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 National French Week: La Semaine du Français

November 5-11, 2007 & 2008



Reprinted from the AATF National Bulletin, Special Issue, Vol. 24 No. 5 (May 1999)

For those of you who wish to focus on la Francophonie during National French Week, here are a number of sources for additional information and materials.


bulletBerlitz Travel Guide:  French West Indies.  Lausanne: Berlitz Press, 1989/1990.
bulletBirnbaum’s 95 Caribbean.  New York:  Harper Collins, 1994.
bulletDeMers, John.  Caribbean Cooking.  Los Angeles:  HP Books, 1989 [recipes and section on ingredients, pp. 14-23].
bulletFowler, Virginie F. and George A. Elbert.  Down-Island Caribbean Cookery.  New York:  Simon and Schuster, 1991, “The Caribbean Cupboard,” pp. 22-48.
bulletGrant, Rosamund.  Caribbean and African Cooking.  Brooklyn:  Interlink Books, 1993.
bulletHarris, Jessica B.  Sky Juice and Flying Fish:  Traditional Caribbean Cooking.  New York:  Simon and Schuster, 1991 [ingredients and utensils, pp. 49-72].
bulletHoward, Michael.  Eyewitness Art:  Gauguin.  London:  Dorling Kindersley, 1992.
Books from France:
bulletBerlitz Guide de Voyage:  Antilles Françaises.  Oxford:  Berlitz Press, 1995/96.
bulletContes créoles d’Haïti.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme, série bilingue.  Paris: Conseil International de la Langue Française  [short stories in French; see helpful  addresses].
bulletUne Semaine en Gaudeloupe.  Paris:  Marco Polo/Hachette, 1997.
bulletUne Semaine en Martinique.  Paris:  Marco Polo/Hachette, 1997.
Video Cassettes:
bulletAntilles.  Video Guides Hachette.  55 minutes.  French  [cassette sold with a mini-guide, available from Bonjour America; see helpful addresses].
bulletFlaccus, David.  Glimpses of Martinique.  Roanoke:  Teacher's Discovery, 1996.  22 min.  [includes tapescript; narration is mainly in English with eight French interviews].
bulletFrench Folk Dancing, Vol. 1 [has the Contra-danse from Haiti; can be ordered from Gessler].
bulletRue Cases-Nègres [video plus lesson plans available from FilmArobics, Inc.; see helpful addresses].
Audio Cassettes:
bulletLa Compagnie Créole: “Le Bal masqué,” “Ma première biguine partie”
bulletPhilippe Lavil.  Kole Sere: “Fort de France”
bulletPoster of Martinique.  Teacher’s Discovery; Tel: (800) TEACHER.


bulletBaedeker’s Tunisia.  New York:  Prentice Hall, 1992.
bulletBetty Crocker’s New International Cookbook.  New York:  Prentice Hall, 1989.
bulletCowart, Jack and Pierre Schneider.  Matisse in Morocco:  The Paintings and Drawings, 1912-1913.  New York:  Harry N. Abrams, 1990.
bulletCrowther, Geoff and Hugh Finlay.  Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia:  A Travel Survival Kit.  Berkeley:  Lonely Planet, 1992.
bulletLukins, Sheila.  All Around the World Cookbook.  New York:  Workman Publishing, 1994.
bulletOlaore, Ola.  Traditional African Cooking.  London:  Foulsham, 1990.
bulletReid, William, Jr.  100 Craft Projects from Around the World,  “Folk Art and Crafts of the Arab World,” pp. 173-184.  Portland:  J. Weston Walch, 1982.
bulletShabbas, Audrey and Ayad Al-Quazzaz, eds.  Arab World Notebook: Secondary School Level.  Berkeley:  Najda, 1989.
Books from France:
bulletContes d’Algérie.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme.  Paris:  Conseil International de la Langue Française, 1988.
bulletContes Maghrébins.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme.  Paris:  Conseil International de la Langue Française, 1981.
Video Cassettes:
bulletMarrakesh and Fez.  30 minutes.  1995.  International Video Network [available from Fusion Video; see helpful addresses].
bulletMorocco:  A Bridge Across Time.  From Video Visits.  53 minutes [available from International Video Network;  see helpful addresses].
bulletThe Morocco Experience.  From Lonely Planet.  47 minutes [available from International Video Network; see helpful addresses].
Audio Cassette:
bulletMorocco:  Crossroads of Time.  CD and 64-page book.  Ellipsis Arts, Roslyn, NY, 1995.

