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Structures in Age of Mythology
Buildings - Wonders

There are some buildings that are common to each civilization within the game, albeit perhaps with name changes and/or cost differences. There are also buildings that are civ specific. Examples of the common variety include, but aren't limited to Town Centers, Barracks, resource drop points and temples. Civ specific buildings include the fortress for each civ (Fortress, Migdol Stronghold and Hill Fort) where the strongest units are typically created.
Buildings Civ. Notes
Town Center all Main building in the game.
Drop Point all Each civ does this differently. Egyptians get theirs for free and need to build seperate ones for food, wood and gold (as do the Greeks). Norse Ox Carts serve the same purpose and can be moved as needed.
House all Each house supports 10 pop. Only 10 can be built total. (Use town centers for additional population.)
Dock all Naval myth units and techs are compleated here. All basic techs are the same for all 3 civs.
Wooden Wall all It's a wall! Click on a section when built to upgrade to stone (in Classical Age) and place gates (15gold).
Farm all All civs can build a farm, but only the Egyptians can do it from the start of the game. Norse & Greek must wait until Classical. This is the slowest way to gain food until all farming techs have beed researched.
Temple techs all Needed to advance to the Classical Age. Myth units and some myth are researched here.
Obelisk Egyptian Used to scout. A preist can 'sumon' one into being. They allow you to keep an eye on the map for enemy movement.
Monument Egyptian Can build up to 5 of these. They must be built in order to gain favor.
Longhouse Raiding Norse The basic Norse troop building. Throwing axemen, Hersir, Cavalry and Ulfsarks are built here.
Sentry Tower all Norse and Greek build Sentry Towers until they ahve been upgraded to watch towers. Egyptians get the watch tower upgrade for free, and as a result they start with Watch Towers, which can fire arrows. They are used for watching the enemy movements and defense once upgraded. Towers can garrison units.
Armory all This building is the required building to advance to the Heroic Age. Research is done to improve troop armor and attack damage. Followers of Thor can build this in the Archaic Age and get a bonus round of upgrades while everyone else must wait until the Classical Age to build this.
Barraks Egyptian The Egyptian version of the Longhouse, basic troops are created here including
Spearmen, Axemen and SLingers, as well as their upgrades.
Military Academy Greek One of the Greek versions of the Barracks or Longhouse. Infantry and their
Academy upgrades are created here.
Archery Range Greek The second of the the Greek troop production buildings where Archers and
their upgrades are built.
Stables Greek The third and final Greek troop building. This is where cavalry and their upgrades are done.
Market all The building required to advance to the final age, the Mythic. Resources can be traded here for others you may need more. Also created here are trade caravans which prodruce gold when sent to any Town Center.
Hill Fort all The unique Norse troop production building. The most powerful of the Norse units are built and upgraded here. Units include the Huskarl, Jarl, Portable Ram and in the Mythic Age, the Ballista. They can shoot arrows and garrison units inside for defence.
Migdol Stronghold Egyptian The Egyptian unique troop building. Like the Norse Hill Fort, they can garrison troops and fire arrows for defence. Units created here are the Chariot Archers, Camelry, and War Elephants.
Siege Works Egyptian A building unique to the Egyptians as Norse and Greek Siege units are built at their 'fortress.' Egyptians build their siege weapons here, which include the Siege Tower and in the Mythic Age, the catapult.
Fortress Greek You guessed it. The Greek unique troop building where unique troops of each major god are built as well as the Greek siege engines, the Petrobolos and in the Mythic Age the Helepolis. They can garrison troops and fire arrows.
Lighthouse Egyptian Built in the Mythic Age, these buildings have massive line of sight and do not need to be built near water.
Wonder all Each of the 9 major gods have their own structure (see below) and these buildings are very expensive. They take a long time to build and as a result have massive hit points. A game can be won by building one and defending it for the time required (varies with map size and number of enemies). Otherwise, they are useless and don't build them.

Each Major God grants the ability to build a Wonder when the Mythic Age has been reached. The Wonder is very expensive to build (1000 each food, wood and gold, 50 favor) and takes a very long time to build, even with many workers toiling away. When a Wonder's foundation is laid down, everyone in the game is told that a Wonder has been started and a large star is overlayed on the mini-map at the location. You will need to either defend the Wonder (if it's yours) or destroy it. Once it has been completed, a timer starts to count down (it depends on map size and number of players). If it reaches zero, the player who built the Wonder gets a win.

God: Wonder:
Zeus Statue of Olympia (located at Olympia, Greece)
Hades The Mausoleaum at Halicarnassus (located at Bodrum, Turkey)
Poseidon The Theatre of Dionysus (located at Athens, Greece or Delphi, Greece)
Ra Pyramid of Kheops (Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt)
Isis The Sphinx (Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt)
Set Abu Simbel (Aswan, Egypt)
Odin Hall of Valhalla, one of Odin's halls (located in Asgard)
Thor Yggrdasil, the world tree (the tree Odin hung himself from)
Loki Naglfari, the Ship of Fingernails, (Neiflheim)

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