VB, Visual Basic, Programming, VB5

Visual Basic Code Examples
VB, Visual Basic, Programming, VB5

 Description  Filename  Size
  Complete GDI+ Type Library and Rotation sample. Also includes bitmap and graphics class wrappers.  gdip.zip   83K  [click]
  Access VB strings without using Mid$  faststr.zip   11K  [click]
  Add or Remove String Array items by manipulating memory  stringarray.zip   7K  [click]
  CRC32 with Dynamic table and Asynchronous reads  readfileex2.zip   37K  [click]
  Resource DLL example (bmp, cur, ico, gif, jpg and wav)  aresource.zip   256K  [click]
  Simple CD Player  cd.zip   2K  [click]
  Winsock Chat example  chat.zip   2K  [click]
  Common Dialog Class Module  Cmdlg.zip   6K  [click]
  Convert to HTML  Convert2Html.zip   2K  [click]
  EnumChildWindows sample  EnumChildWindows.zip   17K  [click]
  Get logical drive types.  GetDriveType.zip   1K  [click]
  Generate a GUID  guid.zip   1K  [click]
  Hyperlink  Hyperlink.zip   1K  [click]
  ICQAPI Class Wrapper  icqapi.zip   92K  [click]
  MCI Hook DLL  mcihook.zip   64K  [click]
  Resource Wav Example  PlayRESSound.zip   6K  [click]
  ShellExecute code  ShellExecute.zip   6K  [click]
  Systray Class  systray.zip   6K  [click]
  Treeview Dir Enum  treeview.zip   6K  [click]
  Version Information  version.zip   11K  [click]
  Wave Information  WaveFormat.zip   5K  [click]
  Play Midi files  WPMidi.bas   2K  [click]
  Winsock BAS  wsksock.zip   38K  [click]
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  Excellent resource for fast VB functions   VBSpeed     [click]