturgill
Maggard, James Aug 30 Henry Maggard & Polly Stamper
Mullins, Nepolan Feb 5 Joshua Mullins & Mary Everidge
Neace, Polly  Mar 17 Washington Neace & Jane Sutherlin
Pigman, Rosie April 16 Umphrey Pigman & Elizabeth Cornett
Pigman, Mary June 18 James M Pigman & Rody Cornett
Quillin, Jane Apr 12 Richard Quillin & Catherine Yonts
Robards, James Nov 22 Preston Robards & Rachel Caudill
Renolds, Noah M Dec 15 Noah Renolds & Mary Slone
Sturgill, Henry Aug 5 John Sturgill & Rachel Adams
Sturgill, Hinery  female Aug 5 John Sturgill & Rachel Adams
Scruch, Sally Feb 4 F ? Scruch & Clemnda Sturgill
Sexton, Catharine July 26 William Sexton & Eleader Cook
Sturdivant, Sarah 
[this is in the record twice with different datesand named spelled Sturdevant]
July 8 Thomas Sturdivant & Sarah Noe
Smith, William Apr 23 Nichlous Smith & Elizabeth Slone
Smith, Hillyard J Apr 13 William Smith & Martha Ashley
unnamed dead male Dec 23 James Stamper & Elizabeth Francis
Stamper, Dianer Feb 9 William M Stamper & Rebeckey Adams
Sexton, Green
[this is in the record twice, other record has unnamed]
Oct  7 Isaiah Sexton & Jane Sexton
unnamed dead female Jan 19 Ricahrd Sexton & Mary Lewis
Sturgill, David Feb 1 McGuire Sturgill & Susanah Huff
Sparkman, Matilda Dec 24 blank & blank
unnamed female
[has another entry with unnamed male on Mar 17]
Mar 10 Giedon Taylor & Fanney Phipps
Thomas, James Mar 19 Gran Thomas & Siltaney Sexton
unnamed male Dec 15 John Whitaker & Martha Holcome
Wright, Minervy Dec 31 George Wright & Polly Potter
Wright, Sidney  female unknown Andrew Wright & Harriet Adams
Wright, Joel Sept 9 John Wright & Anney Bentley
Webb, Benjamin P Apr 8 Jason L Webb & Elizabeth Craft
Yonts, Lewis
[listed as feamle but name is very clearly Lewis]
Sept 19 Charles Yonts & Hanner Huston
Polly, Catharine June 9 Edward Polly & Arta Hall
Craft, Wiley W Sept 4 Achelous Craft & Letty Webb
Williams, Elizabeth Mar 16 blank & Mariah Williams
Blair, Stephan R Mar 7 Elihue Balir & Selah Adams
Adams, Elihue Nov 6 Jesse Adams & Mary Craft
Adams, Joseph May 19 Spencer Adams & Selah Church
Adams, Rachel
[there is anothe record of Lydia Adams, same parents, same date]
Mar 14 Simpson Adams & Sary Webb
Mead, Mary Nov 2 Robert Mead & Sarah Collins
Mead, Christeener Oct 11 blank & Catey Mead
Bedwell, John W Oct 18 Evarnious Bedwell & Letty Adams
Caudill, Henry Dec 16 Jesse Caudill & Mary Back
Craft, Jesse Apr 14 blank & Bainey R Craft
Adams, Easter Jan 18 Stephen Adams & V?sley Isom
Niece, Fane Nov 6 Andrew J Neice & Malinda Taylor
Stidham, Harvey Mar 12 John Stidham & Lucindy Howell
Adams, Nancy Apr 21 William A Adams & Rebecky Blair
unnamed female Dec 22 John Hall & Caran Yonts
Maggard, Nancy Dec 3 James Maggard & Minervy Sturgill
unnamed dead male Feb 9 James Maggard & Minervy Sturgill
Hampton, Lucinda Sept 30 Caleb Hampton & Elizabeth [no last name listed]
Lucus, Josiah R Apr 15 Parker Lucus & Susanah Friley
Adams, Rosaniah Oct 11 blank & Jane Adams
Amburgy, Nancy Mar 27 John Amburgy & Rachel Hall
Adams, Dianer Sept 5 John G Adams & Sarah Meadows
Amburgy, Matilda June 3 Unmphrey Amburgy & Nancy Mullins
Amburgy, Marilda May 28 Jesse Amburgy & Rachel Cornett
Amburgy, Alfred November William Amburgy & Levinah Sparkman
Amburgy, Jasper Nov 27 Ambros Ambrugy & Martha Stewart
Amburgy, Adeline Nov 15 William Amburgy & Nancy Cornett
Amburgy, Sarah July 8 Robert Amburgy & Letty Adams
Amburgy, Elizabeth June 11 William Amburgy & Haner Bentley
Adams, Frances  female Feb 25 William Adams & Sarah Hall
Adams, Mary Dec 24 George Adams & Nancy Adams
Back, Polly Aug 29 Samuel Back & Rhody Day
Branson, Ezekiel Jan 24 Lenard Branson & Elizabeth Brashears
Adams, William M Dec 4 Jesse Adams & Margaret Jinkins
Bentley, Luranay Aug 1 Lewis Bentley & Mary Bentley
Boggs, Henry Apr 9 Abel Boggs & Rebecky Maggard
Boggs, Sariah July 7 Elihue Boggs & Pheby Shepherd
Boggs, Sarah 
[I've seen another transcription where this child was listed as dead and she is listed as alive]
Mar 26 James Boggs & Mary Bowlin
unnamed dead female June 25 Joseph Blair & Susanah Brown
Bentley, Morgan Mar 4 Joseph Bentley & Mary Ann Justice
Back, Rebeca Dec 23 Henry Back & Francis Blair
Buckhasing, James Sept 21 George Buckhasing & Sariah Hamilton

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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