Bond Machine Knitting - Mitten Patterns

Date: 11 Sep 1997 12:17:52 EST
From: "Karen E. Bourne"                      (KBOURN@CO.FAIRFAX.VA.US)
Subject: [BOND] Socks, mittens, tubes, and thanks.                                    

- -- Socks --                                                                    

Thanks to Catherine at rocksprings for the 9/1 post on creating sock blanks on 
the bond.  I've never been too good at heels, so I used your idea to create    
mitten blanks, instead.  Here's what I did...                                  

- -- Mittens --                                                                  

Note:  Page #'s refer to the "Pattern Book for Beginners" that came with the   


Open CO # of sts for width of hand in WY.  (For me, this was 16 sts using Soft 
Creations worsted weight acrylic on KP 3.)                                     

K 6 R in WY, then switch to MY, RC000.                                         

K # of R's for length of hand from wrist to end of index finger. (For me, 32   

Shape top by dec 1 st each side every 3 R to desired length. (For me, another 8
R to RC040, 12 sts rem.)                                                       

Switch to WY, K 6 R, and remove from machine.                                  

Note:  Dec on st a couple of sts in from edge, so edge sts will be easier to   
find when joining back of hand to palm.                                        

***Back of Hand***                                                             

Work as for palm, but use seam-as-you-knit (pg 6) to attach back to palm at    
sides as follows...                                                            

Open CO in WY, K 6 R, COR.                                                     

To begin seam-as-you-knit, with palm purl side facing, flat edge at top and    
shaping at bottom, hang loop from left edge of palm on 1st working ndl on LHS. 

     JJJJJ  ndls                                                               
    /\   ║  back of hand WY, purl side                                         
   /  \--+                                                                     
  /    \                                                                       
 /palm  \                                                                      
║  MY   /║  palm WY, knit side                                                 
║purl  /\║                                                                     
\ side/  \                                                                     
 \   /                                                                         

Switch to MY.                                                                  

K 1 R, COL. Hang loop from right edge of palm on last working ndl on RHS.      

K 1 R, COR. Continue to hang loops from edges of palm while working back of    

After knitting the last R of the back of hand, the knit side of the palm will  
be facing. Hang sts from last R of palm on ndls with last R of back and use    
method for joining shoulders (pg 13) to BO palm and back tog.                  

***Handknit Thumb***                                                           

Try on mitten and determine row where thumb should be. (For me, R 16.) Put 4   
sts on R above thumb on a safety pin. Do same for 4 sts                        
on R below thumb.                                                              

VVVV  safety pin                                                               
VvVV  thumb row                                                                
VVVV  safety pin                                                               

Cut top right of st marked with small v, unravel 2 sts each direction, and tie 
off loose yarn each side to create thumb opening. Pick up 12 sts around opening
on 3 dp ndls.                                                                  

1    2                                                                         
1    2                                                                         

K in rnds to length of thumb. (For me, 12 rnds on US # 8 dp ndls.) K 2 tog 6 X,
6 sts rem.  Cut yarn, thread thru sts, pull to gather, and tie off.            

***Handknit Ribbing***                                                         

Pick up bottom sts on dp ndls and K ribbing in rnds to desired length. BO. (For
me, 14 rnds of 2x2 rib.)                                                       



Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:27:25 -0500
From: (McGeveran Nancy)
Subject: [BOND] Mittens on the Bond

This mitten pattern is knit entirely on the machine.  Once you =
understand the principal, it's easy to adapt for other sizes.
I've made lots of them, and like the fact that there's no difference =
between the left and right hand.  For kids, you can make three, and when =
they inevitably lose one, you have an extra.

I got the pattern on this list over a year ago; it was originally posted =
by Liz Janowski.

Mittens:     sizes: childrens 2-4; (6-8 womens)(10-12 mens)
materials: worsted weight knitting yarn:   1(1,2,2,2) 50 gm skeins
Tension: 20 st x 24 rows =3D 4" x 4"

With closed edge method, CO 27(32,35,39,43) st. Knit 16 rows, and
convert them to ribbing.   Knit 4(4,6,6,8) rows even.

Thumb gusset:
At beg. of next 12 rows, inc. 1 st
Row 13 & 14: take off (onto thread or pin) 6 sts at end of that row =
before knitting the row.
Knit 19(21,23,23,25) rows.
Dec for tip of mitten: put EON (every other needle) into holding =
position, thus decreasing
1/2 of the stitches. Knit 1 row. Draw up a length of yarn thru remaining
sts, remove from needles. Draw up tight, sew side seam down to thumb.

Pick up 12 thumb sts from holding threads, plus 2 more sts at base of
seam just sewn, and rehang onto needles with wrong side facing. Knit
7(9,11,13,15) rows. Next row, dec for top of thumb as above for tip of
mitten and knit 1 row. Draw up length of yarn thru remaining sts and
remove from needles. Draw up tight and sew side seam.

Add your own design.

Nancy McGeveran
New York City


Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 22:40:02 -0400
From: "peretz" 
Subject: Re: [BOND] sewn mittens?

Dear Sheryl: You just make a pattern of the child or whoever's hand on a
piece of paper. Then knit a rectangle large enough for the pattern to fit
onto. Then trace the pattern onto the knit piece and zig-zag with your
sewing machine on the lines to keep the yarn from raveling when you cut it
out. You also could probably just pin the pattern on and sew around that.
I'd sew with a fairly close together stitch and a med. width-you want to
make sure you're catching all the strands of yarn. cut it out with about
1/2 inch seam allowance. I would do the ribbing after it's sewn, by HK-
knitting in the round.

Lee Peretz, Lexington, KY

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