I had a solo show at the Lisa Dent Gallery in November. LDG rules, you should definitely check it out next time you are in San Francisco. This is one of the installations I did there.

I will be in another exhibition called "Blobjects and Beyond" with accompanying book at the San Jose Art Museum opening March 5th.

I'm also working on a film project called Maggots & Men. We may shoot more of it up in Vermont early March 2005. We are currently looking for cast and crew so check out the link if you might be interested.

During the winter my studio is too cold to work in so I've been working on my body instead, I've been training at the Breathing Lotus Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu school in Vermont, I trained here 8 years ago and left to go back to art school, I really missed it in the meantime, so I'm really happy to be back, and it's great watching my body change, learn and relearn.

Tri-Virtualizing Spatial Objectifier

The Pleasure Center
In collaboration with
Saya Woolfalk
Leah Meyerhoff

Bed Membranes
In collaboration with
Brian Stansbury
Open Source Life Plant
In collaboration with
Diane Figueredo

Flo McGarrell
Inflated Spaces

B-Guts   Mutant Wind Clothes

Giant Television
In collaboration with
Little Big Bang


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