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Vol. X, No. 4, January 26, 2007 - A Member Service of the Free Speech Coalition
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January, 2007 marks the beginning of a new year and a makeover for the Free Speech X-Press. Still focused on bringing you adult entertainment news and updates, we've added several new features and a colorful new look.

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FBI Inspects Wicked Pictures' Records

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - The FBI visited the offices of Wicked Pictures to inspect its 2257 record-keeping on Wednesday of this week, the latest in a series of 2257-related visits to adult video producers.

"The standard number of agents visited us…about six," Orenstein told, "and they stayed for about an hour and a half. It was all very standard stuff."

The agents arrived with a list of titles that they were interested in seeing the records for. "And we provided those titles for them. [The agents] did mention that they had to finish up the visit back at their offices, but they said that I should feel comfortable with saying the inspection went perfect."

The visit is the latest in a series paid by the FBI to adult video producers, supposedly chosen at random. FBI officials visited Pure Play Media in November, and this past summer agents inspected records at Sunshine Films, Diabolic Video and Robert Hill Releasing. More recently, agents visited K-Beech, Evasive Angles, Darkside Entertainment and Legend Video.

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Mantra Films Owner Sentenced to Community Service and Fines for 2257 Violations
LOS ANGELES, CA - Mantra Films owner Joe Francis has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a $500,000 fine for his role in violating 2257 regulations, the federal record-keeping law designed to keep adult content producers from using underage performers. In addition to community service and the fine, U.S. District Judge Margaret Morrow sentenced Francis to two years probation.

The sentence marks the second part of a multiple jurisdiction case against Francis, who was fined $500,000 and sentenced to 240 hours of community service during the Florida segment of the case. Francis pled guilty to 10 felony counts stemming from federal record-keeping violations.

According to, Francis told reporters outside the Los Angeles courthouse that the government had unfairly persecuted him. "Of course I've been unfairly targeted by the government," Francis said. "What better target than Joe Francis?"

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ACLU to Represent Butt-Print Artist
RICHMOND, Va. - A high school art teacher who lost his job this month over video footage of him making "butt-prints" began circulating amongst his own students. He will be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in a legal challenge to his dismissal.

Stephen Murmer was suspended in December after a video of him creating one of his "butt-prints," abstract art created by using his posterior and his genitals to apply paint to a canvas, was posted on The Chesterfield County School Board voted to fire Murmer earlier this month.

"Once he became fired, then it became a potential legal issue," Kent Willis, executive director of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Willis noted that a public employee has a right to free expression outside the work place as long as it doesn't interfere with his job.

"First Amendment issues always have a high priority ranking for us," Willis said. "Murmer can either appeal the school board's decision to a state circuit court, or go to federal district court and try to recover damages on constitutional grounds," he said.

School spokeswoman Debra Marlow said that, "students have a right to receive their education in a positive learning environment, free from distractions and disruptions." The decision also was in keeping with court rulings that hold that teachers are expected to lead by example, be role models and honor core values, she said.

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Substitute Teacher Convicted on Porn-Related Charges Gathers Support
NORWICH, Conn - A substitute teacher convicted earlier this month of exposing a class of seventh graders to adult Web sites has gathered increasing support from computer experts who are shocked that the case was even taken to trial, according to a report in the Norwich Bulletin.

Julie Amero faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for her conviction earlier this month on four counts of risk of injury to a minor that stem from adult images being displayed on a computer in a classroom she was substituting in. Amero maintains that she is a victim of a malicious software infestation - a position supported by computer experts. The state, however, contends that Amero actively visited the Web sites in question.

Detective Mark Lounsbury, a computer crimes officer at the Norwich Police Department testified as an expert witness for the prosecution. He maintained that Amero must have "physically clicked" on pornographic links during class time, which would establish that Amero had an active role in the display of the pornographic pictures.

A computer expert was prepared to testify for the defense that malware was responsible for the pop-ups but was barred from doing so because Amero's lawyer failed to file obligatory pre-trial paperwork raising the possibility of such a defense. Lounsbury admitted under cross-examination that the prosecution never even checked the computer for malware.