bulletFaul, Michael A.  The Story of Africa and Her Flags to Color.  Santa Barbara: Bellerophon Books, 1991.
bulletGrant, Rosamund.  Caribbean and African Cooking.  New York:  Interlink Books, 1993 [glossary with illustrations].
bulletGrunfeld, Frederic, ed.  Games of the World:  How to Make Them, How to Play Them, How They Came to Be.  New York:  Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1975  [information on Wari, Yote, and an African string game].
bulletHafner, Dorinda.  A Taste of Africa.  Berkeley:  Ten Speed Press, 1993.
bulletHarris, Colin.  A Taste of West Africa.  New York:  Thomson Learning, 1995.
bulletKopka, Matthew and Iris Brooks, eds.  Jali Kunda:  Griots of West Africa and Beyond.  Roslyn, NY:  Ellipsis Arts, 1996 [96-page book and CD set].
bulletMang, Christa.  Senegal.  New York:  Gessler Publishing, 1991.
bulletOlaore, Ola.  Traditional African Cooking.  London:  Foulsham, 1990.
bulletSandler, Bea.  The African Cookbook:  Menus and Recipes from Eleven African Countries and the Island of Zanzibar.  New York:  Carol Publishing, 1993 [a section on Senegal:  foods and how dinner is served].
Books from France (all available from the Conseil International de la Langue Française):
bulletContes des lagunes et des savanes. (Fleuve et Flamme)  Paris:  EDICEF, 1983.
bulletContes et légendes Soninké.  (Fleuve et Flamme)  Paris:  EDICEF, 1978.
bulletContes et mythes du Sénégal.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme.  Paris:  EDICEF, 1986.
bulletL’Enfant rusé et d’autres contes bambara.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme.  Paris: EDICEF, 1984.
Video Cassettes
bulletAfrique francophone.  52 minutes [interviews, ads, songs, etc. from a number of French-speaking countries. Available through FACSEA].
bulletGlimpses of West Africa.  31 minutes.   New York: Gessler [both English and French versions available] .
bulletMa journée en français, 30 minutes, 1990   [video visits to six Francophone areas including Senegal, Benin, and Reunion; each visit is narrated by a child who takes you through a typical day in his/her country; available through PICS].
bulletWest Africa:  Benin, Mali and Burkina Faso.  45 minutes.  Lonely Planet Publications, 1996.
bulletPosters of Adrinka symbols and Kente cloth.  Available from Sankofa Educultural Consultancy; see helpful addresses.


bulletBarrow, Terence.  The Art of Tahiti and the Neighbouring Society, Austral and Cook Islands. London:  Thames and Hudson, 1979.
bulletBennett, Victor.  The South Pacific Cookbook.  Englewood Cliffs:  Prentice Hall, 1970.
bulletGoodwin, Bill.  Frommer’s South Pacific, fifth ed.  New York:  Simon and Schuster.
bulletIslands of Tahiti.  Trans.  Lisa Neumeier-Anderle.  Bora Bora:  Kea Editions, 1993 [available through Petra Dorris;  see helpful addresses].
bulletMetken, Gunter.  Gauguin in Tahiti:  The First Journey, Paintings 1891-1893.  New York:  W.W. Norton Co. , 1992.
Books from France:
bulletCachin, Françoise.  Gauguin: Ce malgré moi de sauvage.  Paris: Gallimard, 1989  [Tahiti: chapter 4, pp. 67-91].
bulletDurand, Alain.  Guides Hachette VISA:   À Tahiti.  Paris: Hachette, 1989.
bulletGauguin, Paul.  Les Lettres à sa femme et à ses amis.  Paris:  Grasset, 1946.
bulletLégendes tahitiennes.  Collection Fleuve et Flamme.  Tr. Louise Peltzer. Paris:  Conseil International de la Langue Française [see helpful addresses].
Video Cassettes:
bulletTahiti.  33 minutes.  1992.  Rand McNally Video Traveller Collection [available from International Video Network; see helpful addresses].
bulletIslands of the South Pacific.  Video Visits.  75 minutes.  1992.  International Video Network [available from Fusion Video;  see helpful addresses].
Audio Cassettes:
bulletMany audio cassettes available from Petra Dorris; see helpful addresses.
bulletPoster:  Tahiti.  Available from Teacher’s Discovery.
bulletCalendar; postcards.  Available from Petra Dorris; see helpful addresses.


1730 M Street, NW    Suite 1100
Washington, DC   20036
Tel: (202) 776-9600

AWAIR  [Arab World Notebook, books on Islamic art]
Arab World and Islamic Resources
1865 Euclid Avenue, Suite 4
Berkeley, CA  94709
Tel: (510) 704-0517

Bonjour America Inc.
116 Consumer Square
Suite 258
Plattsburgh, NY  12901

Conseil International de la Langue Française
11, rue de Navarin
75009 Paris, France

Ellipsis Arts . . .
20 Lumber Road
Roslyn, NY    11576-9894
Tel: (800) 788-6670

FACSEA  (Society for French American Cultural Services)
972 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10021
Tel: (212) 439-1439

FilmArobics, Inc.
9 Birmingham Place
Vernon Hills, IL  60061
Tel: (800) 832-2448

French West Indies Tourist Board
610 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10020

Fusion Video
17311 Fusion Way
Country Club Hills, IL 60478
Tel: (800) 959-0061

International Video Network
212 Tucker Street
Healdsburg, CA     95448-4423
Tel: (800) 360-4486

La Librairie du Pacifique
32, rue Monsieur-le-Prince
75006 Paris, France

National Office of Moroccan Tourism
20 East 46th Street
New York, NY  10017
Tel: (212)  557-2520

Office Départemental du Tourisme de la Guadeloupe
5, square de la Banque
97181 Pointe-à-Pitre Cedex
Guadeloupe,  French West Indies

Office Départemental du Tourisme de la Martinique
Boîte postale 520
97206 Fort-de-France Cedex
Martinique, French West Indies

Petra M. Dorris, South Seas Imports
3717 Division Street
Los Angeles, CA  90065
Tel: (800) 668-2448

Sankofa Educultural Consultancy
Dr. Kwaku Ofori-Ansa
2211 Amherst Road
Hyattsville, MD   20783
Tel: (301) 422-0540

Tahiti Tourist Promotion Board
300 N. Continental Blvd., Suite 180
El Segundo CA   90245

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Created: April 25, 1999
Last update: April 16, 2007


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