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Ken Cuccinelli has been the leader in Northern Virginia for new transportation solutions without increasing taxes.
  • Ken has developed and is agressively promoting a region-wide plan for High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes which can be built alongside our current highways. HOT lanes will offer single occupancy vehicles an opportunity to travel in speed-maintained lanes with tolls electronically collected at full highway speed (no toll booths). The toll would vary ("congestion pricing") in order to maintain the desired speed. High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) could still use HOT lanes without a charge. The HOT lane concept uses free market principles to improve the flow of traffic in Northern Virginia since the construction and maintainence of the HOT lanes will be largely paid for by the toll revenue. Additionally, HOT lanes will combat air pollution by reducing stop-and-go traffic. As proposed, 100% of the HOT lane revenue would by law remain in Northern Virginia.
  • Ken supports the extension of mass transit into Loudoun and Prince William Counties with a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which will utilize the HOT lanes to provide fast, convenient, and cost-effective bus service throughout Northern Virginia. Ken strongly believes that BRT is a viable alternative to the extension of the Metro to Dulles Airport because:
    • BRT is a proven solution at a fraction of the cost and time needed for the Metro solution.
    • BRT is a regional transportation solution rather that a solution limited to a narrow corridor in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.
  • Ken supports amending the Virginia Constitution to require that tax revenues collected for the Transportation Trust Fund must be used for transportation projects as the means of stopping raids on the Transportation Trust Fund. For many years, the Transportation Trust Fund has been repeatedly raided to fund other, non-transportation, spending. Ken firmly believes that transportation must be a higher priority in the future than it has been in the past and amending the Virginia Constitution one mean to protect transportation dollars.

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Taxation and Government Growth Issues

Ken Cuccinelli has a proven record as a leader both in the Virginia State Senate and in Fairfax County in challenging the status quo of an ever-increasing tax burden to pay for ever-expanding government programs. Virginia does face a continuing fiscal crisis, but it cannot be solved by legislation based upon increasing the revenue (i.e. raising our taxes) to eliminate the shortfalls caused by uncontrolled spending.
  • Ken did not support nor vote for the massive tax increase passed in the 2004 Legislative Session. He believes this legislation did not address nor solve the fundamental financial issues facing Virginia, but was merely a license for increased and unchecked government spending.
  • Ken supports reforming Virginia's Tax Code and changing the inequitable Allocation Formulas for the distribution of state funds. As currently set, Northern Virginia and Fairfax County receive a disproportionately small return on tax revenues paid compared to other areas of Virginia. A fairer allocation formula system would reduce the tax burden on Northern Virginians.
  • Ken supports reforming Virginia's Tax Code to change the over-reliance by suburban localities on the Real Estate Tax. While the 2004 legislation did address this issue to a limited extent, alternate revenue sources must be identified and implemented. Ken firmly believes, however, that any comprehensive alternate program must be revenue-neutral to protect the taxpayers from runaway local spending.
  • Ken supports reforming Virginia's Tax Code to implement structural spending restraints to rein in big-spending Virginia politicians. This was a fundamental feature of reform that was totally ignored in the 2004 legislation. This reform can only be accomplished by:
    • Implementing spending constraints such as limiting spending growth in the state budget to the increase in population growth plus inflation. Given the history of big-spending in Virginia, legally-binding restraints are necessary.
    • Evaluation and prioritization of the programs of the State and elimination of those that do not effectively contribute to the well-being of Virginians. This review will reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the waste of taxpayer's money in Richmond.
    • All income tax revenue surpluses not required to fund necessary State programs should be returned to taxpayers directly. This will eliminate the problem of spending money just because it is available even though it may not be needed.

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K-12 and Higher Education

Ken Cuccinelli is a strong advocate of education at all levels and has demonstrated a willingness to challenge the educational establishment. He has been active in promoting the return to tried-and-true educational methods in our public schools - methods that offer savings by teaching our children correctly the first time.
  • Ken supports legislation to strengthen the accountability of local school boards in Virginia. Ken believes that every child in Virginia deserves the best education possible and will continue to work to ensure that the available funding is used to educate our children rather than to support administrators.
  • Ken has supported pay raises for our teachers. Ken supports our teachers, the people on the front lines in educating our children.
  • Ken supports adequate funding for the state-supported Virginia colleges and universities. Having earned degrees at UVA and George Mason, Ken knows first-hand the outstanding education that is provided by our state schools and he recognizes the excellent reputations that they have. To maintain this stature in a era of limited funding, Ken supports measures to strengthen the financial accountability of the school administrations.

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Social, Moral and Family Issues

Ken Cuccinelli has a proven record as a leader in the Virginia State Senate and as a community activist in protecting the sanctity of life and preserving and strengthening the traditional family unit.
  • Ken supports an Amendment to both the U.S. Constitution and the Virginia Constitution to protect marriage and families by defining marriage as strictly between one man and one woman.
  • Ken knows that life begins at conception and he has been a leader in advancing the cause of life.
  • Ken was a co-sponsor of legislation in the Senate to prohibit the partial-birth abortion procedure from being performed in Virginia. The procedure cannot be medically justified under any circumstances and is one part of the legislation needed to protect the lives of unborn babies. Thanks to Ken’s vote, the ban on partial birth abortion could not be stopped by the Governor’s veto!
  • Ken drafted legislation in the Senate to require parental consent prior to performing an abortion on a child. Ken believes this legislation is an important step to strengthen families and protect children; thanks to his leadership on this issue, it became law on July 1, 2003.
  • The First Amendment guarantees the religious freedom of all people to worship according to their beliefs. Ken believes this guarantee includes the right to use traditional symbols, displays, and music from all religions in all public and private venues.
  • Ken has sponsored several initiatives in the Senate to protect the interests of children innocently caught in the middle of family crises or in abusive situations. Ken believes that protection of the innocent is a necessary responsibility of government and will continue to work on these initiatives.
  • Ken sponsored legislation to protect our Second Amendment rights. Ken believes that our right to keep and bear arms is an integral part of our freedom as Americans and he will continue to work for these and other rights expressly guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States.

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Health and Human Services

Ken Cuccinelli strongly believes that the citizens of Virginia can and should have the best health and human services that are possible and that they should be consistently available throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Ken supports instituting the same health and safety regulations for abortion clinics as are applied to other ambulatory surgery centers in the Commonwealth. These regulations were removed several years ago despite the opposition of groups as diverse as the Virginia Society for Human Life (VSHL) and the National Organization for Women (NOW), but recent tragic experiences at these clinics have shown that their concerns were well founded.
  • Ken supports helping those that cannot help themselves, particularly Virginians that are mentally retarded and their families.

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