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"Fort Worth's historic downtown has been burnished to a sheen, and world-class museums, concert halls, and gourmet restaurants with a distinctive Texas twang line the reconstructed streets."
- The Boston Globe (2/26/03)

Cattle. Railroads. Oil. These are the mental images most people conjure of historic Fort Worth, once an army outpost of the American West. Today, a modern, growing, bustling Fort Worth celebrates its colorful past while embracing a vibrant present and exciting future. And while the city still nurtures its original industries, it is now also known for aviation, logistics, defense, and technology.

The half-million people of Fort Worth are genuinely friendly, spirited and quite diverse. Fort Worth is consistently ranked among the top places in the nation to work, live and do business. Why? The economy is strong and people love their jobs, but they also know when it's time to relax, have fun and enjoy all the city has to offer.

Whether born here or newly arrived, Fort Worth is home in every sense of the word, with affordable, high-quality living; a thriving, diverse business environment; outstanding education from kindergarten through college; a temperate climate; popular attractions; sophisticated fine art; community solidarity; renowned performing arts; and a bustling downtown that is the pride of its citizens and a model for cities across the nation.


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