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The Consumers' Association of Canada calls on BC's Solicitor General to make public the BCLC Board minutes

VANCOUVER, June 4, 2007

The Consumers' Association calls on Solicitor General John Les to make public the minutes of The British Colombia Lottery Commission Board Meetings for the past year. "Consumers in BC have a right to know what went on," said President Bruce Cran. "Apart from recently passing the buck at dizzying speed, precisely what have the 8 Members of this Board been doing since October 2006?

All 8 members of the BCLC Board serve at the pleasure of the Solicitor General. "Where were they when BC needed them to be asking questions and protecting Lottery Players?" asked Cran. "If this Board has failed to act responsibly, The Solicitor General should conger up the intestinal fortitude to dismiss the Members and replace them without delay."

For further information: Bruce Cran, (604) 418-8359

Consumers' Association says "consumer protection" in Canada a joke

OTTAWA, July 3, 2007

Last week Canadians were informed that despite the recall by vigilant USA authorities of 450,000 defective tires manufactured in China, no such action could be contemplated for the same product imported into Canada. Why is this so? "Transport Canada tells us they have no authority to order recall without a direction from the Chinese manufacturer," said CAC President Bruce Cran.

A week or so ago, Canadian Consumers suffered through a similar situation with toys also made in China which contained large quantities of lead. In the same week we learned that apple juice concentrate was being imported from China at bargain prices and, following the addition of water, was being sold under "made in Canada" labels. The Government of Canada often touts the benefits of a free market place and yet denies Canadian Consumers the information to make an informed decision. "We need to know not only what is in the can but where the contents came from," said Cran.

The recent finding of Glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, in toothpaste imported from China brought an argument from one of their agencies as to how much of this poison a human should be able to tolerate.

The situation with imports from China is a matter of grave concern. What is the Government of Canada going to do to protect Canadians?

For further information: Bruce Cran, (604) 418-8359

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