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With their reggae inflections and positive vibrations, road warriors 311 have always been clearly set apart from the angsty rap-rock pack. Just in time for their summer tour with the Roots, this seventeen-cut compilation includes juicy smashes "Beautiful Disaster" and "All Mixed Up," as well as two new tracks: "How Do You Feel?" is a turgid rocker (inferior to 1995's classic "Down," also present), and the superb "First Straw" offers an irie high in a world where "your best day could be apocalypse."


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themusiclover writes:

5of 5 Stars

311 may be one of the most underrated bands in music. with fun intelligent songs of love, fun, and tripping out. like the stoner who paints the prettiest of pictures, 311 give insight of the world of the gifted drug users. and this greatest hits collection is a beautiful disaster that shows you that.

Jun 11, 2007 13:46:08

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