"The fact that the machine was never scanned for spyware by the investigating authorities is outrageous," wrote Alex Eckelberry, the president of Sunbelt Software, makers of anti-spyware products, on his blog. "In fact, this alone should have resulted in the case being dismissed, as the defense found a major spyware infection by their expert forensic evidence."

Computer experts discussing the case online have argued that the ComputerCop program lacks the ability to differentiate between an active click-through and malware. Amero will be sentenced on March 2.

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Democratic Majority Bodes Well for Net Neutrality Advocates
All signs point to Congress revisiting the issue of "net neutrality" this term, with many lawmakers eager to resume the debate that began in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last year.

Net neutrality is the catch phrase that is centered around preventing the nation's network internet providers (the large phone and cable companies) from charging the net's content providers for enhanced IP services. Net neutrality advocates are urging Congress to pass regulations aimed at preventing providers from charging a higher fee to offer priority access to the internet.

Supporters want the net to remain as-is, where creative and unique content can flourish. Further, the proponents fear that internet providers will stifle the "free internet" with a prioritization model for content companies, awarding faster and better carriage over the nation's network to those companies who pay higher fees.

Conversely, net neutrality opponents have stated that they simply want to offer an advanced, high priority service on a tiered system to those who want quicker speeds and wish to download larger content.

Congressional Democrats, in general, were more supportive of net neutrality reforms than their Republican colleagues in the last two-year congressional cycle, but lost the battle to enact meaningful net neutrality regulations because they were outnumbered on every crucial vote. However, now that the Dems have reclaimed majority status in both the House and the Senate, net neutrality could become a net reality by the end of 2007. Stay tuned…

The Raben Group, FSC federal lobbyists
German CDU Member Expelled for Role in Porn Movie
BERLIN - Germany's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) political party expelled a member this week for his appearance in an adult film five years ago.

52-year-old party member Alexander Maassen was expelled from his local branch of CDU, Germany's largest political party, on Tuesday for appearing in an adult movie titled Beauty Gang. Reuters reports that Maassen claims not to have had sex with any of the women in the film, despite his appearance in sexually explicit scenes. "Unfortunately I was not quite well that day," he said. "I didn't quite do 'it,' if you know what I mean."

Maassen, a doctor by profession, believes that ulterior motives led to his expulsion. He told Reuters the decision to expel him was a result of critical articles he published about the CDU's electoral performance and the fact that he stood against the current branch chairman in a recent leadership election that he lost.

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Religious Group Requests DOJ Investigation of Controversial Indie Film
NEW YORK - The Catholic League has called for an investigation into whether the depiction of the rape of a young girl in an independent film broke federal child pornography laws, according to BBC News.

Hounddog, which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival this week, stars 12-year-old Dakota Fanning as a sexually abused girl who finds solace in blues music. A scene in which Fanning's character is raped raised the ire of the Catholic League, as well as several other religious organizations.

"The Catholic Church has been criticized for allowing sexual abuse of minors to occur," Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League, said in a statement. "Let's see now whether Hollywood will be held to the same level of scrutiny."

Donohue said he asked that the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the Department of Justice to investigate. The controversial scene reportedly takes place mostly in darkness, with only Fanning's face, neck, shoulder, hand and foot appearing on the screen.

Movie director Deborah Kampmeier assured the Los Angeles Times that the rape scene was achieved through editing. "You have a child yelling 'Stop it! and only when you put that next to an image of a boy unzipping his pants do you see that it's rape."

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by Diane Duke, FSC Executive Director

Thank you to all of our members who attended our Margarita Membership Meeting in Las Vegas Friday, January 12th. Lion's Den sponsored the reception and Eros Guide started the event off with a $5,000 donation challenging other FSC members to donate as well. FSC new board officers were announced Jim Everett, Board President, Jeffrey Douglas, Board Chair, Sid Grief, Board Vice-President, Bill Murphy, Board Treasurer and Mark Kernes, Board Secretary.

Re-elected to the board for two-year terms were the following members: Jeffrey Douglas, Mara Epstein, Reed Lee, and Tim Valenti. Lynn Swanson was elected new to the board replacing Nick Boyias. FSC provided updates on 2257, .XXX, Utah's CPA and what to expect from a democratic House and Senate, but it was the members who made the meeting. Thank you to all who participated.
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