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The chief scholar and veteran Quran reader of the Makkah Holy Mosque, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, has been chosen the Dubai International Holy Quran Award's (DIHQA) 9th Islamic Personality of the year 2005.

His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Sudais
Imam and Public Speaker of the Sacred Mosque in Holy Mecca

Abu Abdulaziz Abdurrahman Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohamad Bin Abdullah, called “Al Sudais�, his origin is related to the famous tribe “Anza�.

From Al Bakirya Governorate, Al Qusaim Area.
Place of Birth: Riyadh in 1382 A.H.

Thanks to God then to his parents, Al Sudais memorized the Holy Quran when he was 12 years old. His father caused him to join the Holy Quran Memorization Group in Riyadh, supervised by His Eminence Sheikh Abdurrahman Bin Abdullah Al Faryan, and then, directed by Reciter Sheikh Mohammad Abdulmajed until God favored him with number of teachers of the Group, the last one of them was Sheikh Mohammad Ali Hassan.

His early life and study

He grew in Riyadh and joined Al Muthana Bin Harith Elementary School, then Riyadh Scientific Institution; where his most famous Sheikhs were Sheikh Abdullah Almunif, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Abdurrahman Al Twaijiri, and others.

He graduated from the Institution in 1399 A.H. with a grade of excellence.

Then, he joined Riyadh Shariah College, and graduated in 1403 A.H., his most famous Sheikhs in the College were:

(1) The late Sheikh Saleh Al Ali Naser (may God have mercy in his soul)
(2) Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al Sheikh (Public Mufti of the KSA)
(3) Dr. Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdurrahman Alatram
(4) Sheikh Abdullah Bin Abdurrahman Ibn Jibrin
(5) Sheikh Abdulaziz Aldawood
(6) Sheikh Fahd Alhemin
(7) Sheikh Dr. Saleh Bin Ghanem Al Sadlan
(8) Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Bin Abdullah Aldarwish
(9) Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Ali Alrakban
(10) Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Abdurrahman Alrabia
(11) Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Bin Ali Almubaraki
(12) Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Alsadhan

His involvement in the university activities

Al Sudais was appointed as a lecturer at Shariah College after he was graduated from the jurisprudence Principles Section thereof, and he passed the preliminary (methodology) stage in excellent grade.

His most famous Sheikh at the said Section was Scholar Sheik Abdullah Bin Abdurrahman Al Ghadian.

He worked as an imam and public speaker in number of Riyadh mosques, the last of which was the Mosque of the late Scholar Sheikh Abdurrazaq Alafifi (may God have mercy on his soul).

Beside his ordinary education at the College, he was learned by number of sheikhs of mosques and gained benefits from them, including, but without limitation,:

(1) His Eminence the late Scholar Sheikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz (may God have mercy on his soul)
(2) The late Sheikh Abdurrazaq Afifi (may God have mercy on his soul)
(3) Sheikh Dr. Saleh Alfawzan
(4) Sheikh Abdurrahman Bin Naser Albarrak
(5) Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Alrajihi,
In addition to other sheikhs may God give them His best rewards.

In addition to being a lecturer at the College, Al Sudais worked as a teacher in Aldawa Imam Scientific Institution.

In 1404 A.H., the Noble Order was issued appointing him as an imam and public speaker at the Sacred Mosque. He commenced his work in the month of Shaaban of the same year, on Sunday 22.8.1404 A.H. at Alasr (afternoon) prayer. He made his first speech in Ramadan on 15.9of the same year.

In 1408 A.H., he obtained the Master Degree from the Shariah College, Imam Mohammad Bin Masood Islamic University,  jurisprudence Principles Section, and had the excellence grade for his thesis “ jurisprudent Issues relating to the Shariah evidence whereby Ibn Qudamah Al Ghazali made his contradictionâ€?. The said thesis was supervised by Scholar Sheikh Abdurrazaq Afifi, but due to his health conditions, the supervision of the thesis was continued by Sheikh Dr. Abdurrahman Aldarwish.

After that, Al Sudais worked as a lecturer at the Judicature Section, Shariah College, Umm Alqura University in the Sacred Mecca.

In 1416 A.H., He obtained the doctorate degree with an excellence grade from the Shariah College at Umm Alqura University, with a recommendation to print his thesis titled “The Clear in the  Jurisprudence Principles by Abi Alwafa Bin Oqail Alhanbali: study and inspectionâ€?. The said thesis was supervised by Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Fahmi Abu Sunnah, and discussed by Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulmuhsen Alturki, the Secretary of the Islamic World Union, and Dr. Ali Bin Abbas Al Hakami, Chairman of Shariah High Studies at Umm Alqura University at the time being.

Then, he was appointed as an assistant professor in Shariah College, Umm Alqura University.

His missionary works

In addition to his work as imam and public speaker, Al Sudais performs teaching at the Sacred Mosque, under the Noble Order issued in 1416 A.H. The time of teaching follows the afternoon prayer, which includes, the belief, jurisprudence, interpretation, and Al Hadith in addition to his participation in the seasons of hajj and other activities.

He made several missionary trips inside and outside Mecca including many Arab and foreign countries. He participated in a number of the forums and conferences and the opening of a number of mosques and Islamic centers all over the world in accordance with the noble directions to this effect.

He has membership in number of scientific, missionary and charity entities, and was nominated by His Eminence the late Scholar Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Baz for the membership of the Shariah Department of Aid Islamic affiliated with the Islamic World Union and other entities.

He had participations in certain media through his various articles and speeches. He has missionary activity through participation in lectures and sessions inside the KSA and abroad.

His books and researches

He has scientific interests through teaching and classification including certain researches, studies, inspections, and various treatises which will be published in the near future, such as:

1.  jurisprudent Issues relating to the Shariah evidence whereby Ibn Qudamah Al Ghazali made his contradiction
2. The Clear in the  Jurisprudence Principles (Study and inspection)
3. Collection of the Eminent Sermons near the Holly Kaba
4. Providing the eager person with glimpse of the methodology and biography of Sheikh Abdulrazzaq
5. The most significant factors in the piety of teachers
6. The role scholars in reporting the provisions of Shariah
7. A message to the Moslem woman
8. The hoped comment on three principles
9. The clear explanations of the five comprehensive rules

He has a number of scholarship researches and projects relating to his specialty in the principles of jurisprudence, including, but without limitation:

(1) Sheikh Abdurrazaq Afifi and his  jurisprudent methodology
(2) God’s words between the scholars of jurisprudence and religion principles
(3) Dictionary of the jurisprudent terms, definition and documentation, which is the base of an integrated jurisprudent encyclopedia.
(4) The jurisprudent teams, investigation, explanation and documentation
(5) Correction of some jurisprudent subjects in accordance with the ancestors methodology
(6) Taking care in manifesting Al Hanabila jurisprudence, and serving the investigation of certain books of heritage.

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